Pepe has to leave Arsenal to make room for a replacement (Raphinha?)

It seems that nearly all the Arsenal transfer rumours seem to be links with mostly Brazilian players, as our South American contingent seems to growing rapidly. Marquinhos is expected to be announced shortly, and hopefully Gabriel Jesus will be right behind him.

And now, the Arsenal man Charles Watts has confirmed from inside sources that the Gunners are “indeed interested” in the Leeds United winger Raphinha, but before they can make any bid, they have to make room for the winger by selling off Pepe, who has grown very frustrated at not getting any game time under Arteta.

Watts said on his YouTube video: “I have since been able to confirm that news that Arsenal are indeed interested in Raphinha. As far as I’m aware, the interest hasn’t got to any official stage yet. Arsenal haven’t started official talks with Leeds. This is all muscling for position behind the scenes really. Barcelona still very much the favourites when it comes to him,”

“I think what happens with Nicolas Pepe is going to be key. I don’t see a way that Raphinha arrives if Nicolas Pepe stays. They both play in the same position, both play on the right. You’ve got Bukayo Saka there already. And it doesn’t really make sense financially if you’re bringing Raphinha in while Pepe is still at the club.”

There is no doubt that Arteta doesn’t trust Pepe, and whoever Arteta intends to bring in to replace him, it is a priority to get him off the off the wage bill as soon as possible.

Raphinha would be great choice, but I am sure there are very many other top class wingers available that could replace the Ivorian international. Let’s hope moneybags PSG are willing to pay big money for him…


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  1. Another big money disappointment.
    And we keep pelting Kroenke. The guy has sanctioned funds and those were funds were mismanaged under Wenger / Gazidis, Emery / Raul, and even under Arteta / Edu (the Ben White signing). I might turn out to be wrong but what was the point of us spending £50 million on Ben White? Still don’t see the hype..

    But we have absolutely mismanaged the funds on overratee / overhyped players that have taken us nowhere in these last 9 years.

    1. Emery didn’t sign any player and didn’t get the players he wanted.. Instead he got sokratis and pepe and torreira

    2. The BW transfer is often questioned. One of the issues is that we needed to replace Luiz. There are quite a few on here who have suggested that we should have simply played on with Holding and kept Saliba as backup/competition. Given the situation from the previous season where Luiz was benching Holding and the uncertainties about Saliba I don’t think that was a viable approach.
      The question then was where do you find a good quality centre back that could go straight into the team and was under 25. There is also the premium attached to young British players to consider.
      Most of us would probably agree that BW is not a £50 mill pound player at this stage but there was a rationale for the transfer.

      1. YES DAVID, I see it the same way. I do rate White, though many do not.
        £50 mill considering his young age and being English and PREM proven, was NOT over the top IMO.


      2. Might be remembering this wrong, but i don’t think it’s correct to say Luiz was benching holding exactly. It may have been due to injuries, but holding played far more games (around 30 vs 20), in what was a fairly solid defence. It just seemed to me that we had a CB partnership in holding and Gabriel that was proven to be competent at PL level, and so it was the perfect time to bring saliba back and give him the opportunity to challenge that partnership.
        Given that we had glaring weaknesses in midfield and up front, and the fact saliba did very well on loan, I regard the signing of white to be an unnecessary waste of resources. The actual reason he was signed, as far as I can tell, is his quality on the ball, which is fair enough, but i think the team would have been better served with another midfielder who were better on the ball, or a striker who could play the role in the way we want.

    3. I think this is happen with all Managers. Our s might just be happening too often.
      In as much as I agree with most of what you have said, but we have to realize that most of those overpriced signing were justified base on their performance for their previous team.
      Yeah , it is too risky but we took the risk.
      Apart from xhaka and mustafi. Others are quite justified. Although pepe was overpriced as well but remember he had a great season before he was bought. White was too way overpriced overall. Auba, laca, ozil, Sanchez, and others were reasonable fees. We paid for what they were worth with their performance before joining us. It’s however not our fault they didn’t live up to the price tag.

    4. the point in aquiring BW for that amount is because he is young, his is by and large a descent defender and he is English, they command a premium and above all fills the home grown quota, if in doubt check out what city paid for grealish to sit on thier bench and what they paid for Harland, that will make you quit moaning about BW aquisition which made perfect sense at the time

    5. You won’t see why Arsenal signed Ben White because you don’t understand mordern football and in what way is BW a flop? He’s been Solid all season, more than half of the season, we were not conceding goals before 40minutes in the Epl and it was a record, BW was at the heart of it. most of our problems were not from defence. If you understand how the manger wants to pay (playing out from the back) them you will see that there are few defenders out there that can do it better than white. No other defender in Arsenal is close to him in that ability including the Saliba you all are talking about. It’s the same reason Leno lost out to Ramsdale, because apart from what Ramsdale does with his distribution, Leno is still a better keeper in my opinion. Man City bought Ake for 40m from a team that was relegated for the same reason. So stop talking about wasted money when you don’t understand what’s going on.

    6. I wonder you would do if you were given the opportunity to serve as coach for a year,
      It’s always easy to complain from a comfortable angle,

      Virgil van dijk was bought 85m same way white was brought in from a lower club,

      I believe the positives have been more, Arteta and the rest are all but human beings like you and I, who are all trying to per-mutate and combine to get the best.

  2. Raphinha is a superb player, but it dosn’t make sense for him to be backup cover for Saka? Does it? I don’t understand this one. Raphinha needs to play regularly cos he is too good for the bench. Pure click bait and It tempted me to read 🙂

    1. We will be playing about 20 games more than last season, and as Arteta himself said: He wants two quality players for every position…

    2. Since we play on Thursday and the weekend, we cannot play Saka twice a week, so Raphinha would be an astute transfer by Mikel. A very exciting player, head and shoulders over Pepe, let’s hope it happens unless Mikel plans to use Nelson for Europe.The future looks exciting with Mikel at the helm.

      1. I also wonder if Saka should be playing different positions from time to time. I could see him being a really good CM or CAM.

  3. I agree that Pepe should go…Hopefully with someone prepared to pay a reasonable fee ( although a fraction of his purchase price obviously) for him.
    However it makes no sense to replace him with Raphinha or anyone else for that matter as Arsenal now have Saka,Martinelli,ESR,Marquinos and Nelson who can all play wide on the left or right.
    Arsenal need to buy a 1st class cf who can be a real attacking threat…and I dont mean the City reject who struggles to hit double figures playing for one of the highest scoring teams in Europe or a 6ft 5″ tattooed Italian who looked mediocre to say the least against a poor England side last night.
    Arsenal’s transfer dithering has been an ongoing problem for over 15 years now and if Edu isn’t capable then someone else needs to be brought in who’s able to get business done in the way that David Dean used to do!!

  4. Having raphinha and saka in the same squad is not too much for a team like arsenal.Afterall you are the one’s moaning about arteta not rotating the team when you all know that we lack depht in quality,so for me landing raphinha is a no brainer and a must cos i trust him to thrive and deliver in our team.

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