Paul Merson gives his views on Arsenal’s Champions League hopes

Paul Merson doesn’t think that Arsenal will break into the top four this season because the gap between the Gunners and the other top teams is too big.

Mikel Arteta has made Arsenal a competitive team since he became the club’s manager late last year.

The Spaniard has overseen the most successful period at the club in recent years with the Gunners winning the FA Cup and the Community Shield.

They have also started their league season in fine fashion after they beat Fulham 3-0 on their Premier League return, and they will hope to end this season back among the Champions League teams.

They have signed the likes of Willian, and Gabriel Magalhaes who made fine starts against Fulham.

Other Premier League teams have also strengthened their team and Merson believes that the Gunners will struggle to break into the top four because the gap between them and the other top sides remains huge.

The former Gunners forward told Sky Sports: “I thought it was a great result for Arsenal [against Fulham].

“Gabriel makes his debut, is solid, and scores a goal. It was a good performance. I like Arteta, you can see what he’s trying to do, playing a certain way, as a team and with a high tempo.

“I like what they’re doing, but top four? I just think the gulf is too big.

“There’s three or four leagues within the Premier League. I think the top four is the top four in their own league, then you’ve got your Arsenal, Tottenham and maybe even Everton now with Leicester.

“Then you’ve probably got another little league in mid-table before you get to the lower ends. It’s quite interesting, and that’s why it’s the best league in the world.

“Whoever is the fittest, and whoever hits the ground running, has an unbelievable chance.”

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  1. Trying not to be one-eyed about it but I can’t see this huge gap to ManU and Chelsea. I think those last two CL spots will be a dogfight between at least three teams and possibly throw in one or two of Spurs, Everton and Wolves.

    1. Absolutely agree Trudeau
      Why shouldn’t Arsenal be in the mix?
      Liverpool finished the season weakly and struggled to get past Leeds. Pep… is he losing his desire? Was Arteta more influential than we realise? Will spurs sack Mourinho? Leicester went backwards. Everton are an interesting proposition. Lampard has been good but not a game changer like Arteta so far. An interesting season ahead

  2. When will this man get over being kicked out by AW?

    He has held a grudge against The Arsenal ever since he was sent packing and has always been a chelski fan anyway?

    With the transfer window still not closed, how he can begin to judge anything at the moment is farcical.

    On the other hand, I believe we will finish top four, win a cup or two, sign two more players, let three/four go and I am a realistic optimist of course!!!!

    1. Ken
      Separately from the topic, you mentioned Merson being a Chelsea fan in a slightly derisory tone

      I only truly support Arsenal. Out of interest to the club nearest to where I lived, I’d keep an eye out for Barnet. I actually saw Greavsie and Best play at Underhill. If Merson supports Chelsea then at least he is true to himself and his own history as a youth. What I absolutely cannot deal with is a turncoat who played for Arsenal and supported them as a youth and then does the unthinkable

      1. The position is a fight between all teams don’t compare arsenal of Emery to arteta commitment is high at the club if anyone is writing arsenal off is at their own peril arsenal is lifting EPL trophy this season not by crook but by hook,we gonna fight to the last drop of blood in our vein we have been there before and we are going to be there again

  3. For a start, we’re no longer seen as the pushover we once were. We’re beginning to get our fear factor back,
    which is great!
    I’d say we’re breathing down United and Chelsea’s necks!! I mean if it wasn’t for all those penalties, where would United have finished??!!
    Look at the togetherness in our team, all for one and one for all… I wouldn’t write us off the top 4…

    1. That same marson once said that what does Arteta know apart from the training ground. He thinks some of us have forgotten but he will continue eating his words.

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