Penalty WAS soft but Arsenal deserve some luck!

The fact that it was Mike Dean that awarded Arsenal the penalty that allowed us to take a vital lead in the hugely important away win over Man City yesterday made it even more remarkable, because Arsenal fans will remember that we have usually been on the wrong end of decisions when that particular referee has been in charge.

I do have some sympathy for the Man City boss as well. Manuel Pellegrini admitted that Vincent Kompany was slightly at fault for his body movement, but there is no doubt that our Spanish left back Nacho Monreal made the most out of minimal contact. I will hold my hands up and say Arsenal got lucky with that one, BUT….

It is about time, because over the course of the season so far, the Gunners have had many more bad decisions go against us than for us.

Of course, this will not mean much to Pellegrini and his beaten players, but I would remind them of a few things that went their way in the same fixture last season. Monreal was given incorrectly offside when through on goal at 1-1 and the same happened to Walcott at 2-1. And both Giroud and Bendtner had the ball in the back of the net in the second half and both were disallowed, again incorrectly, for offside.

That was four crucial calls against us and we lost 6-3, so do not think for minute that Arsenal have been helped by the officials. In fact, we are probably due a few more breaks this season, especially in the Champions League, with Ramsey and Debuchy being harshly sent off as well as that offside Anderlecht goal costing us top spot in the group.

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  1. I dont think the penalty was soft. Have you seen Kompany? he is a TANK of a defender. Compare him to Nacho, its like an electric bike colliding with a tank. The tank should have been careful. 😀

    Off topic. I think yesterday or day before one JustArsenal member said he would eat sh*t or something if Arsenal won. Not being trivial or anything, but can that member post his sh*t eating act link or something.

      1. i also would like to see him eat his own sh*t with a fork and knife -like its a fine cuisine

        can anyone remember who it was? are what post /day?

        time to call him out!

    1. Pellegrini is normally honest and realistic but he called Monreal for a dive which is ridiculous – he is NOT being honest with himself.

      I would like to see Pellegrini take a Kompany body check while making a run and see if he stays on his feet.

      1. @mohawk
        Exactly. Then he said that Kompany should not have made the foul. But when asked did he think Monreal dived, he backtracked and clammed up…

      2. If Kompany had stood still and Monreal had run into him that’s no pen; but Kompany deliberately moved sideways to stop Monreal getting to the ball, and Nacho went down after running into big brick sh*thouse. Stone-cold pen!!

  2. And coming from Mike Dean is even better!
    Seriously, the idea of this game was to defend. It shows that an old dog can learn new tricks too. For years we used to attack in waves to the point when teams (like Chelsea) refused to play the game and hit us when we expected less. It was a bit ridiculous the imbalance between the lines as we went fully on buying forwards and attacking midfielders.
    I think Pellegrini and his players didn’t see it coming, they expected us to attack in waves so that they could rip us apart with the quality they had. Instead we did a Chelsea on them and one could see why Aguero was so frustrated to the pint he pulled the shirt.
    If anything, that will give Mourinho some thinking on how should he play us. Good.

    1. I don’t think a penalty could’ve been clearer than that. I frankly wouldn’t have been surprised if it wasn’t given, considering how hard Mike Dean can be. However, he really spotted that one correctly & I think that might have eluded a few refs. In the replay, you could clearly see how Kompany edged forward deliberately to block off Monreal’s one-two before he quickly backed off with his hands out as if he did nothing!

    1. Yes, it was a PK because Kompany eyes were taken off the ball, and his whole attention left the ball and he concentrated on Monreal who had, then, passed the body to another player. Yet he fell him (Monreal).

  3. I agree with Darwin

    Kompany is an excellent defender but also his mere physical presence is huge.

    There was contact it was definitely a foul regardless of whether Monreal made the most of it.

    Actually, Arsenal has a decent track record in not diving in recent years. We are the leader in PL with headbutts but not in diving.

