“Pay this man whatever he wants” Piers Morgan wants this experienced winner to replace Arteta

Piers Morgan has called on Arsenal to sack Mikel Arteta and replace him with Antonio Conte after Chelsea beat the Gunners 2-0 this evening.

The Gunners have backed Mikel Arteta in the last four transfer windows since he became the manager at the end of 2019.

The Spaniard had no prior experience before taking the Arsenal job and it was always a gamble from the club.

They had fired the more experienced Unai Emery who would return to eliminate them from the Europa League last season with Villarreal.

Arteta won the FA Cup and the Community Shield in his first half-season at the club.

However, things have gone downhill since then with the Spaniard now recruiting massively to change a perceived understrength squad.

The former midfielder may not have what it takes for the job and even Morgan believes the time has come for a change.

The TV show host watched as the Gunners struggled in the defeat against Chelsea and tweeted that they need to make Conte their next manager now.

He tweeted an image of the Italian manager, and captioned it: “Pay this man whatever he wants to save us from this monotonous misery.”

Conte won the Serie A title with Inter Milan last season and is currently unattached.

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    1. Yep, starting with city at Etihad, after a 5-0 win….maybe arteta could do His mágic an negociate with His Pal Pep, a 2-0 defeat, so Mikel dont get the embarrasment that guide him out of the club. Maybe even he can negociate 30 mins of sideline passes possesion or even a goal, then de dont have to wait monthes to celebrate a goal

    1. Piers Morgan’s advices have been all bullshit. He and the likes were successful in kicking Arsene Wenger out. But, Arsenal has been in free fall since then. It is painful to say that keeping place in EPL shall be huge success this season.

  1. No harm meant, really!!
    But I came to Read the Wailings of Arsenal fans here..😕🙂
    When you tell Most of dem the Truth, they call you Moaner, Pessimist,etc..
    How can we ever win with ineffective and Lazy players, e.g. Auba, Laca, Pepe, Xhaka, etc..supported by fans?😒
    + A Cowardly Dude as Coach!!
    That’s how one said Chambers is better dan Kieran Trippier!!😏
    Pepe, better dan Zaha!!😕
    Some of our Fans should share blame for our Deterioration!!

    Also, I watched Bissouma yesterday against Watford, I almost cried!!

    1. Arteta can not handle arsenal in a winning way. Ever since he came to arsenal, no more see an interesting arsenal as before during wenger

  2. Sorry anything this buffoon says, I feel duty-bound to oppose, so “Arteta In!”
    (I will recant tomorrow…)

    1. Gooner or not, there is something about Piers Morgan that I cannot abide, so I know exactly where you are coming from

      1. Agree Phil, like us he wants the best and puts his money where his mouth is. Entitled to his opinion he has a season and like it or not just like us he isnt always right but fanatical.

        1. Owned Arsenal shares until Kroenke forced Morgan and other small shareholders to sell shares families had held for generations. Correct but not compulsory in accordance with Corporation Law, but morally disgusting.

  3. Dear Mr Piers Morgan,
    You are “UNOFFICIALLY” not invited for the victory parade after our Champions League victory next season and the farewell party for our beloved Willian around the same time.

    Trust the process!!! COYG!!!

    1. 😁Pigs lined up on runway, but at least they will be easy to catch for the commiseration spit roast.

  4. Even if all our players are back, Arteta’s tactics will still be the same, meaning we are going nowhere unless he changes the dynamics of that midfield. As long as Xhaka is in that midfield, we will never be dynamic in our performances. We need energy and pace in that midfield. Not only that, we need one of the midfielders to make attacking runs to draw opposition players away from the more attacking players upfront and create space for them.. Xhaka and Lokonga prefers to pass the ball and not make this type of attacking run. As long as we don’t have this type of dynamism in the midfield, our struggles will continue. I am predicting another 8 to 12 place finish this season again since Arteta is sticking to the same tactics of last season.

