Pennant predicts Arsenal’s performance after the World Cup

Former Arsenal player Jermaine Pennant has discussed Arsenal’s season and he believes after the World Cup, Mikel Arteta’s men will struggle with form.

Arsenal has made their best start to a season in the club’s history with 9 wins from their opening 10 league games.

That run of form has propelled them to the top of the league table this season and they have a nice cushion on the next club now.

It is a position even their players didn’t dream of at the start of the campaign and it puts them in the driving seat for a title challenge.

The World Cup will disrupt this season from next month and it seems it will be a major test for the Gunners.

Pennant believes it will be a turning point for them and they will struggle for form when club football returns.

He tells Talk Sport:

“I think Arsenal after Christmas will cookie crumble,” Pennant said. 

“Like they did the year before to drop out of the Champions League spot.” 

Just Arsenal Opinion

The number of people Arsenal will prove wrong when they remain at the top of the league table in the second half of the season is increasing.

Pennant is just one of them and the good thing is that our players’ form does not depend on his prediction.

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  1. I predict our young players will use the World Cup as an inspiration and be better and hungrier after it 😉

  2. It’s possible, especially if we have injury to one or two key players. We need to buy a top winger and a midfielder in early January to avoid this scenario.

  3. Shut up Pennant. You are not even a top player for us during your time with us. All of you wishing and waiting for Arsenal to crumble after the world cup will be surprise with way the guy will increase their performance level more higher than what we are all seeing now.

  4. We will have Saliba Partey Xakha Saka and Tomiyasu in WC(Martenelli Jésus Magarelhas don’t seems to be in their national team manager papers right now same for Ben White).Partey and Xakha more likely won’t go far as they part of average teams (with all my due respect) bar surprises.So only Saliba and B.Saka are having a long and tiresome tournament over there in Qatar.It’s very sustainable if you Ask me and we will have a “pre-season” with almost all the team under Arteta’s hand to work unlike other clubs who will struggle with fatigued players for the restart

  5. The World Cup is a global event and will affect all clubs admittedly not equally.
    Why these commentators believe only Arsenal will crumble after the tournament is nonsensical.
    COYG proof them wrong.

  6. This was a player so drunk while driving, he didn’t realise there was a lamp-post under his car, so f..k him, Gallas as well stating Martinelli isn’t good enough for RM, and couldn’t care less what these has-beens have got to say, same as talkshite

  7. Nothing at all “depends on his prediction”. And nor should a JA so called article, concocted from nothing of worth!

    If JA needs to drag up Pennants opinion now, then they are really scraping the barrel.

    1. Agree Jon.For those suggesting a long run in the tournament for England and France, they may well be in for a rude awakening!.This is the most open World Cup I have seen in years.

  8. Personal opinions are personal and so is Pannant’s. World Cup is for experience display and gaining more. How does exposure to experience impede one’s performance?

  9. When we started bright in the preseason, they said it’s only preseason that once the league starts we going to struggle, we won our first 3matches and started topping the table, they said we should play 6 matches we will go down to our normal position,now it’s 9matches we are still topping..
    Now someone is hear saying after World Cup we going to struggle..
    Future teller..
    Try to see your future problems .and allow us celebrate while we have the chance.

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