‘People are laughing’ at Arsenal amidst transfer saga

Ian Wright has claimed that Arsenal have made a mock of themselves with their public failings around Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez.

The duo are well into their final year of their contracts at present, and look ever-likely to quit the club before next season.

The pair are said to be the subject of interest from a number of clubs, including both Manchester clubs, and Ian Wright has moved to slam the situation which our club has allowed to close in on us.

“It is terrible business for Arsenal, for a club that is accused of being a business to allow two players like that to run their contracts down,” he told Sky Sports.

“Sanchez on top form is easily a £100 million player. Ozil on top form is worth £70m to £80m. Arsenal are letting that go. It is disgusting business on the management side for Arsenal.

“How are you going to sell players like that in January for £25m? It is like people are laughing at you. Manchester City could find £25m in the car seat or something. And you’re going to get Sanchez for that kind of money? For it to get to this point where they can be offered that kind of money…and why would you offer £60m when they are free in a few months?”

Wrighty moved onto add that the Chilean should be let go in the coming window, having failed to impress in any shape or form so far this season.

“With the way that Sanchez is playing and having seen him be substituted in recent times, something that never used to happen, I would probably take the hit on him now because it looks like the towel has gone in and his heart isn’t in it now,” he added.

“The cynics will say Ozil has hit form at the right time for him. He’s running down a contract and is linked with other clubs. He’s on a free. It’s very lucrative for him if he can see that out.

“I think it is more lucrative for him to leave and go somewhere where he thinks he can get Champions League football and might challenge for more trophies.

“It is a cynical view to have but it is very hard to be excited about a player that you need and know there is a good chance that they are going to leave. It is very hard because the kind of form he is showing is what we wanted to see from him and now it is happening we might be losing him.

“At least he is putting in a shift to help the team win points. But Sanchez you might as well recoup whatever money you can in January because he does not look interested.”

Have Arsenal embarrassed themselves? Was blocking Alexis’ City move a mistake last summer?

Pat J

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  1. samuel says:

    Very correct Ilan dont know were all this are coming from wenger or the board so bad.

  2. jon fox says:

    So Ian Wright has openly joined the list of our ex-players , many of whom are now pundits, who know our club is a basket case run by rank amateurs. Laughably, Wenger has a degree in economics. Shame that degree course did not include simple arithmetic , eh? The farce of those self satisfied, fan deriding snakes suppposedly “running” our club goes from worse to worse still to catastrophy. I now actively hate all those in charge and I don’t usually use the word hate for football matters(rather than terrorists, dictators and mass genocide etc), but I have to be honest because I actively HATE all those in charge and if I openly stated what I really hope happens to them I would be banned. When you love someone or something, and others do all they can to harm them , are we not entitled to hate? I SAY , YES WE ARE! The ranks of empty seats tell me many share my view,fortunately!

  3. shark says:

    Except Arsenal, every club is showing some transparency to keep their fans close. Everything is secret at Arsenal. Wenger always says that it is not only his decision in transfers and contracts but the reality doesn’t seem to be like that. He should be in a mental illness hospital. Arsenal is not his toy.

  4. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Ian Wrong

    1. jon fox says:

      Out drinking with your pal Kroenke tonight then,? are you Robin

  5. Sue says:

    I did watch the debate, it was tough viewing but I think Wright was spot on with what he said…to hear all that come from a club legend just amazes me how we’ve got into this mess!!

    1. The fans on here, and Wrighty, should remember that when it was reported that both Sanchez and Ozils contract where running out, and, top clubs wanted them, MOST of you, not all, argued that, IF, Wenger allowed them to leave, then it would show what a lack of ambition the club has, and then, what top players would consider joining us.
      Now, most of you have apparently changed your minds.
      My take on it has always been, if, a player wants to leave, open the door for them, because they have a negative effect on the squad, and will sulk when things go wrong. And that, has nothing to do with transfer money.
      Both should have gone in the Summer, Sanchez would struggle to get in Citys team for a start, and both are not so young anymore.
      Buy top replacements if possible, or, give the youth a kick start.
      Whatever, we fans need to be consistant and not change our view simply because Wrighty, or anyone else has a different view.

      1. Sue says:

        I said let Sanchez go actually

      2. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Well said jean, 100% right

      3. Ivan says:

        I believe the reason Wenger did not let Sanchez go was only because he did not want the “you don’t know what you are doing” chants ring round again. Even Wenger is bright enough to know that keeping unhappy players is a recipe for disaster and that is what we have seen.
        Ozil is a different case as I reckon his motivation is money and he was just running his contract down as he knows he gets a bigger salary from a new club if he goes on a Bosman free.
        And just for the record I said at the time Arsenal should have made them sign and if Ozil and Sanchez did not sign tell them that they would be transferred abroad for a large fee and if they did not accept that would not play this season and therefore would not be playing in the World Cup.

