Paul Ince claims Sanchez struggles highlights Ozil role

Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil have both struggled for any top level form since the Chilean departed for Manchester United back in January 2018, but was the partnership under-rated?

The two former La Liga giants were a highlight to watch, regardless of what team you supported, and it is crazy to think how far the pair have fallen since Alexis left Arsenal.

Paul Ince has now claimed that their form could largely be down to the fact that they no longer have the other to feed off, with the pair having a next-level understanding with each other.

“It’s strange when you talk about Sanchez because, when you look back at his Arsenal days, you’re talking about one of the Premier League’s best attackers,” Ince stated.

“He was a great player there. We all know what happened next, but something that a lot of people overlook is Mesut Ozil – the reason Sanchez was so good at Arsenal was because he had Ozil next to him.

“As a pair, they just had this telepathy with each other, they instinctively understood each other, they knew the runs the other were going to make without looking.

“Most good things that Alexis did at Arsenal were connected with Ozil. And it works both ways, they made each other better – look at Ozil since Sanchez left, he’s not been the same player. Neither have.”

I do wonder if Alexis Sanchez regrets his decision to quit the club 27 months ago, and whether he wishes he could turn back the clock and change his decision, although forgiving him for the way he left would be some ask.

If his return would spell a resurgence for the pair we as fans would quickly forget about the 2018 contract saga, but I struggle to see him back in an Arsenal shirt regardless.

He and Ozil certainly did excite fans, and may well be one of the Premier League’s most under-rated partnerships ever.

Could Arteta help to bring Ozil back to life at Arsenal next season? Could another Arsenal player fill the shoes of Alexis by building up a strong understanding with the German?



  1. Sue says:

    Sanchez is linked with West Ham 🤪

    1. SueP says:

      Which division will that be then?😂

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