Paul Merson makes a surprising Chelsea v Arsenal prediction

Former Arsenal star Paul Merson is now making a living as a pundit, and that inevitably means he will be giving his opinion on the big Premier League games each weekend.

Usually, he is rather bullish about Arsenal’s prospects, as anyone who listens to him will know. However, that is not the case this weekend in relation to the Chelsea v Arsenal clash.

The former Gunner is of the opinion that the game is headed for a draw, but in all fairness, he did lean towards Arsenal if he was forced to come off the fence.

Merson told Sportskeeda

‘With Chelsea, you don’t know what the team is going to be, but I know what their midfield looks like – Enzo Fernandez, Moises Caicedo, and Conor Gallagher. I expect Sterling to play on the right because he can cause Zinchenko problems.

‘The only problem for Chelsea is that Arsenal are a polished team. Chelsea are just starting out, and that’s a big disadvantage for them this weekend.

‘Arsenal are a settled unit and they know exactly what they’re doing. Chelsea are a hard team to predict – against teams that come out and play, they can be a major threat. The best game Chelsea have played at home this season was against Liverpool.

‘Chelsea had built up some good momentum before the international break, and a lot depends on how they come back from the break. I’m going to go with a draw here, but if you asked me to get off the fence, I’d pick Arsenal to have the upper hand.’

Just Arsenal Opinion

It is unusual for Merson to be cautious when it comes to Arsenal, he does tend to go a bit over the top. To be honest, I do not agree with his assessment.

I understand that Chelsea has bounced back into form, but that was against some really poor opposition. The truth is, Arsenal has better players and a much better recent record at Stamford Bridge.

Perhaps Merson has decided to take a calmer approach after his rant ahead of the Arsenal vs. Tottenham match, where he made himself look a little silly.

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  1. “The only problem for Chelsea is that Arsenal are a Polish team”

    Paul Merson has been spot in the past as it relates to Arsenal fixtures, he has been bullish predicting goal fests in the favor of Arsenal accurately.

    Only the Bridge spends more than Arsenal in the summer and that’s a mighty strong midfield they have managed to assemble, but the pundit is right we are a more cohesive outfit and if the skinny and thin German return to life here our chances are as good as any

    1. “Arsenal are a Polish team” excellent typo Gunsmoke 😂
      Anyway, regarding Merson’s prediction, he’s sitting on the fence because he’s a Chelsea supporter.

      1. Really, Merson is a Chelsea supporter?

        I I’ll be damn, knows he played for quite a few clubs and his time at Arsenal may have been the longest
        He always has something to say about Arsenal, but am a little taken a back here GB.

        Trying to get my act together GB, before the grammar master wakes up for the big one😄

        1. Gunsmoke, it is WIDELY known throughout football that Merson was a CHELSEA FAN AND STILL HOLDS A CANDLE FOR THEM, despite his Arsenal career.

      1. The process taking place in phase four now and what phase five should look like in the next campaign, yes

        1. Yes. Found you at last. Can you explain when these phases were made and by whom, cos I didn’t see any of it anywhere except on this site and specifically from you

          1. Sure
            Talking to ESPN explaining his interview with Arsenal board, the gaffer stated not only did he had to show them a plan and process in which he believed would be in five phases, but he stated specifically what he expects phase 5 to look like and I quote ” Completing all five phases would mean creating something of an Arsenal era, akin to Pep Guardiola and Jergen Klopp at Man city and Liverpool respectively “

  2. My comment is that Arsenal is going to come back to EMIRATES STADIUM with 3 points today.


  3. Someone please make me understand why Jorginho is played ahead of Partey. What has Arteta got against Partey when he knows the man gives cohesion in midfield and tackles better, is more difficult to dispossess, and positions himself better to shoot when the chance arises?
    I really wish both ex-Chelsea players leave Arsenal because they represent something that we will never understand inside ARTETA’s mind.

  4. I hope Arteta loses the MF battle with Jorginho until he learns the true meaning of honesty and integrity while in a position of power.

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