Pepe breaks silence after leaving Arsenal for Turkish club

Nicolas Pepe has put an end to his Arsenal tenure by joining Trabzonspor recently, marking the conclusion of one of the most ill-fitting partnerships in recent Premier League history.

The Ivorian arrived at Arsenal as the club’s record signing, but he fell far short of justifying the hefty price tag attached to his acquisition.

With Pepe’s departure from the Emirates, Arsenal can now shift their focus to other players in their squad, and they have a new record signing who appears to have the potential to make a significant impact.

Following his exit from the club, Arsenal issued a statement regarding his departure and Football London revealed the winger reposted the Gunners’ post on his Instagram story and captioned it: “Gunners Fam *red heart* *salute emoji*.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Pepe goes down as one of the worst signings in Premier League history because of his transfer fee.

It is still baffling that our executives at the time sanctioned such a purchase when they knew the Premier League was much harder than Ligue 1.

He is now off to Turkiye and might perform very well in their top flight. The quality of the competition does not come close to what is obtainable in the Premier League.

His transfer will teach our deal makers that they need to do better in player recruitment going forward. 

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  1. For “our deal makers” read SANLLEHI, THE FRAUD, who made loads of money personally from signing Pepe, at the expense of all connected with our club.

    And not long after, hey presto, one day SANLLEHI WAS SUDDENLY GONE. Just like that! Never to be seen again.

    Brighter GOONERS have known all along precisely WHY he vanished.

    1. Brighter Gooners Jon?
      I think every Gooner knew why Sanllehi left – the question is, why did the club not pursue him if, as you allege he was corrupt in his dealings by making “loads of money personally”?
      Perhaps the “brighter Gooners” could answer that question?

      1. 👍All one has to do is follow the money. Sanheili should have been pursued by Arsenal to reimburse the Club; however for some unknown reason this was never done.

        1. Its not only Sanheili. Our executive are still baffling as we were chasing Mudryk again for club record from much lower league. It is evident that Mudryk has good technique but his quality mostly are handful in lowe league. We were just saved by Chelsea this time. We cannot call French league as inferior league where even Messi underperformed and same league yielded Oshimen. Our loss was Napoli gain who got Oshimen from same club, same league. While Mitoma was brought from Japanese league and still one of the best. So it is up to us to calculate and do proper assessment before making such crazy moves. But we should not quite bother regarding this one as every club has some transfer disaster but care should be taken not to turn every transfer as disaster which ultimately ruin a club. We compensated Pepe healthily by Saka without any investment so overall we should not quite budge upon this and move on

  2. Whoever is posting these articles about Pepe is always focusing on the management board who signed him. Why not ask how much we got for him? Chelsea will not complain about Havertz cos they got basically what they paid for him 3 years ago. We got nothing.

    And let’s be honest, Pepe was worth that going by his showings in France. Don’t forget he chose us over Napoli meaning there was a bidding war. It’s just like we got Rice instead of City. He’s not a £72m player but we should have gotten something worthwhile for him.

    And lest I forget, West Ham offered £30m for Maguire. Yes… same Maguire you know

  3. Good riddance. Pepe was a complete failure. Thank goodness it is all over. Now it is Kai, hopefully he won’t walk in the footsteps of Pepe. We need trophies! Up Arsenal FC!!!!

  4. Good luck to Pepe he showed promise at times but was not cut out for the Premiership. Waste of money of course, I wonder who the next player will be to fall into that category.
    I certainly know who I would stake my money on.

    1. You may well be right
      It will keep happening too
      The only galling thing is that there were dodgy dealings rather than a signing not fitting in

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