Pep Guardiola doesn’t deny Arsenal interest in Gabriel Jesus – Is it a done deal?

There has been a lot of publicity recently about Arsenal being in deep negotiations with the Man City striker Gabriel Jesus, who surprisingly finds it hard to get much game time under Pep Guardiola, who often prefers to play without a recognised striker on the pitch.

These rumours have been confirmed by many top transfer experts like Fabrizio Romano and David Ornstein, amongst other journalists including from his native Brazil.

Then very strangely, Guardiola played him from the start against Watford yesterday, and the Brazilian amazingly scored four and assisted the other of Man City’s five goals, so it was little surprise that Guardiola was asked about the rumours by the Mirror after the game. “I want to tell you something; Gabriel is our player,”

“I don’t know what is going to happen but he is a Man City player. When he has days like today, I am the happiest man in the world! Every player is happy when they play 90 minutes all the time but at the end of the season whether he wants to extend, stay or leave, I don’t know and I don’t care.”

“We have less than one month [until the end of the season]. My only concern is that the players will do everything to try and win, after that no one knows what will happen.”

So it seems clear that Guardiola didn’t want to confirm or deny the rumours, which is quite right before the end of the season. But what we do know is that Edu has carefully sought out the best Brazilian players to come to Arsenal.

Also it looks like Jesus will definitely be leaving the Etihad, with just one year left on his contract and the likelihood of Erling Haaland coming into the Man City side next season, which means that we could probably get him at a very reasonable price.

Personally I think this would be an excellent bit of business if Arteta and Edu can pull this off.

Who agrees?

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  1. I dont think they will sell GJ to us. we might end up with Sterling I hear him and arteta are good mates and our coach wanted him last summer.
    Two good strikers, teilemens and /or Nevez, Bring back Saliba and get back ups for RB and LB positions and we are good to go. #COYG.

    1. Man City are get haarland so his chances of playing are even less than what it is now when city are at full strength not long left on his contract so for me it’s a no brainer be a great signing who will play regular and a proven premiere league goal scorer enough said!!

  2. Premier League proven, prime age, apparently very reasonable transfer fee. I don’t see why not?

    He’s got 76 goals, 35 assists in 116 starts. Those are amazing stats, lets not forget he played second fiddle to Aguero for several seasons.

    1. I agree with you DaJui he would be perfect.
      It would be amazing to have him as our striker next season.
      Hopefully Nketiah will sign a contract extension.
      We need two strikers, having Jesus and Nketiah would be ideal for next season.

    2. Yes. He’s proven it in EPL and could build a great combination with Martinelli/ Magalhaes on the left side, but we still need an old towering CF on the bench for plan B

      If we sign Danilo from Palmeiras to replace Xhaka, we could have an all Portuguese-speaking players on the left side:

      …………………………. Ramsdale
      Tomiyasu . White . Magalhaes . Tavares
      …………………………….. Partey
      ……… Odegaard ……………….. Danilo
      Saka …………………………………………… Martinelli
      ………………………………. Jesus

        1. Origi is just as tall as Welbeck and Aubameyang, not as aerially dominant as Giroud

          I was thinking about Sasa Kalajdzic. 24 years old and his contract will expire in 2023

        2. Interesting Man City and Liverpool that are dominating the league don’t have towering CF football have gone pass that. Giroud was a towering CF forward but he wasn’t bringing in much goals on his fit and was eventually sold by Arsenal. You hadly get a striker who is 100% good with his fit and aerially. More goals are scored on the ground than aerially so why pay much money to buy someone just good aerially.

  3. So are we getting a lacazzette pro max, good play and interchange with other attacking players, low goal output🙈

  4. What to do when our strikers are firing blanks…just pray for Jesus! That said, I would really trust in Jesus to lead our offence…for no more than 40M though.

    Wouldn’t we love to see a strike force next season led by Abraham (Tammy) and Jesus!

  5. It is written on the Emirates “we don’t buy stars we make them”. Of course that is a big fat lie for gullible fans only. If it were true we would promote Biereth Balogun.
    Jesus has scored 7 PL goals average over 5 years.
    This in the worlds best team.
    Ben Foden is no better than Tom Davies at Everton but made to look like a super star at Abu Dhabi FC. Jesus is actually Kelechi Iheanacho mark 1.2 on par with Alvaro Morata or Divok Origi. If he was so good Man City would be keeping him even with Haarland. Why do City even need Haarland any way they are top of the table and in the CL semis? A draftsystem like the NFL is way overdue. Arsenal after blowing 50m Laca 60m Auba 72mill on Pepe and the 150m spend last summer has to look at bargains and rightly so. So we are looking for a youngish PL “experienced” NOT necessarily “proven” marque player at a relatively cheap price with decent resale value. Jesus at 25 years old and at the “cheap” 30/40 mill apparently fits the profile. But I thought we were ready to pay 70+ mill for Vlahovic? or Isaac? or Nunez? in January. False hope propaganda? May be the Jesus “interest” is just the old ploy to knock down the price of real targets? Our goals this season have come from ESR Saka Martinelli and Odegaard. If we are all abut promoting youth why not promote Balogun and Biereth? and keep superstar Nketiah. Surely they can average 7 goals per season and they are free? We don’t buy stars we make them. Buying Jesus would prove that lie is what it is another big fat 30/40m lie.

    1. I don’t think Nketiah, Balogun and Biereth are ready to be our main CFs next season. As for Iheanacho, I believe he’ll work well with Arteta

      Aside from tapping into Jesus, I bet Arsenal are also waiting for Everton to get relegated. So we could poach Calvert-Lewin or Richarlison

      1. Be careful with the idle Everton talk, GAI. Remember we were commanded to love thy neighbor as thyself unless, of course, they are called the Spuds.

