Pepe signing puts serious pressure on Man Utd and Chelsea

No one can argue that Arsenal have not strengthened in this summer transfer window and that puts massive pressure on their closest rivals to do the same.

Man Utd have signed Aaron Wan-Bissaka and Chelsea are on a transfer ban but did sign Christian Pulisic prior to that ban.

Therefore it can be argued by their fans that they have brought in players just as talented with the same level of quality as Nicolas Pepe.

But that is stretching it in my opinion, Wan Bissaka and Pulisic simply do not carry the same reputation that Pepe does and I would argue that they will not have had the same impact on their respective clubs that the Pepe signing has had on Arsenal.

Furthermore, Chelsea cannot add any more players and while United can, they do appear to be struggling to get their deals over the line. Additionally, Arsenal has also brought in Dani Ceballos which has further strengthened the team.

United have bought a very decent player in Daniel James but in my opinion, the better business has been done by Arsenal so far.

It can be said that the defence has not been shored up but United started from a weaker starting point than us, their team is even more unbalanced and there is hardly harmony in the dressing room with the likes of Romelu Lukaku and Paul Pogba.

And again, Chelsea cannot strengthen any further and both the Blues and the Red Devils have rookie managers.

I am not suggesting that Arsenal will finish ahead of both clubs next season but I am saying that right now, we are looking in far better shape.

Of course, United could end up signing a few top stars but so could we, there is still time for the likes of Zaha and Tierney to become Gunners. Not Chelsea though.

The Pepe signing will not have gone unnoticed at Old Trafford or Stamford Bridge and the pressure is definitely on both clubs.

As for Tottenham, well, that is for another article entirely.


    1. Dyballa wants to stay at huge and fight for his place, secondly he is valued st more than Luka,and he is asking for 350 000 a week, shows how manure care desperate and won’t even get top 4!!

  1. most fans think we are spending heaps but we are actually sticking to the budget as payments are made via installments and pending the amount of down payment

  2. A week is a long time in a transfer window for all clubs. Let’s evaluate the situation and make comparisons “when the fat lady sings”.

  3. Arsenal got a really great deal for Pepe, considering his age and record and the supply of players at his position/style.

  4. If Ozil can find his form and feed the 3 men In front of him then all clubs should be very worried. That’s front 3 is scary and again if Mesut does what we know he can consistently we wont be shy of a goal or two.

    If we do not sign a wing back & centre back teams will be able to break us down like we can do with our pretty awesome PAL front 3. If holding is back then him & Sokratis will be the starting 2 CBs. Wing backs is a problem especially the RB as hector wont be ready until late September.

    Our Achilles heel season will be our wing backs & holding midfield. Xhaka will play but he isn’t good enough, same with Elneny. Sell both buy Dacoure from Watford or someone of that stature. We need abit of beef I there to accommodate our little pitbull in Torreira. He cant do it all himself again. Guendouzi is more an attacking minded player, likes a pass maybe push Ozil out of his position in the future?

    6 big days coming up for all clubs when window closes esp Arsenal. So far so good let’s end it on another couple of defensive signings please Raul.

  5. We seem to have a pretty well balanced midfield and an awesome attacking front three with Willock coming off the bench and we have another decent striker in Nketiah and Smith-Rowe on the fringes and I expect if not loaned out they will both feature some games maybe the cup ones. We now really need to get KT and this elusive CB that keeps being mentioned. Then we truly will be formidable foe for the likes of Man U and Chelsea and THS. I think we’ll need a season bedding players on before we can challenge for the PL and Man C and Liverpool but we now seem to be moving in the right direction.

    1. Chelsea without Hazard will lose games that he could have won. Man Utd look like they will repeat last year. Not a lot has improved there. Liverpool may find it hard to improve but in Salah the have a match winner and will be thereabouts. Man City are just a very good team. They may ship more goals this season though. Spurs look the same but good on their day. They will lose games though as they did last season. Arsenal, with four at the back, Tierny and possibly the tall Daniele Rugani, (would love big strong Lewis Dunk) could have a break-back season. The biggest problem is Emery staying strong and saying no to Mustafi…. and keeping our self destruct merchant Xhaka out of the team. We could genuinely finish above Chelsea and the Spuds. What team would want to face Pepe, Aubameyang, and Lacazette….the PAL brigade.

  6. I am saying we will perform and finish better than both. Else UE should rather pack his bag now if he cant get the job done

  7. If we get KT and/or a CB, Unai Emery has no excuse for finishing outside top four. None.

  8. Hm well I think losing Ramsey is still a big blow. Front 3 are great but it now means that Lacazette/Auba will play out of position so it’s not quite perfect. In terms of Chelsea, yes they have lost Hazard but you can guarantee everyone else is going to up their game whereas last year they would just give it to Hazard and hope for the best (by the way he didn’t exactly play out of his skin every week). They also have Zouma, Pulisic, Batshuayi and Abraham (last 2 aren’t great but still score goals) coming into the team and perhaps most importantly, Kante will be playing in his natural position this season. Sarri played some very slow and dull football with players constantly out of position and was to blame for a number of dropped points so finishing above Chelsea this year is very optimistic still (although possible). Either way, if it’s going to happen, it has to be this year as next year they will have a huge war chest to go out there and make their squad world class.

    1. Oh and plus Hudson Odoi who only began to feature at the end last season. He’s meant to be fully fit soon so Chelsea realistically have Zouma, Pulisic, Hudson Odoi, Batshuayi, Abraham and Mount almost as new signings. Plus Kante in his natural position!

      1. James, Dani Ceballos is a better player than you seem to think and hopefully will surprise you.

        1. Ceballos is a good player for sure but the point still stands that Chelsea are being hugely underrated by people on here. There is no way that Arsenal are better positioned to finish above Chelsea as it stands, that’s just delusional yet again from our fanbase. Chelsea have got a huge squad, some top class players and some young/hungry ones too. A very good mix for them. Either way, they will have a transfer budget of £250m+ next summer with some great youngsters so they are very well set going forward, even if this year proves a little turbulent.

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