  4. Difference between flamini and le cog??…at what point yesterday did we ever thought le cog would even get a yellow card? ..Difference between le cog and arteta? ?…faster than arteta and his close control and passing or so mature..he’s only 23 too..he will improve…..its ur position to keep cog make us proud….oh and arsena sign this kid up his contract is running out june 30….he’s our future with him and a proper dm(preferably sniderlin) the summer I think we could put that dm talk to rest for a while..let them two battle it out for that position….sorry flamini sorry arteta but its time to go….anybody else think its funny arteta hasn’t sign da thing yet?…strange

    1. @mobaygunner
      I think the big difference between Le Coq and both Flamini and Arteta is, Le Coq is always tryin to know where the ball is and where his team mates are. And where he is in relation to both…

    2. Schneiderlein is our best DM choice, but he’s not going to move in Jan window. AW should get a deal DONE now to sign him in Summer.
      The we can use Le Coq as 2nd DM for big games like City, Chelski, United etc and away ECL games. They would make a great combo

  5. Without being biased towards Arsenal, I will say it was definitely was a penalty, although Nacho did over-exaggerate it though. But the way the game is played today, you have to do that. I highly doubt it would have been a penalty if Nacho didn’t throw his arms in the air, and got up straight away and carried on playing. Its a sad reality in modern football…

    With that said, it was definitely a penalty. You can’t step across to block someone’s run and put your arms up as if you didn’t do anything wrong… He knew what he was doing.

  6. Bainsley diego of called us sanchez fc before the game n didnt think we would win, now he can eat his words, sanchez wasnt even too involved

    1. bainsley diego?
      blatantly not his real name, im imagining a scrawny pasty united supporter called james

  7. Finally got a good call from Mr. Dean. Slight contact was made in the box (Komapny’s positioning didn’t help the case aswell). I don’t hear city fans or pundits crying foul about it.

    It was a 50 – 50 chance and am glad it came our way.

    On another note:

    – big up to the away fans for showing the Arsenal home fans how its done. Passionate, out signing the home crowd, tizzing them at there own home, and lifting the team. Now that’s how it should be done. I hate the quite, nervy atmosphere for each game at the Emirates.

    – Secondly Arsenal should consider improving Hector and Le Coq’s contracts asap! Hector should be our 2nd choice RB from now on and when Jenkinson is back they should be rotated and provide competition for Debuchy. Chambers should be deployed as a CB or tried out as DM for the foreseeable future as the young lad is ahead of him and very impressive currently at RB.

  8. 5 things we learned.
    1.There is a plan B indeed.
    2.Coq the “croc” > Flamini
    3.Bellerin > Sagna
    4.BFG played like a WC winner.
    5.Santi the “little magician” is in the form of his life

  9. A foul is a foul, and this one just happened to be in the box. Kompany knew exactly what he was doing, as did Monreal, which is why Monreal didn’t hesitate to go to ground.

    What I don’t understand is how Ramsey walks right back into the team, was clearly our weakest player, played the same way he has all season and exactly how he was prior to last season, and yet people keep protecting him and say he’ll be back. Tomas should’ve kept his place ahead of Ramsey.

    You lot are quick to say how “the 10 spot is Santi’s now” and “Mesut is gonna have to sit the bench and watch how it’s done blah blah blah”, but you same guys would sacrifice the good of the team to have Ramsey and Jack walk right back in. That makes no sense to me. You also then go on to say he’s rusty, and he’ll be back, let him play his way into form. What?!?!?!?! Are you serious? We should have good players and players on form keeping good players out, not guys that are playing like shite all year, and we keep waiting for them to come around.

    Let’s call it what it is, pure favortism. Aaron has not been performing well at all this season. For large portions of the match yesterday he was further forward than Santi trying to score the glory goal. Absurd. If we’re going to stick with the 4-1-4-1, then I see no reason why Mesut and Santi can’t play side by side with Coq or a proper CDM behind them. Let santi start the play from deeper and let Mesut pick the final ball. Playing Mesut in the middle where he should be, can’t be worse than what Ramsey and Jack have done all season. Basically Santi playing the Xavi/Fabregas role, and Mesut playing the Iniesta/Oscar role. The key is Coq or a CDM playing the Matic/Busquets/Yaya role.

    Would love to hear what I’m missing here. But before you comment ask yourself 1- What has Ramsey proven to be able to walk right back into the team? (and don’t say last season, cause that’s clearly proving to be an anomoly) and 2 – what has jack proven that he should be able to walk right back into the team as well? (i only put him in here because you same folks that will baby him are the same ones that baby and protect Ramsey). Mesut is proven on the world stage and is now in his second season in the BPL; put him in his preferred central role and let him earn his price tag and showed you why he’s one of the most feared passers of the final ball in the world.