        1. Everton is a big club with more than 100 years of history, so it’s sad to see it relegated. But we shouldn’t miss the chance to sign Calvert-Lewin or Richarlison, if Everton go down

              1. Ah I didn’t know that. I think he’s a different, more rounded player than elneny, but fair point

      2. Definitely wouldn’t want richarlison not good enough for what we need and that is a forward who can get us 20 goals plus a season yes we will have to spend big money but get a champions league place and we become more of a attraction for the sort of players we desperately need to take us to the next level!

  6. I would support MA and Edu if they go in for GJ. He has got PL experience, good work rate, good stats in goals scored and created remembering the fact he was most of the times their second striker and a very good and selfless team player. Its a no brainer and if signed he will be Gabriel Part III.

  7. I think he will be willing to come since we are a top side managed by his former coach and will be desperate to get back at pep for not rating him,simple!! Ain’t it?

  8. Writing as someone who is the first to diss the many not in amillion years” rumours which JA feeds us with, let me be first, or among the first at least, to say that I WILL BE VERY SURPRISED IF JESUS DOES NOT COME TO US THIS SUMMER.

    It is an entirely BELIEVABLE report and makes sound sense. I firmly predict it to happen. I MUCH HOPE IT HAPPENS TOO.

  9. Tell me the goals Martinelli has scored after all his runs
    Martinelli is a headless chicken who has no end product

    It’s Edu tactics to concentrate on buying Brazillian players and get kickbacks. Hence his interest in Jesus

    1. Haydn, So you are accusing EDU, in print too- more reckless fool you , since libel law applies, if he wishes to use it- of taking back handers.!


      YOU TAKE A MASSIVE RISK, MY RECKLESS AND NAIVE FRIEND, as sooner or later it is bound to happen.


      1. I think it would be difficult to show evidence of harm from people commenting such things on a website.

        1. DAVI such a possible libel case as you suggest, indeed WOULD need to show actual harm to ones reputation.

          I believe it COULD be shown that open lies on a popular and widely used public forum like JA, as well as other well used fan sites, could be construed as harming ones reputation.
          What I am IN TRUTH more concerned about though, is the constant fan sites – not only Gooner ones either- compulsion to openly call refs “cheats”!

          The sheer number of these lies that are perpetuated on most club sites adds up and SOME may just now assume that constant repeats of a lie makes it a truth. It is NOT true and refs do NOT CHEAT.

          REFS ARE OFTEN ABYSMALLY BAD AT PREM LEVEL – and all the way down to park level, as I know only too well.

          But to carelessly and without any thought to the consequences of either yourself or the ones you accuse , to impugn someones INTEGRITY- and professionals at that, whose living depends on their impartiality – is obscenely unfair, plain wrong and IMO deserves a test case in court to force these fools to stop writing lies!

          It could happen and I’d love it to happen!

          I believe that STRICT deterrents work , in general, but only if actually USED.

          1. Jon, I also don’t particularly like it, but i think that’s a bit much,and it comes across, to me at least, like you just want to control what people say for your own reasons.
            Lies are published daily by people and companies with the money to protect themselves from any kind of real consequences; this is just going after the little guy, and ultimately ends with speech controlled from above. So I’d prefer people being allowed to say lies (usually just wrong opinions, if we’re being honest) than have everyone scared to say anything outside the overton window.
            With regards to the quality of referees, I’d suggest that the problems stem from the rules themselves. I saw just yesterday an Everton player booked for diving, and the commentary team saying the ref got it right, but I’ve seen very similar cases in the past where then penalty has been given, and again they say it was right (basically the defender hangs out a leg and the attacker goes down easily – happens all the time) – it’s chaos because so much of it is subjective, even with VAR

            1. davi. ABOUT YOUR FIRST PARAGRAPH, I am interested to know what exactly are the reasons “you think I have for wishing to control what people say”!

              You cannot , of course know this but for many years I have given public talks on the vital importance of free speech. I AM A WELL KNOWN PUBLIC SPEAKER.

              I have also written exactly that view many times on JA. I HAVE EMAILED AD Pat to that effect, also several times, when he has tried to stop me writing freely and non abusively.
              With those facts in mind you may or may not understand why I , OF ALL PEOPLE , FIND YOUR FOOLISH AND IGNORANT ACCUSATION BOTH INSULTING AND LAUGHABLY RIDICULOUS.


          2. define popular and widely used platform, as in give specific numbers to prove this.

            how many Arsenal fans are there and how many use this site to make it popular and widely used.

            I assume you have figures to back up your opinion which you passed as fact?

  10. i thnk jesus to arsenal is a transfer that just makes sense for everyone and I expect it to go through pretty smoothly once the season ends. the bigger question is who the additional forward that is expected to bring all the goals will be. Being realistic it may well be Tammy Abraham. Nunez we may not be willing to pay for unless the club is as adamant about him as they were about Vlahovic.

  11. Expecting we’ll go all out for Neves. MA played xhaka more forward to showcase that role for Neves. He will be cover for Partey when he goes down (our form without him is abysmal, MA finally saw the light and inserted Mo) and then Sambi step in to attack mid. Must get!

  12. According to Football.London ..we have been in talks with GJ since November. Large tabloids are now reporting as much.

    I never really saw GJ as being a star player. Never believed he could claim the starting pos at city unless due to injuries. Arteta knows him first hand I will bow to his knowledge of the game as well the player.

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