Pep Guardiola praises Arsenal but we are still not on Man City’s level yet

It just feels like those annual Pep Guardiola praises that Arsenal receives when his team are playing the North London outfit.

Since Mikel Arteta took over at the red half of London, the former Barcelona manager patting the back of the Gunners has become a theme.

This time around, the story is certainly different. When he said that this Arsenal team “is one of the best of the past four or five years,” he just might be right.

Unai Emery’s 22-game unbeaten run comes to my mind in his first season in-charge. Apart from that Arsenal have been pretty bad to say the least.

Speaking after the win against Brentford, which took his side eight points clear at the top, Guardiola said, “We have a game in London against Arsenal, maybe one of the top teams right now.”

The Spaniard tactician continued, “The best Arsenal in the last four or five years.”

That is certainly a huge praise. But Arsenal can’t get ahead of themselves. Championships are not win in December. Places in the league are not decided in December.

There’s still halfway to go. Either the ride will remain smooth, or it will get bumpy.

Guardiola also said that people will agree to the comments he made about Arsenal. But he maybe intentionally didn’t say one particular thing: that Arsenal are still miles away from his club.

The level of performance that the Blues put week-in and week-out is still a stuff the Gunners’ fans dream of.

City are title challengers whereas we are, at the moment, just top four contenders. Things might change in the next few years.

But it won’t change before Arsenal take on their Premier League counterparts on New Year’s Day.

But don’t forget, Pep Guardiola hasn’t won a single match against Airpods Albert 😉

Yash Bisht

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  1. 99 days for the thief and one day for the guard. Yes, they have beaten Arsenal in their last ten encounters, but, this current Arsenal team is much more talented and stronger than those before, as Pep has so rightly acknowledged. Manchester city is beatable of course and teams lower down the table this season have defeated them by attacking them and not being overly defensive. If Crystal palace can beat them 2 nil, why can’t Arsenal do the same? Arsenal must be tight as a unit defensively, but must be brave, fearless and relentless in attack and take the fight to Manchester city. Sitting back defending all the through the game against top three is a recipe for defeat, and in most cases it is not whether you are going to lose, but,instead by how many goals. Therefore Arsenal must believe and fight to keep their top four spot chances alive, by upping their resolve. Hustle, press or whatever, don’t make it easy for city and put in a very good shift on your turf. They struggled at Brentford yesterday. Arsenal can beat them on new years day.

  2. To beat man city, means we have to be very physical and must take our chances,
    I love the idea of playing Martinelli, Lacazette and saka upfront, they press high and both wingers are fast, strong and have quick feet, this should push man City back a little,
    We would need same in the midfield, a reason one like Tavares would be needed along side Partey and Odegaard, the former to win midfield battles and the latter for long passes,

    Man city full backs must be neutralized, especially cancelo,

    We really messed up against Liverpool, hope we learnt our lesson,

  3. we have a good squad now

    the boys are young and inexperience

    if we can keep them together for 2 years…

    we can win the title

    1. Agree
      It’s seems at last that We have a good scouting departement …….Needs sole experience though Coutinho anyone?

  4. Man City have been showing their superiority over other EPL teams, by playing perfectly without a specialist CF. If I’m not mistaken, their B team is worth at least 500 M

  5. city usually bulies arsenal with their tiktak but i guess if we play our game we played spurs,aston vila,leicester,westham, they will be shocked to learn that we are a head of them in football but for now they are in better positions.

  6. I say, Arsenal beating Man City in this EPL big game match encounter at the Ems on Saturday can happen. This is because despite that Arsenal are not yet on the current top level of playing the game that Man City are will make it impossible for Arsenal to beat them.

    If teams who ate not as strong as Arsenal currently are have beaten a strong Man City team in the EPL before, there is no reason why the now strong and in-form Arsenal team should see themselves incapable of beating this strong Man City team on Saturday.

    Rather, the Gunners who will play the match and be taken charge of in the dogout by 2 of Arteta’s assistant coaches due to his Covid Illinois should see themselves as a very strong in-form capable of beating this strong and in-form Man City team on Saturday.

    Drawing inspiration from the four EPL successive wins that they’ve had in recent past weeks can use these their wins as a catalyst to become confident they can a win in this match done over the line against Man City and do that.

    The Gunners playing the match should be prepared to ready themselves for possible unrelentless fast attacking game playing in the match by the Citizens. For, they could charge at them in furray to take the lead in the game and defend it with the last drop of their blood to the end to win the match.

    Therefore, the Gunners should try by all possible mens at their disposal in the game to first score in the game and build on it with another goal to send in confusion into the Citizens. And thereby making them become disorganized in the match. Thus, the Gunners allowed room ine match to make a missmeat of the Citizens.

    Discipline, Mental & physical strength in the game, Using the right tactics in the match as it is being played, having endurance, & perseverance in the game to withstand hardships &punishments, Organization, Defending – markings, nutmegings & tacklings, Pressing & applying pressure on the opposition, Accurate ball passing & ball retention, Dispossession to win back possession, Cohesion, Correct & effective setpeices takings, Scoring of penalty takings, Accurate shooting at goal to score goals to eschew profligancy in front of goal and match control & domination.

    These are all the key attributes for match winning I can remember. The Gunners should adhere to them totally add to them their own, and keep to these match winning attributes retaining them as their personal properties in the match to undo Man City with them in the game.

  7. On my reading my comment after it posted,, I noticed many errors & mitakes I mad in it. I wanted to correct these errors and repost but I mistakenly clicked on the comment posting box instead of to click on my comment to correct the mistakes in it.

    1. True .. which is why we need 3 across the middle which shouldn’t include xhaka .. unfortunately this will not happen and the struggle will be greater than need be with the onus on all strikers firing together … would take a 2 2 draw

  8. We should have a go at them damn be the result. Just look at the leicester game, they sat back in the 1st half and got their ass handed to them then they decided to go for it and hit 3 goals. Mcity/Liverpool are the same they can dish it but can’t take it. There is also that fear factor that gives them the edge.

    They will be expecting us to sit back and take the beating. We should get right in their face and the fans will roar us on.

  9. We have the same squad of players that were thrashed at the City ground, let’s not forget!
    However, MA seems to be getting a very tightly organised and galvanised team together and we should give them a better game.

    My only two concern are if we concede an early goal, or if we sit back and admire them!!

    Looking forward to seeing how Odegaard performs and if he can keep his excellent form going.

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