“People need to chill out,” Journalist says Arsenal fans are being reactionary

Football London reporter, Connor Humm reckons some Arsenal fans are just being too reactionary after their 4-0 loss to Liverpool this evening.

The Reds ended Arsenal’s 10-game unbeaten run after running riot in the second half of the match.

The Gunners were still in the game at halftime, even though they were 1-0 down.

But Liverpool increased the tempo of their pressing after the break and forced Arsenal into making several mistakes, which resulted in the remaining goals.

Not every Arsenal fan is happy and most have forgotten that the club rarely has a good day at Anfield.

Also, the Gunners are still behind the top four by just 3 points. Humm says they need to “chill out” because things haven’t gotten so bad just yet.

He tweeted: “Arsenal are three points off the top four. People need to chill out.”

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To be fair, Humm has a point. Liverpool is one of the best teams in Europe this season.

Regardless of the run of form Arsenal was on, visiting Anfield was always going to be tough.

Liverpool had to react to their defeat at West Ham before the international break and their fans make that stadium an intimidating place to visit.

This loss cannot define Arsenal’s season because even Manchester City didn’t win at Liverpool and they are the defending champions.

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  1. I perfectly agree with this argument. there’s still time and the team is young and developing well. An addition of a defensive midfielder and a striker could go a long way to make things better.

  2. May people keep accepting mediocrity. Liverpool never knew they wouldn’t win the league for over 30 years. Its wrong to not apply logic when analyzing results but its pathetic to accept any result just because it has to fit an agenda. If you care about what’s best for the team you would be honest about the players, coach and say it how it should be said. We can’t argue or force quality into the team so no matter what its not what someone thinks that going to happen. Its the reality which happens

  3. Yes there’s still some building to do at Arsenal Arteta is gradually getting there It stands out that Arsenal need one if not two quality strikers Aubameyang and Lacazette both need to be replaced There’s also a question mark about Partey how many good games has he actually had in an Arsenal shirt so central midfield needs to be looked at too

  4. I have to say, i didn’t expect a result really but i didn’t expect the embarrassment either of an humiliating defeat like that. I am afraid our manager is an ok manager in truth but lacks the expertise or ability to take this club back into top 4. We have the players and he has spent a fortune assebling sime good talent but isnt getting out of them what he should. The shape of our team defending and our build up play attacking is low quality compared to better coached teams. If people want a team that can get Europa league on a regular basis Arteta is probably the man. I dont!!!!!!!!!

  5. Silly defence of Arteta and his tactics. Men against boys is unfortunately the right call when comparing the two managers and their respective players.

    1. It wasn’t the defense who let us down it was mainly the midfield and our striker Abu who dose not make space for himself anymore and so the rest of the team stopped looking to past the ball to him, this has been going on for a long time now, his also miss hitting or failing at first touch of the ball specially when we play at night I’m wondering if he’s eye sight is failing him

      1. Tas, sorry, but the game is I watched saw defenders making individual errors that led to goals.
        Agree that Aubemeyang is not the player he was, so why substitute Lacazette?
        The first 30 odd minutes were very good, so why shouldn’t the fans question why that standard cannot be seen for the full 90, no matter who is the opposition?

        1. I was just as surprised as you when Lacazette was subbed I thought it would be Aubameyang, regarding the defense they were under pressure they did well for most of the first half but they can only defend for so long without midfield and strikers turning up for the game only Saka was contributing and even he gave up in the second half

        2. Ken, i disagree the first 30 mins was good and playing like that for 3x longer would have resulted in a result. I thought we were sitting ducks being saved by Ramsdale. I was watching in a bar and had 4 annoying scousers sat within earshot and all i could hear was, “its only a matter of time its one way traffic” and ” Geez, they actually have the ball in our half, Oh! back to there half” it was really that good ken in my book, i wasn’t confident at all of our ability to hold out.

  6. This was a bad performance and a humiliating experience which simply means there is still much work to be done.

  7. We looked OK for the first 30 minutes or so while Lpool were in cruise mode. As soon as they raised their tempo following the managers’ spat we couldn’t handle it. Lacazette and Auba, in particular, were poor. I couldn’t pick out one outstanding performance, even Ramsdale spilled two shots albeit made two good saves. I think we have to accept that the top three are miles ahead of us but at this moment there is an opportunity for a top 4 or 5 spot. We have to take advantage of the problems Man U and the Spuds are having, not to mention West Ham, to have any chance. If Ole goes and Conte can galvanise the Spuds it could get more difficult for us. I think the next 5 or 6 weeks will test MA’s ability as a manager.

    1. I agree Andrew. The top3 are in a competition of their own this season which only goes to show that winning the league for any of the remaining teams will take time. Top4 is very much a possibility and anything less than the EL will be a disaster come May.
      I gave Arteta until Autumn to make a difference and he has. The next few months will define whether he can propel the team to more.

  8. liverfool team has been playing together for a few years and they have many experienced heads

    our team is young and has not even gel together

    fans are expecting Fifa21 style where players do not need to communicate and play as a team

  9. Let us face reality. Arsenal squad is not that bad. With some quality addition in central midfield and attack (Striker), we can get to the next level, but the major problem is the Manager. He is still learning and lack that experience to go to toe with the experienced top managers in the league. I’m not surprised with the result. It’s likely we may experience some of this kind of result except we go for a top class Manager.

  10. We keep talking about Anfield atmosphere but Brighton went they confidently played a good game and got a point.. Or where the fans not present?

    Okay granted second and most popular excuse we are a young team, But we have Auba, Laca, Partey in the starting eleven are they also young? Aside Tavares every single “so called” young player have been playing senior football for years now with us or their previous employers but we keep excusing their inexperience..

    Lastly if we are going to be judged on winning teams we are expected to beat.. how on Earth is that progress?

  11. What I suppose is that, we still need at least 4quality additions( a defensive midfielder, two wingers, a striker). There is nothing wrong with our backline, as far as, I am concerned. Our performance against liverpool was poor and unacceptable, I must admit, but I think the fighting spirit subsist still.

  12. Its sad my Arsenal accept mediocrity and uninformed pundits justifying it an ambitious club can’t keep Clueless Arteta as ttheir coach but here we celebrate and defend shambolic performance am sick with this piece.

  13. A number of the posts on here are so divorced from all reality in their daft demands of MA as to make themselves considered by thinkers and non reactionary fans as unthinking twerps, that our great club would be better off without, frankly!

    Such a cowardly and lazy way to be a keyboard warrior with a grosssly inflated sense of self entitlement. It sickens me, tbh, as a deep thinker and one who has at least a normal amount of patience and fortitude.

    The stench of self entitlement is so unpleasant and deeply unfair.

  14. It is a project and an unfinished one to be precise.
    This was one of the games I expected us to lose knowing the strength of our team. I don’t even remember the last time we won there.
    Every team will falter, even the top 3 teams and that us football. So I will not hang MA dor this loss but rather believe that we learn from this and come good next time.
    Our fate is not dependent on this game.
    People need to chill.
    Top 4 is still very achievable and yes we can.

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