Pep Guardiola admits Arsenal’s tactics were spot-on against his team

Pep Guardiola clearly expressed his dissatisfaction with Arsenal’s defensive setup as his team failed to secure a victory against the Gunners at the Etihad yesterday.

Mikel Arteta’s side displayed a strong determination to rectify their poor performances when facing City, aiming to maintain their position at the top of the league table.

This necessitated a courageous approach, possibly sacrificing some attacking flair, unlike they might have against a different opponent.

The tactic demanded greater defensive discipline and a willingness to cede possession in order to minimise opportunities for the reigning champions.

It proved effective as Arsenal secured a goalless draw, successfully nullifying City’s key players, although it was a strategy that Guardiola did not seem pleased with.

He said, as quoted by the Daily Mail:

‘There are different ways to do it. They did well with the press and then after the block. It doesn’t matter how many players you defend with, the main target is not to concede. I only control my team and the rest I don’t know.’

Asked how to break down a tough defensive line, Guardiola replied: ‘Kill someone? Play with nine?’

Just Arsenal Opinion

No manager would be happy to face Arsenal with the way we played yesterday, and it was simply to get a result.

It feels good to know that City can no longer trounce us, as was the case before.


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  1. It was abundantly clear leading up to the game, Pep Guardiola was never quite comfortable, he was just not his usual relax self, even his mind games were a little off.

  2. We had more shots on target than man city although they had more possession. I think I would rather have more shots on target than more possession, so I think Arsenal played the better game and was unlucky not to score. Man city was fortunate to escape with a point. I think man city got the defensive play tactics spot on against us by wasting time keeping possession to run the clock down without any end product regarding hardly any shots on target. Pep should have been more attacking, seeing as he was the home team, but had no choice but to defend against this dangerous Arsenal side. Haaland was s–t against Gabriel and had no answers. Folden was just as non effective.

  3. We all are behaving like we conquered the world after mancity draw. So, it means at best we can match mancity but can’t topple them. If we had big team mentality we would not be boasting a draw with title rivals as a big achievement. It was a big opportunity to show the world what we are about by defeating them given the injury crisis that they had and finally end that etihad dominance and end the undefeated spell by Rodri. However, in regards to all the articles in the media its easy to realize that we are still in shadow of mancity.

    1. They came to the emirate and got beaten by us without Registering a short on target an and only one shot at goal, yet we had more shot on target at the ethical albeit with a lower possession. We also managed o take four points off them over a double header. So what areu saying really..

      1. Fulham took four points off from us, so does that mean they are superior to us?? It’s about mentality. Ok we have got draw against mancity and restrict them to single shot on target, thats good thing but mancity also restricted us to 2 shot on target and they also got point from their hardest fixture. It was a game of two giants and draw was so so result for both the team but media and fans are boasting like we have just conquered the whole world.

      2. Honestly, I didn’t understand him. This season, we are better than Man City. It started with the Community Shield win, remember. Let me leave it for now until we win this season’s EPL. I AM PROUDLY GUNNER

    2. I don’t seem to agree with your analysis, this is a team that has gotten the better of us the last 8 times we have visited the etihad stadium. Getting a draw against is a huge statement that our game has improved greatly. We beat them in the first leg fixtures and got a draw in the second leg fixture, to me that’s a huge statement.

  4. Good to know that Arsenal can adopt an alternative playing style and execute it so well. This is what we fans have been asking for – an Option B approach. Many teams use this tactic against us but we have always found a way round it.
    We must adopt this style in the Champios League when we are defending a lead

  5. Frank I find it a cool admiration for Arsenal’s tactics. Let’s not forget that in the first leg, we thrashed them decided Infront of Our fans, and deed so after a long time. Now let’s move on knowing that, apparently Man City a beatable! Let the boys relax and be ready for Bayern.

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