Man United signing could leave door open for Arsenal to sign Schneiderlin

I don´t know what the rest of you Arsenal fans out there in cyber world think of it all, but I for one think that Arsenal ought to be pulling out all the stops to sign the France international defensive midfielder Morgan Schneiderlin from Southampton this summer.

There have been all sorts of different Arsenal transfer rumours about the talented Frenchman but for a while it looked like he would be heading to Old Trafford instead this summer. Whether that was his preference or whether Arsene Wenger had cooled his interest was not made clear but even if he had chosen United then I think we could still get him.

My hopes were raised on Wednesday when Sky Sports revealed that Southampton had heard nothing more from Manchester United after rejecting an opening offer 10 days before. And now another Sky Sports report has increased my hopes even more, and it shows the Bayern Munich manager Pep Guardiola talking about their midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger and that he needs to make up his mind whether to stay or go.

“I have already said, read and heard a lot of things about Basti, but his future depends on him,” said Guardiola.

“I think he will stay, but only he can decide. If he stays, that would be the perfect decision for me. He is a top player.”

Some in the football media have claimed that the German was the first choice of Louis van Gaal and Schneiderlin was just a back up. So there is a chance that United will sign the Bayern star and that will leave Arsenal as the only realistic option for Schneiderlin. Maybe Wenger could even get him on the cheap.

What do you think Gooners? Am I clutching at straws here?

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  1. 1. Schweinsteiger is still effective but he seems a bit old for such a big move to a big EPL club. Am I wrong on this???

    2. I would love to see Schneiderlin as a gunner but I just cannot see Wenger making this acquisition. Wenger loves attackers. Hope I am wrong.

  2. I think morgan will end up at utd as wenger has his eyes on someone better and lets be honest he is good but is he world class? Also he is too pricey at 25-30mil for that money you could get someone like martinez from bayern who I think is a step up.

    1. The last thing we need is injury prone player. J.Martinez has been injured for whole year. We need fit player.

  3. Yay… United get the best midfielder in the world over the past 3-4 years, we get Schneiderlin. Yes, I really do rate Schweinsteiger that highly. Shame his career has been hampered by injuries. Anyways he’s staying at Bayern so it doesn’t matter. Schneiderlin will most likely go to United, and who we sign is anyone’s guess, though we all have our preferences…

    1. I think your rating of Schweinsteiger is warranted – he has been fantastic.

      The question is ……. would his body hold up to the rigors of the EPL and the inevitable effects of aging enough to make his acquisition worth the money and effort? I don’t have the answer.

      1. I do. He was not the same player last year. Would love to see United waste money on a player in decline.

  4. J Martinez is not a upgrade on Schneiderlin.Martinez cant even get in midfield ahead of Alonso and co and we know how injury prone he is.

    1. I rate J.Martinez very highly but he has just come back from 9 month knee injury so I dont want him at Arsenal. I ve also seen him play at CB for Bilbao, Spain and Bayern. Is there any reason why he doesnt play regularly at CDM?

    2. Martinez is a good enough player but he does not meet the valuation that has been attached to him over the past few years. I have seen him rated at 30 mil. He is worth maybe half of that. He is a decent player – not a top DM.

  5. we need a kind of martinez or song kinda of player, who can player cb nd cdm, wenger nd his scout should look for it were ever they are

  6. Whether we get Vidal
    Schneiderlin or someone
    else is influenced
    by our squad building strategy over the past 7 years.
    Arsenal has 30 players but only 16 are top class.
    The others are a mix of too old, not good enough,
    too injury prone and many are kept on because of
    sentimentality, “potential” (never fulfilled)
    or the ubiquitous “home grown quota requirements”
    12 out: Hayden Chambers Arteta Flamini Wilshere Chamberlain
    Gnabry Rosicky Podolski Sanogo Wellbeck Campbell. 100 mill.
    Retain 16
    Cech Szcz Bellerin Debuchy Gibbs Monreal
    Mertz Kos Gabriel Coquelin Ramsey Cazorla Ozil
    Sanchez Walcott Giroud
    Add. CB. DM. Striker, Winger.
    Reserves. Martinez. Bielik. Zelalem. Akpom. =24.

