Pep Guardiola worried about playing Arsenal on Saturday

The Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola saw his team struggle to get past Brentford last night, but City still extended their lead at the top of the Premier League thanks to a last minute equalizer for Brighton against Chelsea.

But his team only have two days to recover before they have to return to London to face Arsenal at the Emirates on Saturday lunchtime, and the Spaniard is well aware that the Gunners are a very hard team to beat at the moment, and he praised his old assistant Mikel Arteta by saying that this was “the best Arsenal team in the last four or five years”,

Guardiola told Amazon Prime Sport, as transcribed by the Mirror this morning: “There are 54 points to play for. It is not expected to have this distance for eight and nine, but Liverpool play one game less.

“But is is 54 points. In December no one is champion. We are going to lose games. I see in my mind, Arsenal, Chelsea, Southampton coming.

“We have a game in London against Arsenal, maybe one of the top teams right now. The best Arsenal in the last four or five years

“I cannot say more than congratulations to the team but we must focus.”

Arsenal are very lucky that they had their gane against Wolves postponed, so it means our first team should be fully rested, so although Arteta will not be able to be at the game after contracting Covid again, at least we should be fully prepared to make life as hard as possible for the Champions…

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  1. They’ll still be a little too strong for our boys. Plus they have a unit that’s played together for 2 seasons now. The only plus they are probably weaker than us at CF. Like us, relying on the midfield boys to create and convert chances. Makes me think how well Giroud would he in this current Arsenal squad.

    1. Agree, they are still too strong for us. What I expect is a good showing at least. Respectable score line or a draw.

      1. Surely Pep will need to rotate a lot considering they played last night?

        I am sure we will have a good chance….

        1. Pat , he always says that before playing against us! And you know how it ends up.
          I do believe we have a shout this time though but it all depends on the mentality on Saturday.

    2. It’s great to be underdogs.
      Arsenal bites.

      This is the time where Arsenal defense will be tested and repelling MC offense.
      If we can do this. Arsenal will have a good chance.
      Striker Martin has to be inside. With Saka, Rowe, Ode. Chances are good.
      Even a draw am pretty happy about it.

  2. Sure, city may struggle a bit right now, but on the other hand arteta will miss this match on sunday, a big blow to our chances.

    1. You’re right.. our coach not being in that game is a minus. I see the possibility of arsenal scoring first and we slack then man city will come with full force and we might loose the game. But I pray we continue with that team spirit without our coach of staying on the game even with a one goal lead. Thanks

  3. Early kickoffs sometimes end in a draw, plus our home advantage. 2 reasons I believe City won’t beat Arsenal. I go 4 an Arsenal win or draw.

    1. Either way, he will not be at the game. I saw a report saying he was not actually unwell and was on Zoom to the club. But he will not be and cannot legally be at the club this weekend. That is IMO a disadvantage to us.

  4. City will have to rotate but they have the depth & quality in the whole squad to do so. We should be well rested and ready to go, as mentioned in comments above we can win this or at least get a draw if the mentality is right heading in to Saturday.

    At home we have to put up a fight and shiw the progress we have made against one of the bigger teams. With Mikel not there the odds, according to most, is that City will walk all over us and we will be all over the place due to his absence but…

    What if the handbrake actually comes off and we play with so much more freedom with the knowledge of how Mikel wants us to play but without him barking orders every 2minutes?

    Lookong forward to this game instead of nervous for a change. Im calling 2-2 at the Emirates, would love all 3points but being realistic City are still way ahead of us in terms of quality and togetherness under Pep.

  5. There is a real chance against City. Because the played on Wednesday night they will definitely need some more time to recuperate. We’ll need to chase them down and high press them, if we do we really have as good a chance we’ll get. If we lay back to counter attack we will get steamrollered. Arteta needs some courage to not be scared, and to set up for a 90 mins of press. City will tire before we do after their game on Wednesday.

  6. Arsenal is Winning Man City on New Year’s Day!
    I see a high Scoring encounter!

    Arsenal 6 Man City 4..😊😍

  7. Arsenal need to take game to City early in match if we can score first goal great but then go again best form of defence is attack Will be interesting game +but would feel happier if Tomiyasu available His could be the matc where Nketiah proves his worth by coming on as sub and snatching all the points in a 3-2 win for “The” Arsenal

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