    1. Truly speaking we need a midlefilder with pace who can control and boss the middlefield not Xhaka , with Xhaka believe me we ll go nowhere , the team ll remains losing like that , Xhaka is very slow , habit of losing position at dangerous area & difficult for him to recover position , arsenal need the type of Bissouma ,,auor or kamavinga otherwise the team will continue being overuned by opponents in midfield , the other position need attention is right back and striker

  5. Yes Afc has lost its opening two games and is highly likely to lose next week against Man City but half the team are out due to injuries or Covid that is an important point to consider when shouting Arteta out.
    White,Gabriel,Partey,Auba,Laca,Odegaard not available until next week thats SIX important players or half the side.
    I like what Arteta is doing bringing in new young talented players to build for the future
    and getting rid of the deadwood.
    Yes Kolasniac,Willian,Torreria etc are still there but Arteta has indicated that supplus players will go and free up wages for new players.
    It is a good plan and he should not be judged until the end of the season at the earliest and in my opinion he should be respected and praised for having the balls to sort out such an enomous mess at Afc.
    Finally i do hope some deadwood players are shifted this week and Afc buy a right back as nether Soames or Chambers look good enough and Bellerin seems to be waiting for a transfer,this has been a very good window so far a right back would help big time the first two games showed that against Brentford Chambers cost us the first goal and against Chelsea Soames played them onside for thier first goal by not moving up with the rest of the team.
    I believe in Arteta and his plan !

  6. Until Arteta changes his approach, we will remain limp and dead in the water.

    Rarely if ever attacks through the middle, everything is coming from the wings.

    New year same stale approach by Arteta.

    Fully fit squad would not change Arteta’s approach, it didn’t last year, preseason and 2 games in shows more of the same.

  7. Can’t stand PM – his inflated ego that he has of his self importance is nauseating to say the least.

    On the game today :

    1. Leno had a brilliant game today and the save from Lukaka’s header was superb.

    2. “We didn’t need a CB and should have spent the money elsewhere”…perhaps we can now agree that Mari is not up to it and why fans are slagging Holding I have no idea… Saliba should have been kept and we most certainly needed to strengthen the CB situation, so White WAS needed.

    3. Tierney was targeted by Chelsea today… 90% of their attacks came down his flank and he was hopelessly out of position – Bellerin has been crucified for this kind of performance and so should Tierney.

    4. MA… stripped of five first team players before the game started – lost another two due to injury during the game – against the European Champions.

    5. Plan… What plan? We were disjointed, at times there was half a pitch between our forwards and the midfield – about two yards between the midfield and the defence – a back three that was given no support from Soares and Tierney and Tuchel got this game 100% right, while MA got it 100% wrong.

    6. The referee booked three Arsenal players and no chelsea player… he was a total waste of time, but no excuse for this woeful display.

    7. This was a game of boys against men, both on and off the pitch.

    8. There were many empty seats in the ground and one can understand why.

    9. The crowd were fully behind every player and the manager up and until, I would say, the three quarter mark and then the frustration took over.

    10. We are light years away from chelsea in every single department and, I suspect, at least ten other teams on today’s showing.

    As an optimist, I have to say that I have never been so down in many a long year and believe we are now going to see a period akin to that of the 60’s 70’s and 80’s….and that IS being optimistic!!!!

    1. Great points, Ken1945!

      For MA to be this wrong every time must surely be having the owners starting to raise their eyebrows by now. At what point do they realise that MA is way out of his depth?

      For MA to confess at the end of last season that he has identified the areas of weakness, and that he now knows the team needs to change, and then not change it? Come on! He obviously has no idea. Maybe he has already lost the dressing room?

      One thing is for sure. Every week that goes by with MA in charge is just one more week wasted. I don’t need PM to tell me that!

    2. @Ken1945
      Could not disagree with a word of what you have said.
      The only good thing about today is that I did not watch the match live. Saw the highlights: That was painful enough. Arsenal are an embarrassment to the fans. No tactical nous and no fight. ESR and Lokonga are the only bright spots. Early days, but I fear a relegation battle. Top 10 finish being optimistic.

    3. ken1945, I always learn from you honest and insightful comments, including your assessment of PM. Observation no 2 was particularly interesting from my point of view.

      1. Arsenal will go no where Arteta and Edu cant think , they fail to identify the problem with the team , how on earth can you extend Xhaka’s contract ,the main problem is in the middle of the park , we need some one with pace and skill there like Bissouma , Xhaka doesn’t fit arsenal style of play , he is slowing the game down , with that player in midfield will go nowhere

    4. Ken, excellent post right on the money.
      Also where are the goals coming from? Two chances ESR and Holding.
      No organization, no tactics.
      Lokonga a positive.