    1. 30 is a small number for us given our injury record. You are playing too much FIFA.
      Arteta Flamini Podolski are now expendables
      Rosicky will leave next year
      Campbell Sanogo I would say give 1 more year loan
      Chamberlain or Gnabry will leave at one point, but when they want to, we should not sell them

      Rest stay

      1. Hope your are wrong about Ox leaving. I think he is so dangerous and getting better all the time. At one point last season he was the only gunner to play in every game – he was that valuable. Injury stopped him – not talent or performances.

        1. The fact that clubs like Man City are being forced to play ludicrous money for ‘ok’ or ‘decent’ homegrown players shows just how valuable Ox and Wilshere are – £50m for Sterling? Ox, in my opinion, is probably England’s best young player. He has everything. Much better than Sterling. As for Harry Kane, who knows whether he’ll flop or not. Plus Wilshere has got man of the match in 6 of the last 7 England games – is that not proof that he’s one of the top homegrown players around? Homegrown doesn’t mean English, but the vast majority are…

          1. Truth is they’re still very, very young.
            Computer games depiction of how potential and development works with footballers I think distorts a lot of views of how youngsters should progress.
            As we saw with Bellerin and Coquelin last season, Ramsey the season prior and Walcott the season before that, overall development and improvement as a player often coincides with higher confidence levels and form from playing week in/week out. It isn’t linear, nor age dependant and every player develops differently often in large bursts.
            Wilshere’s technically brilliant, has the vision and intelligence that’s so hard to teach, and all the tools to be a world-beater. What a lot of arm-chair fans seem to have a tenuous grasp on understanding is that Wenger and the coaching staff watch these players on a day to day basis, they see the ones who want to be the best, have that drive more than others and ultimately will do whatever is in their power to do best for the team. When the majority of fans, myself included, thought Ramsey was a liability why do you think Wenger persisted with him??
            Sooo much focus gets put on a few happy snaps of Wilshere’s personal life or Ox’s involvement in social media that it gets glossed over how hard working and determined those two are. Despite not being in the first-team plans the majority of this season Wilshere was said to be the first one to training and the last to leave on a daily basis… Even when he’s out there killing it for England with barely any first-team football this season people still doubt him. I really don’t get it

            1. Wilshere is extremely talented. I don’t think anyone doubts that. Has everything needed to succeed – most importantly that work ethic you mention.

              I think the problem for Jack has been that he hasn’t really fit into the way we’ve played at Arsenal. But I think that has changed now. The system that we started playing this year with Cazorla and Coquelin in the midfield is a system I think suits Jack perfectly.

              I think Jack will grow into Cazorla’s position over the next year or so, and will eventually take over when Cazorla decides to move on, or who knows, he may even start to keep Cazorla out of the team if he improves enough. It would be tough for Wilshere though, Cazorla is class.

              1. I always believed it was more Rosicky’s style of play that Jack will emulate most. They both have that ability to link moves effortlessly, raise the tempo and bypass midfield’s and defences in a blink with quick one-twos and acceleration bursts. Ozil and Cazorla are both simply masterful at creating the space for themselves, retaining possession and making the right choices which is invaluable to our current set-up.
                Jack and Rosicky are more direct, take more risks, and at times this season Sanchez seemed the only playing willing to run at players and back himself to beat his man when our passing game was effectively being stifled.
                I think Jack and Ox will play a vital role in breaking down stubborn defences this coming season, which was our short-coming all too often last season.

    2. Hahahahahahaha!!!! You’ve literally went from 11 top class players to 16 top class players in the matter of a day!!
      Yesterday Gibbs, Monreal, Walcott and Mertz were ‘second tier.’
      Seriously, how do you expect anyone to take you at all seriously?? You’re a joke..

    3. You keep repeating this squad “analysis” on a regular basis. You must know that every squad in world football has “tiers” within the squad – surely?! Your second or third choice player for any position is not going to be as good as the 1st X1 guy – it is sort of logical don’t you think? If you think Wilshere, Chamberlain or Welbeck for example are not good enough for a PL 30 man squad then I suggest you look around at the squad compositions of other PL rivals.

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