Penalty pain sees just one Arsenal star into U21 final

You have to feel a little bit sorry for the young Arsenal star Calum chambers, unless you are a German of course, because once again the three lions were knocked out of an international competition by the cruellest possible method, the ill-fated penalty shootout.

I do not know for sure if there are any nations with a worse record in these spot kick deciders but I would not be surprised to find out there was not. And once again it was at the hands of Germany, just like it was in the World Cup semi-final of 1990 and in Euro 96 at the same heartbreaking stage.

On both of those occasions you could easily argue that England deserved to go through after normal play but tonight the under 21s were left hanging on after having their 2-1 lead pegged back early in the second half. Chambers can be very proud of the way he played both in this game and the whole tournament but I doubt that will help him much for a while.

It was a different matter for the other Gunner involved, as Hector Bellerin and his Spanish teammates cruised past Italy with ease, thanks in part to a sending off for a second yellow on the Italy side. So our right back will be up against the former Arsenal star Serge Gnabry in the final this weekend and I hope he wins and, of course, stays at Arsenal for next season.



  1. Chambers did well for himself at the tournament,I believe this will prepare him well for next season and @wizard of ozil don’t count on Lacazette cause Aulas is an asshole chewing Laca’s groin like its the last food on the table

  2. When they don’t do well they call them overrated and overhyped.But when they do well they get no appreciation.It’s a shame really.

  3. I don’t know which will happen first
    Wenger getting fired
    Corbyn becoming PM
    England winning a an international tournament

  4. @ arsenal girl correct me if am wrong but…England recently won an international tournament. Remember? Under-20 world cup?

  5. Did the writer see whole match or highlights? Germany were the better team, far better in the 2nd half and almost equal in first. England U21 has many players who play a lot for their clubs, but they lack tactic, discipline and flair. There was a discussion if Spain U21 can beat England main team, and result was close in favor of England. We are not as good as we think we are. We won U20 because when many youth tournaments happen at same time, talents get split. We are not bad, but Spain/Germany are ahead of us. Because they give more chance to their players in their leagues, and pay less to youngsters to keep them grounded. EPL pays a lot for average talent, spoil many in the process. Why do you think most English players dont care to go abroad? Because they can expect a free ride in EPL

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