    5. Ken, have to agree with your post.
      1.We were unlucky due to a ruled our penalty.
      2.Saka seems tired, Tierney was isolated and Xhaka being Xhaka did nothing to help either.I was expecting goals from the other flank, but CFC kenw Saka was not fully ready to track back to help Tierney and we went down that flank.
      3.Martenelli is a bid ego and propotionate mouth, 5 goals in 30 games is poor, very poor. He should get back to the training ground and correct himself.
      Apart form MC, we will go on a winning run and this anger will mellow down.

  8. Slowly but surely, we are accepting mediocrity. We need to fight this acceptance with every fiber of our being cos it will surely affect our personal way of life in due time if we keep accepting this kind of failure.

  9. Piers, sad that u always have to make a comment when it is not necessary. We won’t win the league this year or maybe in the next 5 but you need to understand the game a bit. When you buy young players with potential it’s definitely not going to be a team to beat the champions league winners. Count to 10 and shut the front door. If it was up to you we would switch manager every two weeks. Behave yourself and keep you mouth shout . If you were a true fan you would support a good plan and not be so critical . Positivity pays off . That’s why Arsenal struggle, because of ill educated so called fans like you. Wondering if you ever even kicked a ball which started with the blowing of a whistle, I really doubt it . Support your club as well as your club’s manager and leave the people who know better than you to develop the process without an unnecessary virus. We have had enough these years.

  10. MA is taking us down, the sooner we replace him the better it gets for the new coach!

    At this point, I don’t mind seeing Henry – as we know how much he improved Lukaku in Belgium!


    1. What Henry?
      Please don’t bring that joke up.
      Even Patrick Vieira is not near ready for this job.
      Those who picked Arteta thought because he had been with Arsenal as player, he would go with the Arsenal Way. I guess nobody was expecting he would sell untried Arteta Way to them.

  11. Arsenal have ceased to be able to compete for the epl and topp layers isnce the US owner took over. In restropect, the fm shd have been axed after the heavy defeats against MC and Chelsea.The invincibles is history.
    Arsenal cannot bank on their illustrious past.
    I believe the board will take action after the MC game.
    Its my hope they appoint a a serial winner and not someone who has potential.
    In soccer,time is not a luxury.

  12. Saka shd have had a penalty when he was clean through. The analysts agreed with the ref. Somehow or other,I dont trust these guys and the mo.
    The new law regarding close contact could lead to serious injuries. Football laws need to be
    updated to punish cynical challenges.Two footed lunges shd be dislallowed on pain of a red card,whether there is contact or no contact
    If not ,believe me,more players will have
    to cut short their careers.

  13. There are just so many reasons to worry about Arteta’ reign of chaos. One in particular is the way he uses or rather abuses our money.

    Over the last two weeks, he built a successful case against Leno to justify spending 30M on a new keeper. But today is was clear, for all to see, that not even the great Gordon Banks could have save us because of his inferior tactics. Goal-keeping, clearly. is not a priority.

    Now, if we multiply this fault/error (lack of ability to assess the skills and abilities of players) across the entire squad, the overall impact could be alarming – we end up with a bunch of players not good enough to wear the shirt. But still they ask us to trust in his judgement, trust the process.

    Weighing the cost of firing Arteta (6/7M) against the possible financial damage to the club, it’s a clear no-brainer which way to go.

    And, if our rivals, Chelsea and Spurs, can sack their manager for up to 25M, why do we need to hesitate? It’s just part of the cost of competing. in the league.

  14. The total lack of a tactical game plan was evident, no plan A forget about plan B, passive sideways passing although I would still give Arteta till end of September before taking a final call. Lets see how things go on for one last time. But I still feel if Arsenal lose the WBA game than Artetas has had it. If we lose to Man City, we create another unwanted record.

  15. What a blessing no longer having to watch/listen to him in the morning!the man calling others snowflakes , could only last 70 seconds before walking out and contrary to what he thought GMB has moved on.

  16. We need experience manager to drive us forward.Arsenal has many quality players without any doupt.at the moment I would only bring acreative player/not odigard cz I have smith who z better already.sigh onana who z cheap alternative.bring max aron at right back.if the fund z not enough pz wait next year and sigh acentre back and astriker.its better we sight two quality players at €140 than spending on many fringe players.thats y theres no progress because edu is realy benefiting alot in transfer.

  17. The best candidate for the job IMO is Ten Haag of Ajax. This is due to the experience he has handling youngsters.

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