Paul Merson reveals why Mesut Ozil is Arsenal’s problem until they can offload him

Mesut Ozil wage is a problem for Arsenal and their negotiations with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang reckons Paul Merson

Paul Merson has revealed that having Mesut Ozil as Arsenal’s top earner is a major problem for the club as they battle to keep hold of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

The Gunners are currently negotiating a new deal with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang who is arguably their best player at the moment, however, his wage demand is causing problems.

Reports claim that the former Borussia Dortmund man wants a new contract worth £300k per week, but Arsenal is being careful not to repeat the same mistake they did before.

The Gunners agreed to pay Mesut Ozil £350k per week in his last contract negotiation and his performances since then have been worse.

Merson reckons that the Gunners will have problems negotiating new deals as long as they keep paying the German that amount.

He claims that players who are negotiating new deals would look at Ozil and want what he is being paid, a situation that seems to be playing out with the Aubameyang negotiations.

Merson told Sky Sports:  “It would be a major disaster for Arsenal if they lost Aubameyang, however, the decision will be weighed up and at least it will be the club’s decision as to what they do.

“Do they give him £300,000-a-week? I’ve always said they will have a problem until Mesut Ozil leaves the club. Every day he’s there, every other top player will want what he’s on. It’s a huge problem and not a new one.

“If they want to keep Aubameyang they will have to pay him big money, but Arsenal may look at it and think if we give him £300,000-a-week for the next two or three years, is he going to be the same player? He’s nearly 31 and by the time he’s 34 he’s not going to be the same player. I don’t care who you are, at 34 you are not the same player.

“Arsenal may also weigh it up asking if they will win the Premier League or get into the top four in the next few years if they pay Aubameyang £300,000-a-week. They haven’t actually done it yet with him there, so they may look at it and say it is good business to let him go.

“There’s also the danger of giving him big money, just like they did with Ozil, and then every other player wanting the same. It would take you straight back to the Ozil scenario and if you do spend all that money on him and you don’t get into the top four it’s not money well spent.

“It’s a really hard decision and it will all come down to how the club weigh it up.”


  1. Nowt to do with Mesut or Merse, but I’ve just noticed on Sky that you can rent some films that were being shown at the cinema – The Hunt and The Invisible Man – 🙂 £15.99 each.

  2. Sell Aubameyang and Laca. Get good money and buy ball players.. Spread goal scoring across the team, not just one man. A striker only giving you goals isn’t enough in the cannibalistic league. We need well rounded players. I’ll rather have Jota and Martinelli competing up top and have a decent left winger, not to forget, an attacking and box to box MF and out long awaited CB. No one is allowed to run their contracts down and no one will be paid astronomical wages.. If Auba gave more than goals, I’ll say pay him 300k but unfortunately,he only scores. He’s not great on the left neither is he great at holding up play as a CF.. 50-60 mil for Auba, preferably to another league and I’ll say yes all day . As for Laca, his time Arsenal is done. He won’t get any better with or without Auba.. this league is too brutal for him

  3. PAL-have you gone down with some sort of virus os something?
    You say is Auba gave more goals. Are you serious? Then you say he only scores? What more do you expect from you goalscorer? And for someone who isn’t great on the left, and isn’t too great at holding the all up, I’d say he is pretty irreplaceable. FFS just imagine how good he would be in this league with a more potent midfield and better players up front than the inconsistent Pepe and Lacazette.
    And as for Martinelli, let’s just let the kid develop. He is still a youngster with a long way to go before he would be given a starting place up front.
    Now go and get yourself tested.

    1. Man I’m in a safe zone, so I don’t worry about virus. Here we go again with Arsenal fans over rating their players..Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying Auba isn’t a good striker, I’m saying he’s not rounded Enough to meet our needs. Remember the days of Henry and RVP. I’m talking about strikers who come to ball and not only score but make intelligent decisions and create goals for other team mates. Get this straight. Every trophy winning team all over Europe has a striker who is good at keeping the ball. can you put him in the same bracket as RVP or Lewandoski . I doubt it. I repeat get Jota and Martinelli fighting for that position and get a right footed LW who can also score or if you feel Martinelli isn’t ripe, go for Jimenez and put Jota on the left.. no player must be allowed to run down contracts and no more astronomical wages..

      1. sensible post. what do we do if he gets 300k per week and then cools down like the other pal on 350K. That would be a loss of 650k for a year with no European football or top 4 as on date. Transfer him abroad and get players from the EPL. How come Sheff and Leicester and Wolves are playing decent footbfootball collecting points while we remain mid table? Accept that we tried with big names and for nowhere. Let us swallow our pride Sign hungry players and be true to “we don’t but stats we create them”

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