Paul Ince embarrassed himself with Thierry Henry and Bergkamp blunder

Paul Ince has embarrassed himself this week whilst trying to slate Manchester City’s decision to build a statue in the honour of David Silva, by claiming that you do not have statues for the likes of Dennis Bergkamp or Thierry Henry.

The obvious laughter comes in the knowledge that Arsenal DO in fact have statues of the likes of Bergkamp and Thierry on show.

Silva has been a good servant for the Citizens over the years, winning as many as 14 domestic trophies over a decade with City, and he has regularly been talked about as one of the most intelligent players to have graced the Premier League.

While I think I’ve done enough talking up of a rival star for my liking, you can’t help but laugh at Paul Ince’s reaction to the news of his statue.

Ince told BT Sported: ”When you look at the Henrys, the Bergkamps, [Silva’s] up there. But I don’t see a statue of Henry or Bergkamp outside Arsenal.”

He also added on BT Sport via (The Independent)that he thought the statue was ‘a bit far’.

Funnily enough, BT Sport opted against posting Ince’s comments to their Twitter feed, instead posting the praise for Silva from his former team-mate Owen Hargreaves.

How many times must Ince have been to the Emirates and not have seen/realised that the statues of Dennis Bergkamp and Thierry Henry were there for all to see? Could his comments be that he was more jealous that his exploits for his previous clubs did not merit his own statue? Will Silva go down as a City legend?


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  1. To think that they were formed in 1880, yet have no statues for any previous player or manager up and until the oil money poured in!!

    Now, Vincent Kompany and David Silva are to be honoured (quite rightly in my opinion), so what exactly is their history before they sold their footballing soul to the shaky sheik?!?!

    They do, of course, have a statue honouring the sporting spirit of the XV11 games from 2002 and that’s one more than the spuds have!!

  2. If we are talking impact to the club, build a statue for the Arabs.
    Probably their law team too , that 10million fine from CAS was a joke.

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