Penny pinching Arsenal will have to pay a lot more for target

Everyone with an interest in Arsenal is fully aware that they have a restricted transfer budget and that low transfer kitty means that the club has to basically penny pinch.

That has never been more evident than in Arsenal’s pursuit of Celtic defender Kieran Tierney.

Arsenal went in with a low ball figure of £15 Million for a player that is valued at £25 Million by his club which was quickly rejected.

A second bid is expected but Celtic have put Arsenal on notice that any future bids had better be for a lot more money.

It is not as if the Arsenal negotiators do not know what Celtic want, they do, because the Hoops have told them what the value of the player as their manager Neil Lennon confirmed.

“Arsenal are aware of what we value the player at. He’s on a long-term contract, he’s an asset and we don’t want to sell him”, Lennon said

“It’s going to have to take a lot more than what they’ve offered the first time around to give us a decision to make.

“I’ve had a chat with him as it can be a difficult decision and bit unsettling. I’ve been there myself so it’s important that we support him regardless of the outcome.”

Not sure Lennon could have made it any clearer. If we want to sign Tierney we are going to have to cough up £25 Million and the club knows it and a decision will have to be made. Either we splash out a huge slice of our budget or we look elsewhere for an alternative option.

Imagine that though, £25 Million and half the budget is gone. That is not a good look for a top-six club.


  1. Oui et non. Signer un ou deux joueurs seulement. Et ne pas s’éparpiller sur ce qu’on ne peut pas faire, faute de moyens.
    Signer TIERNEY, par exemple et FRASER. Et garder KOSCIELNY une année de plus.

    TRANSLATION: Yes and no. Sign one or two players only. And do not scatter about what you can not do, lack of resources. Sign TIERNEY, for example, and FRASER. And keep KOSCIELNY another year.

  2. @Andre, mais que se passe-t-il si le club trouve un acheteur pour koscieny qui a 34 ans ne le vendra-t-il pas et que vous dites également que ww ne devrait signer qu’un ou deux joueurs? En vous basant sur la seule saison dernière, pensez-vous que deux joueurs vont résoudre tous les problèmes?

    TRANSLATION : @Andre, but what happens if the club finds a buyer for Koscielny who is 34 years old. Will we not sell? And you also say that we should only sign one or two players? Based on the last season alone, do you think that two players will solve all the problems?

      1. Good one KEN! EVERY Gooner understands THAT, whether or not we speak French! Ironic that our owner is NOT a Gooner though!

  3. Once again confirming no second bid was made and that is was all a lie when it was claimed that we had a second bid rejected.

    Tierney has agreed personal terms with Arsenal and it is expected that the second bid will do he trick.Player has already visited London Colney from Austria and he’s now there again.Stay tuned

      1. I’m 23 if you care to know.You can call me a Btec Ornstein?.Ornstein is a master though and we only wish he could update us frequently as he’s the most reliable for Arsenal news.A shame we’ll have to put up with fake news and rumours most of the time from outlets

      1. Then we might as well kiss Saliba goodbye?.Happened because we accepted to loan him back.Player changed decision to not go back on loan but even when he didn’t want to Saint Etienne didn’t budge

  4. Somehow this reminds me of how we paid 18 M for Lucas Perez and could only sell him at 4 M. Now he is released by West Ham and that shows Arsenal’s bad transfer policy

    That’s what happen if they keep the penny-pinching strategy and resort to bargain buys. Not all bargain players are bad, but the decision makers and the scouts must be replaced ASAP

  5. Ive not really commented my opinion on what Arsenal should do with our limited budget. If i was Emery i would focus on defence with our budget. Tierny for LB is perfect and hopefully 2 solid CBs (ones we dont need to send back on loan for a year).

    If that leaves us with no budget left so bet it, all great teams have to start with a solid defence. We would have to put trust into our youth system to fill the wings and if we can sell a few player we maybe able to replace Ramsey in the transfer market too.

    All in all a rubbish position to be in with such a poor budget because so many positions need strenghening. My theory is that if we can fix our defence this year we can sort our midfield next year. It would certainly be a project that would require patience but its a plan none the less, something we have lacked for years.

    1. Quite agree it your opinion. In addition, Emery should properly utilize their expertise and not tell them to be what they are not. Defenders should concentrate on defending at all time on the field except during corner and free kicks.

  6. Buy or not emery knows what he wants,my candid opinion infuse the youth into wing play,buy cb and rb,sell and buy an experienced cm at 26 or look for a standout cm that has limited play time at his club and loan him with option to buy like Everton did with the Portugal player from baca.All said emery if fail you are out just incase this is not Wenger’s era we need to progressive improvement from your signings to youth transition.

  7. Sensible thinking Muffin.For £25m Tierney would be an excellent long term asset.Our real problem this transfer window is the unloading of our dead wood/aging players who not surprisingly are virtually unmarketable.A CB and LB are a priority to make up a back four with Holding,Bellerin ,and perhaps Beilik and Chambers.Without a secure defence we will never improve.

    1. ?Sensible as always, Grandad. I am still amazed Arsenal didn’t buy Van Dijk from Celtic; hopefully the same mistake isn’t made with Tierney.
      Chambers and Bielik should be retained after their solid seasons with Fulham and Charlton respectively and they are still at an age where improvement can still be expected.

  8. If Arsenal have identified Tierney as a player they need in their team then for goodness sake stop mucking around. Just say to Celtic that we are not getting into a bidding war, offer 25 million if that is what they are asking and we’ll get a good player who will strengthen our team. If Celtic don’t accept the price they are asking then say goodbye and move on. All this delay and putting in low bids will only piss off Celtic and then someone else will pay up and get him.

    1. We hear about all that because people like to ridicule Arsenal. The clubs do that and that is why there is transfer negotiation. Didn’t Celtic did the same to Motherwell for Turnbull David.

  9. Of course, the entire matter whether re Tierney or any other player is fuelled by misguided, misleading articles based on pure conjecture and often outright lies from the media and vested interest parties such as slippery agents.

    Having said that – it is becoming a matter of terminal boredom how year after year one particular transfer turns into s window-long saga.

    Thank heavens for the Women’s World Cup.

  10. let’s stop wasting much time on low bids juz make signings we focus on pre season with our new one will allow his star player to leave on low bid never juz as we refused to rule out torreiras move to ac Milan due to small bid same way Celtic wouldn’t allow Tierney to leave for low so pay the fee before the move is taken by other team.

  11. I see that Ac Milan have been banned from any eufa competitions for a season.

    I hope that really pisses gazidis off, cause it’s just made me very happy and The Arsenal have officially said that Torreiria is not moving there.

    Give it time folks, the chickens always come home to roost.

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