Pep Guardiola predicts what will happen to Arsenal under Mikel Arteta

Pep Guardiola is confident that Mikel Arteta will bring success to Arsenal.

Pep Guardiola has hailed the job that Mikel Arteta is doing at Arsenal and the Catalan predicts that the future is bright for Arsenal under his former assistant manager.

Arteta left Manchester City last December after more than three years as Pep Guardiola’s assistant as he accepted the challenge of becoming the next Arsenal manager.

He has helped the Gunners stabilise their team and they will visit his former side on Wednesday having not lost any of their Premier League games this year.

Arteta has gradually made Arsenal more competitive and a shock win for them at the Etihad could help them secure qualification for the top six or even better.

Ahead of their game, Pep Guardiola has assured Arsenal’s fans that their team is in good hands and that they can be content that the future under Arteta would be a better one.

“I was convinced he would be a manager when the opportunity comes and this was the opportunity for him,” Guardiola said in his pre-match press conference, as per the Manchester Evening News.

“His ideas are already in the team, his positional play is getting better.

“I’m convinced Arsenal will get better.”

Guardiola also revealed that he and Arteta are always in contact with each other despite working at two different clubs now.

“Very often,” Guardiola added. “He doesn’t need my help.

“We talk about everything, family, friends, colleagues, how he’s settling the team.”


  1. I just hope that he is given the time because we will have ups and downs and these days fans can be very volatile, fickle…time is a precious and rare commodity in modern football!

  2. I hope the expected defeat at City, does NOT bring out the fickle gang of ghouls on here who turn on any manager in an instant after a defeat, which of course MAY NOT happen. Wise fans know that the task left for Arteta when he came was daunting and two men mostly are to blame, Kroenke and Gazidis. This job will take some considerable time with the ongoing handicap of “care nothing Kroenke” and the immense financial damage done by the charletan rogue Gazidis.

  3. The other thing to remember about gazidis, of course, is his disregard for the suggestion by our previous manager, that Mikel Arteta could be his successor.

    As was the case so many times previously, gazidis thought he knew better and introduced us to Unai Emery – his eighteen months in charge was a complete farce, leaving MA with a relegation battle for the first time in decades.

    Surely, gazidis is the one single man that we all agree so nearly brought our great club to it’s knees?

    We all have different views on AW, UE and, to a certain extent, kronkie, but I have never seen one positive post regarding the “charleton rogue gazidis” – great post by the way Jon.

    1. Ken, how does beating Valencia, Sevilla and Napoli away before losing the Europa League final and finishing fifth in the EPL (an improvement of one place on Wenger’s last season) represent “a complete farce” ?
      Mikela Arteta faces the same issues Unai Emery and Arsene Wenger (in his latter years) faced; the lack of support by Kroenke and more importantly the Board in buying the quality of players required to address the obvious deficiencies in the Arsenal squad. Over various seasons Arsenal has lacked class CB’s, never satisfactorily replaced Gilberto Silva at DM and after the transfer of Van Persie and the purchase Lacazette and Aubameyang, lacked a prolific Centre Forward.
      It will be interesting to see how much support Arteta gets in the summer transfer market, without it we can only expect more of the same.

      1. ozziegunner, the chaos I am referring to, is of UEs making and nothing to do with kronkie or anyone else.

        The forever swapping of the first eleven, the farce of choosing the captain, the ridiculous on goings-on with certain players, the negative and defensive tactics used, the non existant man management skills, the ability to communicate with the team and the fans, the farce of players commenting on being scared of other teams the toxicity at the club and finding ourselves in a relegation situation had nothing to do with kronkie or anyone else… how do you explain the difference between that and three months of MA?

  4. I like what Arteta is doing with our team, just need to build on there confidence when coming up against opponents weither they think of them as bigger or smaller opponents. We need this win against City, so let’s play together as a team and hope our strikers score with every opportunity we get, FATHER GOD give us victory in Jesus Christ name amen.

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