Paul Merson not yet giving up on Arsenal making top four

It does seem that most people, including a lot of Arsenal fans, now think that it is almost impossible for Mikel Arteta’s men to finish in a Champions League place.

Watching some of the fan channels or listening to a whole host of pundits, the impression is that Arsenal has blown their chances, despite that not actually being mathematically accurate.

Remember, that if Arsenal wins all their remaining games they will finish top four, that is a fact. Will they do that? Probably not but to count a team out that still has it within their own hands does seem a little weird.

Paul Merson at least has not conceded defeat just yet, he does acknowledge that Spursy Tottenham are the favourites but he qualifies that by saying there is still a long way to go.

Speaking on Sky Sports, as quoted by HITC Merson said,

“We sat here two or three weeks ago when Arsenal were starting to struggle.

“Arsenal and Tottenham weren’t going to win their last eight games each. They weren’t and they aren’t good enough to win their last eight games each. Liverpool and Man City are.

“That’s why that Sunday (Premier League) game was big. Whoever won that Man City-Liverpool game, you could see them reeling off the next seven wins. You were never going to see that with Arsenal or Tottenham.

“They (Brighton) had a play. Sat back and counter-attacked – there is still a long way to go. I still think Tottenham are favourites to get into the top four.”

Just Arsenal says

Merson is absolutely spot on, he isn’t always but on this occasion he is. Yes, Spurs are favourites but there is still a long way to go.

Put it this way, while you would not bet your house on Arsenal making top four, would you do the same with Tottenham and Man Utd?

No, of course not and that is why top four is still very much in play for Arsenal.


  1. I am just flabbergasted how they let Merson be a pundit.

    He changes his opinions more often than I change my socks and he’s almost everytime clueless about what he’s saying.

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