    1. OK, would you rather had Flamini instead of Ramsey for the game yesterday? Because Ramsey did put in a stunning defensive display. Rosicky can’t play 3 games in a row, he’s age shows that. Wenger called it very good.

      1. And your proof that Tomas can’t play 3 games in a row is where? And if that’s the case, then why not play him 55-65 minutes and then bring Ramsey on? (nowhere did I, or will I ever call for Flamini). Ramsey’s defensive display wasn’t stunning, he was busy trying to be in front of Santi to score. He didn’t start sitting in until Coq demanded him too, and he got too tired to surge forward.
        Again, blind favortism. People would call for Theo and Mesut to earn their 25-30 minutes a game behind the Ox and Santi at the moment, but not Ramsey, put him right back in to be the weakest player in the 11, and play Tomas for 25 minutes (who came in for the Ox by the way, not Rambo though he should have).

        1. Well, maybe you are talking about some other game. I suggest you watch his heat map and see that he pretty much covered Cazorla’s runs (link is here, just add a “p” to the ‘htt’ part : htt://
          “Cazorla and Ramsey provided stellar protection; they pressed when necessary, but more often than not, they fell back in to form a solid line. ” – the fine article says

          As for Rosicky you don’t have to look further than the last game at home against Stoke after the game vs Hull. I didn’t said that. Wenger says Rosicky can’t play day in day out. And he’s right as that position is physically demanding.

          1. @Budd,

            The heat map tells me nothing. If anything, it might further support the notion that Ramsey was unnecessarily getting too far forward (I didn’t and won’t look at the heat map). On top of that, I don’t need a heat map to tell me that Ramsey didn’t pass the eye test. He was not at the same level as everyone else. Look at the penalty that Monreal earned. Ramsey was trying one of his pre-2014 season unnecessary backheels that clattered right into the Zabaleta, and then Monreal was aware enough to pounce on it and find Giroud.
            See it for what it is man, Rambo hasn’t been playing well all season, but both he and jack always get put right back in. That’s going to completely frustrate a locker room when under-performing guys keep get selected, and guys are played out of position or not at all to accommodate them.

            Because of injury, Wenger has stumbled upon a balanced side. Now will be the test to see if he can keep everyone happy and continue to make the proper selections. I’ll give him credit though, Chambers has been horribly exposed as a RB; I’m glad Arsene acknowledged that and selected Bellerin.

            1. I am actually not very surprised that you can’t interpret the heat map. The map shows exactly the fact that Ramsey played very disciplined his defensive role. There was only one ocasion where he was next to the box when he switched the position with Cazorla.
              It is becoming a bit boring your mantra about favoritism. I think you will have to prove that as well. Go back few months on this site and see what I have said about Ramsey, is not his season but fortunately other picked up. The locker room does not have the right to be frustrated after some sub par performances this season where only Sanchez (who actually played in the same not as Ramsey) displayed the will to win.
              I haven’t heard you saying Wenger is favoring Sanchez. Wonder why.

              1. The interpretation of the heat map is complex, but I do appreciate your concern.
                Reality is, you’ve not proven in any way that Ramsey did something in that game that Tomas A – couldn’t do, and B – hadn’t earned the right through his performances to continue to do.
                As for the favoritism becoming boring, that’s fine, but if you can’t see it, then you choose not to see it. We were title contenders for long stretches of the season last year in our 4-2-3-1, and it was clear that we needed to a powerful/athletic/ball-winning CDM and a big-game consistent 9 to push us over the top; but instead, Wenger changed the system to the 4-1-4-1 to get both Jack and Aaron in the team, pushed Santi/Mesut out wide, and we struggled our asses off. The good of the team was sacrificed for those 2 players, despite multiple performances that displayed it wasn’t working. Only injuries to those players has forced Arsene to play a more balanced team, and look at the results since. What more proof do you need my friend?
                Your point about favoring Sanchez makes no sense, and has nothing to do with what we’re talking about.

