Pepe denied a blatant penalty against Bournemouth (video)

Arsenal fans have often felt that we are unfairly penalised by the Northern PGMO, especially poor Alexandre Lacazette, who have have to be hacked down with a machete for the ref to give him a decision.

So much for VAR then when something like this can be ignored by the referee, the linesman, the fourth official, and now even the VAR hidden in some bunker in a secret location with videos from every possible angle to look at it closely.

Martin Atkinson is the ref out there today, but does it really make any difference what the name on the board is?


  1. Now compared this with the softest of penalties yesterday (Mane) and you will understand why English refereeing is losing a quality battle with worse leagues.

    And the quality is actually down to bias all too often, especially when it comes to their darlings Liverpool and some other Northern clubs.

    1. Dan Kit and what about the push at the back inside the same 18 yard box with obvious hand on Pepe’s back and still no penalty given? Why is Arsenal this hated?

  2. Not a pen for me and when you slow it down he gets ball and Pepe kind of falls into his foot. Not really obvious which is why VAR said no pen.

  3. That would have been given to any other team against Arsenal for sure.
    But that honestly is not a penalty because the Bournemouth player’s leg was already planted before Pepe moved and tumbled over it.

  4. The penalty is for how he was bundled down. Similar to how ceballos was penalised for bundling down a Bornmouth player earlier.

      1. Sorry but he prevents PΓ©pΓ© going past him with blatant obstruction. All day a penalty to Spurs, City, Liverpool, Chelsk8 but never AFC. Total ref bias as he has shown throughout his career.

  5. Technically not a penalty BUT for other teams like Liverpool, City, they would have given a penalty

    So we were cheated out of a penalty

    1. β€œTechnically not a penalty β€œ
      β€œSo we were cheated out of a penalty β€œ
      Makes sense πŸ‘

  6. Whether a penalty or not,the debate will rage.but im100% sure if Atkinson is the ref & it’s us Away it will be given against question.just one of the many s** t refs still in existence under Mike Riley & the pgmol who it appears answer to no one.not even var.cant wait to see the baco of him & Riley.Never,ever optimistic when he appears on the match officials for the surprise.

  7. i think i know little in football but this deserved a penalty, have seen much of aguero, hazard, zaha and many more stars given penalty this was the least of all.

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