Paul Merson urges Arsenal to make a move on fire manager

Paul Merson urges Brendan Rodgers to look at the bigger picture and join Arsenal, but he reveals a major worry.

Arsenal fired Unai Emery last week after 18 months of underachievement and they are now looking for a new manager to take the hot seat permanently.

They have named Freddie Ljungberg as their interim manager but the search for a new permanent manager has begun.

Merson believes that Brendan Rodgers is the right man for the job and he has even urged the Leicester manager to forget about Arsenal’s present predicaments and join the Gunners, however, he is worried that Arsenal’s players are not up to the required standard to help the club compete.

Merson told Sky Sports as cited in the Metro: ‘It was not good enough [Arsenal’s defending at Norwich]. ‘I worry for Arsenal as I just do not think the players are good enough. I feel sorry for them as they are playing at a big football club and they are so far out of their depth.

‘It is sad to watch now and I feel for the fans. All good teams start from the front. ‘You look at Liverpool and their front free are the best closing-down front three that you will see in any league. You look at Arsenal and there is no closing down up front. ‘There are loads of players sitting there now thinking, “I’d like to play against Arsenal.” And that is not right.’

While urging Rodgers to make the move to Arsenal, Merson added:

‘He [Rodgers] is happy and Leicester are the best team in the league at the moment,’ Merson added.
‘Do not look at the next six months though, you have to look at the all-round picture and the next five years.

‘This [Arsenal] is a big, big football club. He has managed Liverpool, but Arsenal are one of the top 10 clubs in Europe and in my opinion, I think he does [take the job]. ‘Do not let the points gap between them now cloud your judgement.’

The board is the problem

Not sure it is Rodgers that Merson should be urging but rather the Arsenal board.

Arsenal are a huge club, yes, they have problems but they can be overcome with the right manager and investment. But I get the feeling that this current board simply lack the vision required. That said, I do think that the job would be too big for Rodgers to turn down.

His ego alone would make him grab the opportunity if it is presented to him.


  1. Merson is right. Liverpool’s tridente are the best closing-down front three in EPL, whereas Arsenal’s front three seem unwilling to spend their energy in pressing high up the pitch

    The lazy Gunners’ attitude have burdened our defense so much. Arsenal have to get rid players who don’t practice counter-pressing strategy first, before hiring a new manager

    1. @gotanidea
      But of all our forward players, Laca, Saka and Martinelli are the only ones who try and press up top…

  2. Yes, let’s keep blaming anyone that comes to mind. Now it’s our front three that’s to be blamed?
    When our defenders keep backing out and giving the opposition shooting opportunities, we blame it on the front 3,right?
    Arsenal defenders need to improve on basic defending and positioning before we even start talking of pressing with the front 3.

  3. Really? Why on earth would Rodgers give up the possibility of winning the league with Leicester to come to a club extremely unlikely to attain top four? Money aside, he’s got a team having sold ostensibly their best two players in Mahrez and Maguire and not miss them one bit. They have Soyuncu and Vardy with a great midfield in between them. If he was to come to us it would be just for the money, nothing else!

  4. Conte is doing a magnificent job at Inter.. Why not him? The man is a Top notch.
    And what the heck is Someone still doing at AT Madrid; why not him as well? His a Top notch also.
    Benitez. Cool.
    Pochetino. Mehn! am diving in.
    Age issue aside… RANIERI. is as cool as snow.
    C’mon.. AFC shouldn’t be struggling to get a Top catch coach.
    My only worries would be getting a foreign coach who has no clue concerning EPL. Hmm!

  5. I love Diego Simeone if we can get him but it appears it would cost a lot to get Atletico Madrid to release him. I also understand that he is one of the highest-paid managers in Europe.
    Having said that are we ready to give up the Arsenal way of playing because Diego Simeone is all about winning, not entertainments?

  6. Im sad reading all comments, looking lost as our beloved AFC.

    Let’s get real here, Wenger to leave was huge for this club, but to end this way was wrong from AFC, not fans who were jerked as Kroenke did Wenger and AfC for a decade strong with no money!

    Bayern Rumeinegue contacted him for this season with no option; unless he wins CL. Had a week to think about it; turned down offer; of course!!! They settled for in-house man.

    No one can save AFc but Wenger, at least to keep our image and respect!

    Let’s get real; we assisting to so called Wenger transition by Kroenke, using fans to kick him out from stadium he paid for us!

    This is a debacle; total chaos! No one can fix this but AFC’s Sir Wenger!

    1. Mogunna, with the greatest respect to you for your thoughts on the greatest manager The Arsenal ever had, there is no way Arsene would/should/want to come back.

      His tenure under kronkie took its toll on him as a man and there is no way he WOULD want that kind of pressure ever again.

      He left the club amid a fantastic send off from those fans who turned up at the Emirates to give him the incredible “thank you” he deserved. He SHOULD remember that day and cherish the moment for the rest of his life.

      He now has a position in FIFA, that guarantees a man of honour and integrity who actually represents this corrupt ridden excuse for footballs top authority.
      They have, at least, recognised what this man represents across the footballing world, so why WOULD he want to come back to the vile abuse levelled at him by, of all people, the fans of the club he served so loyally. Some are still at it even today!!!

      I hope and believe that one day, Arsene, you will come back to the club in the role of Ambassador – much like fergie at manure – in time to unveil the statue to honour you.

      No, stay away Arsene, the Arsenal you knew has gone, as is your time here – thanks for those wonderful memories.

      1. Ken, I worry about the impact working with the corrupt FIFA. Hopefully if things go bad, given his financial independence, he can make a statement and walk away to retain his integrity.
        Arsenal needs to look forward, not backwards; yet changing head coach does not address the underlying issues of ownership, the Board, upper management, player mentality, scouting and recruitment.

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