Per Mertesacker discusses playing alongside international teammate at Arsenal

Per Mertesacker is the latest former Gunner to be interviewed on the club’s Arsenal Player. The German played for Arsenal for seven seasons before retiring to become a manager at the academy.

He was also the club’s interim assistant manager before Mikel Arteta was named the permanent manager at the end of last year.

With the Premier League and youth leagues suspended and professionals being forced to remain at their home, clubs have been looking for ways to keep their fans engaged through interviews with players, ex-players and pundits and Arsenal hasn’t been left out.

In their latest episode of Arsenal Player, they hooked up with Per Mertesacker and part of the discussions he had with them was why he loved playing alongside Lukas Podolski at the Emirates and in their national team.

He claimed that his compatriot wasn’t just a great player, he was also great as an individual and was always positive in his outlook on life and working as a footballer.

“Lukas is a great character because he is not only a great football player but he is so positive in everything he does,” Mertesacker told Arsenal Player.

“He comes into the dressing every single day having a laugh, every single day he is looking forward to going onto the pitch and smashing that ball into the top corner.

“That’s his first idea of the day, whether he’s warmed up or not it doesn’t matter. His eagerness to do a fantastic job for a football club is in his DNA. I was always amazed by his positivity but as well that he had such a long-lasting career.

“His longevity and his success speaks for itself. Then his responsibility, he played for a lot of clubs and he meant it. His identification with every single club was just a great example.

“His identification with his home, Cologne, is an even better example because he has got so much responsibility there. Lukas is a great character and he has shown the world that he can deliver on every single stage with a positivity that goes beyond my imagination.”

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  1. Arsenal should try by all means to buy thomas partey, barca dembele & sell xhaka, ozil, & either aubameyang or lacazatte

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