Paul Scholes reveals how long he thinks the Premier League would last if it resumes

Manchester United legend, Paul Scholes, has given his verdict on how long he thinks the Premier League would need to finish the current campaign.

The Premier League was suspended because of the coronavirus pandemic, with nine games still left to play.

The authorities are now looking to get the campaign restarted and finished next month, but it remains unclear if they could agree over a start and stop date soon.

There are fears that the league season would continuously be disrupted when it restarts and it could take a longer period than normal to complete it.

However, Paul Scholes has given his view on the subject and the former Oldham manager thinks that the campaign can be finished within six weeks when it gets underway again.

“People are trying to stick to guidelines and the guidelines are that there’ll be no professional football until June 1,” Scholes said on Sky Sports’ The Netball Show.

“So I think if we are going to stick to the guidelines we should try and get as close to that as we possibly can.

“Players these days are so fit – they are like machines half of them – so I think they only need two weeks of full training to get back in to it and hopefully by June 10, 11 or 12, they should be ready to go.

“I think domestically, we can get the league done, the FA Cup done.

“I think it is going to be very difficult for European competition with the Champions League and Europa League. I think it’s going to be difficult to get that done.

“But, I think domestically, we can get the season done in five or six weeks, have a break and then get into next season as well.”

The government has given the Premier League the go-ahead to resume this campaign from the start of next month. However, they have until the 25th of this month to give UEFA a detailed report on how they wish to finish this campaign.

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