  6. franc Ole says:

    The empty seats are showing now and soon or later there will be no one remaining in the Stadium except Wenger and his Bellerins the clowns. Just how do you allow such players to walk away on free transfers, Wenger has lost his head and how on earth you can you rely on Cec and Mertisuker

  7. Wenger!!, you have lifted and lowered arsenal fc yourself, What a greedy person are you?

  8. Vlad says:

    I swear that the same so-called pundits that are “laughing” right now (as well as fans) were applauding Wenger for sticking to his guns, and not selling Ozil and Sanchez in the summer. It’s easy to talk smack now.

    1. Ray says:

      There is “sticking to your guns” and there is “being sensible”!

      He should NOT have let it get this late in the contract and also, he should have sold them abroad or rott on the bench if they didn’t want to go in the summer!

      Simple> Sign (yes or no) > No? goodbye!!

      To let that much money walk out the door is ridiculous!!

  9. DANDY GUNNER says:

    Send in the Clowns. (Wenger and the Board).

    1. jon fox says:

      No actually! Send OUT the clowns!

  10. Ray says:

    Nice one Wrighty!! Says it how it is as usual. Arsene Wenger just says it how he thinks we should hear it.

    Fact is, once again he has been found out for believing his own hype and that everyone at the club do to!

    No, not everyone is on-board with Arsene and they know they are very unlikely to win anything of significance under your management!

    More money lost, more ground lost and most definitely more faith lost!!

    Boobed again AW..

  11. Milton John says:

    For Alexis, picture is very much clear. He’ll join his favourite boss Pep at Man City end of the season and he’ll have to keep healthy and fit to flourish for them and he’s doing just that. Be in good shape and join them. And situation of Ozil is different, only Mourinho has offered him his favourite number 10. He’ll have to be on fire to attract the major teams and he’s just doing that. We fans are fooled by the club and the players and that’ll go on as long as Wenger is in charge of the club.

  12. Kenny Rolfe says:

    Ok, Wrighty’s got a point but about the contracts but it’s a pity he doesn’t mention the eight Manchester United players that end their contracts in June. The media wouldn’t like that.

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      And if anyone wants the list, because Wright’ Merson, Smith, Dixon or anyone from the media won’t tell you, is Mata, Herrera, Blind, Shaw, Fellaini, Ibrahimovic, Young and Carrick

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        I’ve been a Wenger out man for longer than most but ex players and armchair fans coming on here and bashing Arsenal makes me sick.

        1. jon fox says:

          Well I , for one , an not an armchair fan Kenny. I have been watching Arsenal , as you well know, since the late fifties and a more inept, ludicrously obstinate and arrogant manager than Wenger, I have yet to come across. He needs bashing. And bashing so hard he will walk or be sacked. As long as this disaster of a so called manager is gone , I don’t care HOW. I just want him out and my view is shared by the huge majority of Gooners. Arenal is not HIS club. It is OURS!

          1. Kenny Rolfe says:

            I’m talking about people bashing Arsenal Jon not Wenger, bash him all you want but don’t you think the team have enough bashes in the media, we don’t need our own as well.

  13. Sebastian says:

    A Wenger deben sacarlo como a los dictadores.. él es el Kin yon hung del Arsenal, hace lo que quiere y jamás admite cuando se equivoca, que no lo entienden!!…él núnca se irá!!. Arsenal es vuestro club, no de él !!!

  14. Sebastian says:

    Tambien seria bueno que saquen a ese bebé mimado de Sanchez.. es francamente insoportable!

  15. Sebastian says:

    Yo no era tan fanatico del futbol, hasta que conocí un club llamado Arsenal,, cuando vi jugar aThierry.. Berkam.. Pyres.. etc. me enamoré de este deporte en serio, nunca más me perdí un juego de los Gooners.. así es Arsenal.. un club elegante que cautiva, no necesitan de toda esta mierda, solo saquen las manzanas podridas y a seguir adelante.. los amo Gooners!!! saludos desde chile..?

    1. Abel says:

      this is an english site fella. either you write in English or you bugger off.
      Admin why allow him post thrice in a non English?

  16. Gelz says:

    The difference between Arsenal and United is they have the money to replace there out of contract players and if we do have the money we won’t.

  17. PaddyGooner says:

    Wasnt Sanchez due to leave until the Lemar deal fell through in August?

  18. Shinoda says:

    To some extent, I upload Wenger’s decision not to sell them coz we’ve rebuked him before for selling our best players. However, what pisses me off is his lack of ambition and not adding more quality players in positions where we have weaknesses. If you’re not gona bring in more quality players to build on what you have, then you might as well sell your best players coz I sure as hell wouldn’t wana be a part of this circus if I was Sanchez. Ozil showed what he’s capable of 2 seasons ago by nicking almost 20 assists in PL, Sanchez contributed to over 40 goals last season. A good manager wouldn’t need £10 million a yr to know what to do in such circumstances.

  19. Tristan says:

    I think more top players will go for free in the future due to stupid transfer fees. just the way i see it going.

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