Paul Merson finally has something good to say about Arsenal

Arsenal has become a better team under Mikel Arteta, even though the Spaniard is yet to spend a full season at the helm.

The Gunners recently earned two huge wins over Liverpool and Manchester City to enhance their reputation as one of the most in-form teams since the restart.

Fans and pundits have been watching how the team has gone from one of the whipping boys to one of the best teams in the division within a few months and Paul Merson has hailed how they have evolved under Arteta.

He remarked that the Gunners now have a style of play and explains how they counterattack and press very well as a team.

He hailed Arteta for the “phenomenal job” that he has done and claimed that he has watched the Gunners for a long time and this is the first time that they look like they have a plan.

He wrote in his latest column for Sky Sports: “Arsenal have a plan, they go and press when they have to, drop off when they don’t, they play with high energy and counter-attack as a team.

“They were outstanding against Man City. That was David Luiz – there’s no grey area – he’s either 9/10 or 4/10. But when he plays like that, he’s brilliant.

“Arteta has done an absolutely phenomenal job. It’s the first time I’ve watched Arsenal in many, many years, and they have a plan.

“Man City were up for it in the second half, and Arsenal put themselves on the line. I honestly think he’s done a brilliant job. I can’t talk highly enough of him.

“Against Liverpool, Arsenal rode their luck, but that’s Arsenal now. They can’t play against Liverpool and Man City as if they are the favourites, they have to grind it out like Sheffield United have to grind it out. That’s what Arsenal must do now.”

It really does make a change to read or hear something positive from Merson about Arsenal. He has been earning his money criticising his former club and on occasion appeared to relish it.

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  1. Pundits are flags. They go where the wind goes. If Arsenal lose next game they would go back to their bashing ways.

    These hypocrites never seem to see that Manchester United given their bigger status than us have fallen lower from grace than us but the only team which always receive a proper bash is Arsenal. Even when we used to get out top 4 trophy they didn’t have good words to say about us.

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