Paul Merson certain of Arsenal victory over Tottenham

We are all waiting impatiently for the Premier League to announce it’s decision on whether the North London Derby will go ahead tomorrow or not, but, according to the ex-Arsenal star Paul Merson, the Gunners are sure to take the points home, in fact he says that he will “be shocked if Arsenal lost.”

Obviously it is one of the most important games of the year for both Arsenal and Tottenham fans, and and this season it is definitely crucial to both teams hopes of winning the race for the Top Four, but with such a high pressure derby, most pundits would say that any result is possible, but not Merson!

“This is a massive game, I’ve played in enough of these to know that,” Merson told Sportskeeda. “I think the tide has changed a little bit this season, so I fancy Arsenal to win this one.

“They are a better team than Tottenham at the moment and Son Heung-Min’s absence is a huge problem for Antonio Conte.

“Spurs have a few games in hand and if they manage to win them, they could break into the top four and cause a bit of trouble for Arsenal.

“They had the upper hand in this fixture a couple of years ago, but going by what I’ve seen in recent weeks, I’d be shocked if Arsenal lost.”

Us Gooners are certainly not used to Merson being positive about Arsenal so this is a bit of shock to me that he thinks we will win easily, especially with half our team missing.

But let’s hope he is right about this one!


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  1. It’s only 1 game I know but a loss to Spurs would be a massive setback after our good form. If we lose and Man U win on the weekend:

    -We’ll be down to 6th
    -Spurs will be ahead of us with 2 games in hand
    -Man U will be 1 point behind us with a game in hand
    -West Ham could potentially be 5 points ahead if they win but we’d have a game in hand on them

    Absolutely vital game

      1. In the scenario I mentioned. WHU win, Spurs win, we lose, Man U win.

        4. WHU P22 – Points 40
        5. Spurs P19 – Points 36
        6. AFC P21 – Points 35
        7. ManU P20 – Points 34

        So yes 6th,not 7th. Saka I’m sure would’ve been less likely to get injured if we were 11 men instead of 10

  2. Firstly, I hope and think that the game wilL be postponed.

    Only THEN, BUT NOT OTHEWISE, will Merse be more likely to be right than wrong.

    IF we have to play tomorrow with our much depleted squad we are hot favourites to lose,IMO.

    It is reassuring to once again disagree with MERSE, as I regard him as far less intelligent than most Gooners on here! He is essentially no more than a likeable clown but with a less than reassuring IQ!

  3. We can actually lose away to Spurs, Chelsea Westham and Liverpool at home and still make top 4. We have 35 points and 70 would give us 4th place. With 54 points left on the table we can drop 19 points and make top 4. So we must beat at home Brentford Brighton Burnley Everton Leeds Leicester Wolves United =24 points
    Then take 3 wins +2 draws from the away games at Newcastle Palace Southamton Villa Watford Wolves
    Any points from the away games at Chelsea Spurs Westham and the home game v Liverpool are a bonus not a neccessity.

    1. Can you do the same analysis for the teams around us so I can get an understanding of where you think they will finish?
      Thanks FF 😉

    2. FF If only football worked out as predictably as you apparently believe, we could all win the football pools every week.

      Sadly for you but not for realists, the game is not completely predictable and that, in large part, is what makes it compulsive viewing.

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