      2. yeah, would rather have played Flamini because he more much fit than Ramsey and am very sure Rosicsky would have done better. We need to stop this shit of favouritism

      3. Stunning? I admit that I have never been a card carrying member of the Aaron Ramsey fan club but running yourself into the ground for 80 minuted fresh off injury is madness when his role should be to facilitiate play going forward and compliment Le Coq. There is a reason the young Frenchmen was everywhere on the pitch, has to be when Ramsey is jogging back after unnecessarily bombing forward when leading 2-0.

      4. That is just silly. Flamini is the only possible substitute for Ramsey? No. Just ridiculous. Rosicky was outstanding in his previous start.

        Ramsey was good defensively but was not as strong attacking and clearly he was not at full fitness.

        1. Exactly my point. Defensively, the trio Coquelin, Santi and Ramsey played perfectly. Is nice to see that the next scape goat (after playing a very good game) is not Mertesacker anymore. Good to see the priorities being correctly set up 🙂

    2. Well since you asked for views here is my take:

      1st off the part that you say “The key is Coq or a CDM playing the Matic/Busquets/Yaya role”, well Yaya is no CDM mate, his more of a b2b (am sure it was just an oversight from you).

      2nd even I advocated strongly for Wenger to start TR7 because of his current form, I did doubt his fitness levels having played the last 2 games (his fit but keep in mind his no spring chicken). We’ve been crying for rotation and now that the coach makes a change we want to cry foul.

      Getting all our players (not just Ramsey) fit will be highly beneficial for us in order to avoid injury and keep everyone upbeat incase injuries occur.

      Wenger took a gamble playing Rambo and it somehow paid off, he got valuable game time and gave TR7 some good rest in readiness for the FA cup and Spurs game.

      1. @007,
        1 – I was not referring to the Yaya of ManCity, as he clearly plays the box to box role there. Was referencing the Yaya of the barca dominant years when he was the dominant CDM behind Xavi and Iniesta before Pep replaced him with Biscuits and then sold yaya.

        2 – While I agree rotation is important, why immediately throw Ramsey back in against an important team like City, when Tomas hadn’t played his way out yet, and he and the team were in a good rhythm? Again, a sub at 55 for Tomas would’ve made more sense to me.

    3. Santi has been star performer this year – with freedom to play central role while Ozil out injured – He should retain that role!! – and Ozil should play on RH side so he can cut in and use his magical left peg to create assists as he did with Real Madrid.
      Before his most recent injury Ramsey was starting to pick up form playing with Santi. Both have had more room to play with Wilshere injured. Not sure where Jack fits in when he’s back??Rosicky and The Ox have also shown good form – and Le Coq is bringing confidence to back 5 and enabling midfield to create.
      AW should rotate midfield so that we can always field best combo (well rested) for top 6 games, and adjust tactics accordingly

    4. If we had lost 0-2 your fretting about why Ramsey started may be justified and valid. But when winning 2-0 it all becomes just a little churlish and unnecessary.

  10. Sh*t. Someone should watch the match again in slow motion. Kompany intentionally blocked Monreal who was about running around him to get a through pass. There was no other defender behind Kompany and he knew what he did. Mike Dean can’t give Arsenal a soft penalty. If Arsenal win, the other team was sh*t. Who made them sh*t? Our players. Can you imagine Man city playing for over 30 minute with no attempt on goal? Arsenal defending 16 corner kicks in 90 minutes agaist a top team without conceeding a goal? This is the team we’ve been longing for. For yesterday’s match, CREDIT TO THEM, every one of them.

    1. I did watch the foul repeatedly. Kompany intentionally blocked him off. But he tried to downplay it by turning sideways AFTER the block as if he was just trying to get out of the way.

      Nice try Vincent. You got away with it a thousand times but this time the ref was staring right at it.

      Kompany finally got caught with one of his tricks. He must just accept that he actually has to follow the rules like other players.

  11. Talking about old dog/new tricks…. when Arsene talked -before the game- about us being matured this time around, this was what he really meant eh?! Playing with a plan B to suit the opposition/situation?

    My point is… for Wenger this “new trick” isn’t really new considering that he used it quite well last season. How many times did we close out 1-nil/2-nil wins with 6 defenders last season? I can remember us a couple of times coming out of games with fewer possession stats, but we won! This was until we went into those games against Liverpool and Chelsea, with such arrogance believing that as long as we played “our game” we will be fine. Such arrogance.

