Paul Merson picks the one Man City game that could hand Arsenal the title

Sean Dyche Could Play A Big Part In The PL Title Race; Here’s How…

While Southampton manager Ruben Selles did everything he could to hand Pep Guardiola the Premier League title by depriving Arsenal of all three points on Friday night, Sean Dyche could do the same to aide Arteta’s title charge. Manchester City will play Everton at Goodison Park on May 14th.

According to Paul Merson, that game is a perfect opportunity for the reigning champions to lose points. Man City will have travelled to Spain four days before that game to play Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-finals at the Santiago Barnebeau, and Real Madrid will fly to Manchester for the return leg at the Etihad three days after the Everton game. Merson claims this Champions League match will have an impact on Manchester City’s efficiency in the title fight.

“I think the fixtures will catch up with Man City. The one game you don’t want to play in between Real Madrid is Everton away,” said the ex-Arsenal star, as per Football London.

“Sean Dyche is going to make it very difficult. This is why everyone loves the Premier League. Top has just played bottom, and they’ve had to score two goals in the last minute.

“Someone’s only got to run through next week, or two weeks’ time, and Ederson comes out to give away a penalty or gets a red card. It changes that quickly. Man City beat Arsenal 3-1 away, and a few days later they went to Nottingham Forest and drew 1-1. They could have won 100-1!

“That’s how quick it changes, and it was back in Arsenal’s hands. If I was Arsenal, I wouldn’t lose faith yet. Honestly, I wouldn’t”

I get Merson’s reasoning for why Everton could be a significant element in the title race; Guardiola’s attention on dealing with Real Madrid may influence how he approaches the Everton game, giving Dyche the opportunity to pick up points to help his side avoid relegation.

Even though Arsenal requires favours like the ones Everton could provide to win the league, they must also help themselves. Arsenal can help themselves by winning each of their remaining games.

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Arteta proud of our comeback after Arsenal 3-3 Southampton

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  1. Its quite possible, perhaps not probable though, that Everton could come through to deny City some points in that game. But its just one game and we have by far the more difficult run in, albeit with fewer games to play(which IS a helpful factor).
    But overall, even if we win at City, which is quite possible, IMO they would still be title favourites onThursday morning.

    Other more key factors then Citys game at Everton need PROPER consideration and our probable loss of SALIBA for the rest of this season, IS and HAS BEEN, our most key recent loss and is IMO the biggest by far reason why we have stumbled these last three games

    . Holding has done as well as he can do but he is markedly less able than SALIBA and his lack of pace means we have not been so able to support our midfield and attack by pressing up in our defence. Holdings slowness has made that too risky and is IMO the key weakness that has in all probability, already done for our title chances .

    I still hope, but of course I am REALISTIC, first and always. My personal odds of us winning the title are 8/1 today and if we win at City, around 7/4, assuming we get no other key player injuries this seaon. A huge assumption too , BTW!

    1. Sir Alex once said “attack wins you games, defence wins you title.” Arteta must focus more on the defence for the rest of the season and we must now switch to 3 CBs. Luckily, we have one of the best attack in the league and we always grind out goals even on some of our worst days. Let’s go back to ‘one goal to the Arsenal’.

    2. Hi Jon
      Good to see you back.
      My own feeling is draw against City to close out a disappointing Apr as Arsenal traditionally have always had a bad month relatively of course.
      Then a great May could see us as champions with a bit of luck. Most important is to not loose at the Ethihad. But take the title race to the last game of the season.



        DATES ARE SIMPLY AN IRRELEVANT SUPERSTITION. I have no time for superstition, as it is nonsense.

        Thanks BTW, for the welcome back, not that I have been away for more than a week or so. How you must miss me!

        1. It is a superstition. But traditionally, we have always had this. So I will hang on to it.
          Whether it is irrelevant or not only time will tell.

  2. My worry is the 4 points we dropped against Westham and Southampton. These could have been the needed cushion we needed for the possible point drop against City, Newcastle and Brighton while we hope City also drops point against Arsenal, Everton, Chelsea, Brighton and Brentford.

  3. Paul Merson is a pundit that has been spot in recent times, he has been correct in our hammering of teams and he sits on the fence for our visit to Anfield.

    Now he thinks there could be more twist in the run to wrestle away the big jug from the Citizens,
    There is no doubt a massive rotation will be made for this game mainly because of the time Everton and Man City meet.

    But even if things goes as the writer suggests could happen, Arsenal needs some mental strength of their own to cross the wire.

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