Pep Guardiola admits Arsenal “have everything”

Regardless of how you look at it, the 2022–23 Premier League title race is between Arsenal and Manchester City. Arsenal leads the Premier League standings by 5 points over Manchester City, but this gap is not large enough for Arsenal to be comfortable, as two wins and two losses can drastically change the top of the table.

But, realistically, Arsenal is the favourite to win the Premier League. Even Pep Guardiola knows that even if his team wins the Premier League this season, it isn’t the best team. In his most recent press conference, Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola hinted at why Arsenal truly deserved to beat them to the Premier League title.

“It’s the past. See what you have now,” said Pep Guardiola, as quoted by Metro, about Manchester City’s quality in the past few seasons compared to the way they are now and how good Arsenal are this season.

“They have everything with set pieces, defensive organisations, they defend ten players in the box, five or six in the back, good transitions, win duels.

“How they celebrate the goals, how they talk, how they oomph, how they look at each other and talk, and how they communicate. This is football and tactics. Right now, we don’t have it.”

When other managers start talking about their opponents, it’s safe to say they’re scared. Arteta has always told his players and Arsenal fans to concentrate on what they can control.

Arsenal’s challenge before this transfer window was that Manchester City had strong squad depth. Now Arteta will have quality squad depth and, most likely, as good bench options as Man City with the additions of Leandro Trossard, Jakub Kiwior, and possibly another midfielder, as well as Ivan Fresneda’s anticipated swoop.

If Arsenal don’t win the Premier League this season, then I don’t know….

Daniel O

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  1. If Fresneda chooses us, I reckon he will spend the rest of the season back on loan with Valladolid. So signing him won’t have any impact on our current season.

    Rumors about Amadou Onana of Everton. Could be a great signing!

  2. We had better watch out for Pep’s comments and not get carried away. Pep is known to be good at playing mind games. Irrespective of what he said, we need to remain focused.

  3. We are, in reality, well ahead of schedule in terms of the clubs development. We’re doing superbly, signing superbly and Arteta has brought the a club thay was in many broken pieces back together.

    Our priority is champions league first and foremost, we need to get to that 78pts mark. When that’s achieved then we take stock see where we are in the league and then if its still there push for the title. The boys attitude is flawless, how many time have we heared the boys say 1 game at a time. That’s exactly the mentality the last match us done move onto the next one, then see where we are at the end.

    2 more signings maybe, I agree with the sentiment that if we do sign Fresneda we give him the Saliba treatment. But a midfielder is a must for me if we are serious about cementing out main target and then going for a title

    1. James, What do you consider so magical about a 78 points mark? If it is top four, then that is usually well short of 78.

      Neither Newcastle nor United are on course for 78 this season and neither will reach it, IMO.

      For the title we will need ninety with a big plus on top.

  4. He can’t stop praising us atm, bit cheeky of him to just talking about us from a defensive point of view when we are one of the most attacking teams in the League.

    Welcome to Arsenal Jakub Kiwior, will be interested to see if he is thrown straight in against Man City in the FA Cup tie on Friday and should that be the case I hope Saliba plays alongside him. 🔴⚪

  5. Arsenal have a good squad of players and an excellent manager. The team is well coached and there is increasing clarity about the players’ roles. It is quite clear there has been careful thought about how the team is set up and plays both when attacking and defending.
    However, it is clearly insincere to state that we have ‘everything’.

  6. There will be a lot of mind games between now and the end of this campaign.

    Pep Guardiola would like us get comfortable to the point where we falls asleep like Aron Wan Bissaka at Man United far post.

  7. Oh come on DANIEL, you surely cannot be serious in claimimg OUR depth is as great as Citys??

    Not anywhere near!! You show OBVIOUS bias old son and that is not something I can respect from someone who writes.

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