  12. In light of yesterday’s vanquishing of Oil City, what is the consensus on the remaining transfer window?

    Are Bielek and the emergence of Le Coq the answer @ DM?

    Is AW really intetested in Destro from Roma?

    Reid, Van Djik, Moreno and Paulista @ CB?

    Taking today off and well bored out of my school, look forward to everybody’s comments and a great day to be a Gunner!!

  13. Im just still elated about us getting those 3 priceless points away from home, and most of all the gunners stopping man city’s 12 game unbeaten streak! Well done gunners! Coyg!

  14. It was a penalty Arsenal normally don’t get but….

    There are CBs in the league who constantly get away with fouling off the ball knowing that the ref is often not looking or is inclined to view “off the ball” fouls as less significant.

    Players like Kompany, Shawcross, Skrtyl and others thus too often get away with repeated fouling. I am glad when the ref finally calls them on it.

  15. Hey man..quick question would u rather have rosicky out a wining game or ramsey??..I think wenger bringing rosicky kn was the right call..starting ramsey was also the right call..u tryna say rosicky would have sat bk and just defend beside le cog??..I doubt that thats not rosicky game..he like to start attack and joint in justlike ramsey does….it was the right I know?..cuz we won..if monreal had a bad game and we won u would’ve been here saying we should’ve played gibbs…cant plzz every fan can we?

    1. Ramsey was good in defense yesterday – that much is true. But his attacking and sharpness were not great. You know when Ramsey is out of form/not ready when his shots on goal and long passes are blasted 20 rows up in the stands.

      Starting Ramsey was not the worst decision. But if some other player was coming back from an injury, Wenger would not hesitate to use him as a sub several times first. Wenger has his favorites – and Ramsey tops the list.

      1. I feel like u just dont like ramsey…just saying…if I was to share game time between ramsey and rosicky I would want 1 of my favorite players rosicky to finish the match off for me..he can speed a game up like we seen him done plenty of time or he can bring that calmness he did yesterday……I dont know if u notice but most of the great play santi made yesterday was from deep…u hardly saw him ahead of the play…I think that was intentional and not a mistake that ramsey was mosely ahead of carzola…to get in attact and bk defending all game is not easy and ramsey is 1 of the few players that can actually do it..if there’s any player that can give u full running for 90 ramsey when fully fit is 1 of them

  16. Arsenal made a formal offer for Gabriel paulista which is far from what Villareal want. Summer-deal seems more likely as more flexible payments could be accepted Arsenal could make a new & improved offer this week. But ATM, a January-deal is “complicated”. Source: Local media El Periodico Mediterraneo
    arsenal also involved Campbell as a part of the deal which was rejected by villareal. afc could sell campbell for around 10m benifica interested met with his agent this week.

    1. villareal wants 15m for him (buyout clause) hope wenger goes for Fabian schar should be back in feb & in summer go for someone better like howedes

      1. Schar has already indicated he doesn’t want to play in EPL but prefers to join Inter Milan, which is only just down the road from Switzerland, and he can buy a nice villa next to George Clooney on Lake Como – sunshine all summer and skiing on the doorstep.
        It’s similar with the German stars – like Reus, Kroos etc – they want to play for Real Madrid or Serie A.
        Maybe they think they won’t succeed in EPL??

    2. Seriously? Repeating reports from completely unreliable transfer media scam artists?

      I have read the rumors/reports. According to the transfer media Arsenal have already signed 37 players this Jan. and have made offers for another 50 or 60.

      One out of every 100 reports might have some truth to it. Maybe.

  17. @th14, absoloutley spot on couldnt have said it better myself, but the sad thing is not many will see it like that and when arteta,jack do come back wenger will throw them straight back in.

    I said it last season when fans on here were getting carried away with the “ramsey best mid in world” etc etc that only if he does it on a consistent basis season after season then mention him in the same breathe as the cesc’s of this world. Players should earn thier right to play but at arsenal this has’nt been the case for a long time and hence the situation they always end up come may. I just hope the penny has finally dropped and wenger gets really tough with those under performing (szech,arteta,jack,rambo) and those that do deserve a run are given a fair shot (campbell, podolski b4 he went, )

    lets just enjoy the win but all not get carried away, getting into the top 4 is going to be the toughest battle i think arsenal have ever had, treat every game like they did yesterday then we have every chance of securing it.

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