‘People have suddenly disappeared’ – Pundit claims Gunner not good enough for England

Danny Mills has claimed that Aaron Ramsdale showed that he wasn’t good enough for a first-team role for England this week, with many Arsenal fans having gone quiet about his role for his country.

The goalkeeper enjoyed a fine debut season in north London, quickly stamping his authority on the first-choice role ahead of Bernd Leno, and has been tipped to do the same at international level.

Gareth Southgate has tried to avoid being drawn into the frenzy whilst trying to share out the minutes ahead of the World Cup in Qatar, but Mills claims that Ramsdale showed that he simply wasn’t good enough after his showing in the 4-0 defeat to Hungary.

“There was a massive call for Aaron Ramsdale to be England’s number one,” the former PL defender said live on TalkSPORT. “Not on last night’s showing, he’s not.

“All those people have suddenly disappeared. If Pickford had let that first goal in, Pickford would have been slaughtered this morning.

“Everyone would have said a top goalkeeper saves that. He got a hand on it, should have saved it. Not hearing that about Ramsdale. A lot of people have been saying Pickford out.”

I think it’s a little harsh to judge Ramsdale on his display when the reality is that hardly any of our players have been motivated or able to give their best during the recent international break. I don’t know whether the players are just too tired after the enduring Premier League season, or whether the players are simply in holiday mode, having given their all for their club sides throughout the campaign, but you can’t be judging people on or two displays.

What is evident is that Ramsdale is clearly talented, and on the last 12 months, he has easily been the better shot-stopper, and all-round better goalkeeper of all his English counterparts.

I still expect Aaron to be be the main man when the WC kicks off in Qatar, regardless of Pickford’s heroics during Euro 2020, as the Everton man already seems to be on the downturn, while Ramsdale is very much on the up.

Will Southgate be able to pick the best goalkeeper from the coming months or will he start to show that he has his favourites regardless of their form?


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  1. This “pundit” can’t even get his facts right!!
    Ramsdale didn’t get his “hand” to the shot – he got his arm in the way!!!
    Poor old Danny boy has never got over the run around he received by our players during his playing time – get over it Danny and watch the game more closely.

    1. All great keepers, have an attitude. what were the other 10 doing leading to the build up? Always trying to pick and shame our lads. Why not a single goal scored? Any answer? No, none! Why? Because the CF was not our lad. Agenda, nothing more.

  2. After the whirlwind start, his flaws are there for all to see. Not calm, not the best at positioning, too fidgety and makes really bad errors of judgement at least once every two games or more. Again, like many Arsenal players, good but not great. He is the one our leader has put his faith in and the cracks are showing. Can he improve? Yes he can. Will he?

      1. Sue, yes i do because he has shown promise but at the moment he is just raw. Is he the next David Seaman? I doubt it.

  3. Reggie, I’m looking forward to seeing our new American keeper in action. He looks like he will give Ramsdale a run for the Jersey.
    . I like RAMSDALE’S attitude, enthusiasm and connection with the fans, but there is, undoubtedly, work to be done.
    He needs to be coached properly and it seems “Safe hands” follows his career closely.
    A good signing, who can play the role Mikel wants him too, but (as you say) not a top keeper YET.

      1. Great to see pundits deflecting blame to the keeper, as I am sick and tired of the pundits blaming the midfield the forwards when things go wrong. The forwards didn’t score enough goals, the midfield didn’t defend properly, midfield didn’t support the forwards, forwards didn’t press properly, defenders didn’t support the midfield, defenders didn’t work as a unit. Boils down to Ramsdale’s fault

  4. I’m sure Leno copped a lot worse criticism from certain Arsenal fans. Ramsdale will get over it but he is not Arsenal’s savoir.

  5. Ramsdale has already proved he has huge potential!

    Yes, his form dipped a little towards the end of the season, but then, most Arsenal players form was poor at the same time. I remember Alisson going through a tough period at Liverpool, and now he’s considered the best in the world.

    ALL players go through little periods of poor form. One can only judge them over a longer period, and over the course of the season, Ramsdale was brilliant! I would say he was our second best player behind Saka.

    He’s also better than Pickford as well. Pickford has done very well for England to be fair, but he hasn’t been great at club level overall, despite a great end to the season.

  6. So these dummies are blaming the goalkeeper. The crap ramsdale had in front of him couldn’t stop the shots on goal.

  7. Ramsdale certainly needs to do better and some of the goals in the 4-0 humiliation could have been stopped. That said, looking at Turner, I feel the guy is good and will give Ramsdale a run for his money.

  8. Danny Mills hates Arsenal. I’ve been following his comments closely for years now. He never has anything good to say about Arsenal or our players.

  9. Having taken a sabbatical from JA for a number of reasons,having decided to return to the fold today, lo and behold, I find myself agreeing wholeheartedly with Reggie on the issue of our young keeper, Ramsdale.Reggie and I have not always seen eye to eye on matters relating to Arsenal, but on this occasion he is spot on in identifying the weaknesses of Ramsdale.His lack of composure has an adverse impact on his defensive teammates, but what concerns me more is his apparent lack of coordination in his arm movements which is why he is beaten so easily at the near post.The standard ready position for a keeper invariably sees them balanced with feet in the straddle position and with hands, palms out on either side at just below face height.Having watched Ramsdale closely I find his arms are adrift of his body which makes it difficult for him to get hand on ball in time .To be fair to him, he seems adept at spreading his body to block shots when faced with a one on one situation but I’m afraid he does not inspire me as a the reliable stopper we need.No doubt many on JA will disagree with me and Reggie but from what I have seen of him, I doubt if he will step up to be a long term number one for England.

      1. It is all about opinions but i am hopeful Ramsay has time to improve but he has flattered to deceive so far.

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