Paul Merson warns Arsenal must beat Liverpool to remain in the title race

Paul Merson emphasises the critical importance of Arsenal securing a victory in their upcoming fixture against Liverpool this weekend. Mikel Arteta’s team is set to face a red-hot Liverpool side that recently delivered a convincing 4-1 victory against Chelsea, even in the absence of key player Mo Salah.

Liverpool’s formidable attack, led by other prolific forwards, has defied expectations and maintained a high level of performance. Aware of the formidable challenge that Liverpool poses, Arteta is diligently preparing his team for a demanding encounter.

Merson acknowledges the difficulty of facing Liverpool but underscores the significance of the upcoming match for Arsenal. In Merson’s view, it is a do-or-die situation for the Gunners, and a loss would likely extinguish their aspirations of claiming the title in the current Premier League season. The outcome of this pivotal clash will play a crucial role in shaping Arsenal’s prospects for the remainder of the campaign.

He said to Sky Sports:

“After Arsenal beat Nottingham Forest, they have to then beat Liverpool. If they do not beat Liverpool, they are out of it. So very quickly this could turn into a two-horse, or even one, from a three-horse race.”

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Liverpool will arrive at the Emirates full of confidence, so we need to support the boys as much as possible.

They are under pressure to win and that could work against them if Liverpool turns up the heat, so we have to make the Emirates uncomfortable for the visitors.

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  1. C.O.Y.G we winning rmb this any doubters…ARTETA BOYS are good and will be red eyed to avenge that FA CUP home loss…

  2. Its better to get out of title race sooner than last moment heartache. If we win its best, and we can keep our title dream alive. If we lose than we can take a sigh and focus on top 4 and breathe easier life. So, what is supposed to happen will happen and we get going.

    1. Now that a looser mentality, IF Arsenal takes it to the final stages it keeps our level as a club high up there to attract top talents.

      IF Arsenal did not take perform the way they did last season, do you think Declan Rice would have been attracted by Arsenal? – A big NO, he would be at Bayern or Manchester City! – we simply need Arsenal to compete or to be seen to compete with the best in the League to help our future recruitment for further improvement

  3. Merson is right. If we loose we are 8 points behind Liverpool and possibly 6 behind City. Mathematically we may still be in it, but realistically, we won’t.
    With a win we are right back in it.
    With a draw, we will be hanging by a thread.

  4. We have gone backwards. Yes we live in hope, but this season Arteta has lost el-plotto.
    I like to be pragmatic but I was really not impressed by Arteta and became Arteta out, for reasons that meant something to me. As we started to play some good football last season, I forgot about his character flaws and eccentricities and started enjoying our football. This season with the idiotic Kai Havertz signing…. for 65 million…. and the weird positions at the beginning of the season……and worse still the new slow, sleepy, boring football I am cynical once again. Arteta cannot win the league…..he is flawed and it hits the team when it matters.
    He has also f***** up Hale End. Why is Charlie Patino on the bench every game, why is Ethan Nwaneri not given a few minutes? Where is Amario Cozier-Duberry? WTF!!!!! Where are our kids. Arteta has truly derailed Hale End. So I’m back to hoping he will not get a chance to make bizarre signings in the summer.

      1. SW – I am certainly glad he is not on the bench because it means he is playing every game in the Championship with Swansea!
        Isn’t it better he plays every week (22 appearances so far – 3 goals and 4 assists) than is left rotting on the bench at the Emirates?

        1. Probably true Pat, but it would be nice to see him in the red and white. I’d like to see some Hale Enders given minutes. Trouble is that many of our lads that go on loan don’t get that many minutes at their loan clubs.

  5. i would say ‘must not lose’ rather than ‘must win’

    losing puts the gap to Liverpool and Man City, to close that gap and overtake to win the title will require both to tank big time, one might have a wobble but both imploding ain’t gonna happen

    i don’t think we have gone backwards as a team this season, i think the free flowing football we all loved last season was as much due to Arsenal taking the league by surprise, remember it was not long ago we lost our opening 3 games of the season and opponents got results attacking us, then at the start of last season that open attacking style began to be punished by Arsenal and we romped to the top of the league, toward the end of last season opponents worked out attacking us was suicide, defensive minded set up to the point now where the ’11 behind the ball low block’ is week in week out, closing all the space and hoping to nick one on the counter, and I would against Arsenal too, the point is the same free flowing football is impossible this season due to opponents tactics, e.g. Martinelli blistering pace is useless with no space to run in

    granted Arsenal need to come up with a plan to counter the low block, but a return to the free flowing is just not possible when opponents play 11 behind low block, so more about opponents strategy to counter Arsenal evolving than Arsenal regressing

  6. The Liverpool players seem determined to give Klopp a grand farewell by winning the PL for him. Arsenal have to beat Liverpool to stay in the title hunt as I dont see them dropping points further down the line. We have to stay calm and composed and specially be wary of the Liverpool attack as they are very good in their forward line. However, their defence is not that great and Arsenal can benefit by playing fast and precise football, score and then stay compact and then hit them on the counter as they open up. The first goal will be crucial and I hope Arsenal scores first.

  7. Arsenal are at home and cannot afford to lose, what is effectively a 6 point game.
    One of the issues being a London based club is the number of local derbies, against what are now quite competitive teams.

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