Per Mertesacker has his say on the Mesut Ozil situation 

Per Mertesacker has suggested that Ozil’s personal life may have affected his footballing career.

Ozil has struggled for form since he signed his latest Arsenal contract in 2018.

The German was so bad that he was dropped from the team by Unai Emery and he has also fallen foul of Mikel Arteta, who has similarly dropped him from his plans.

His exclusion from the Arsenal Europa League squad is proof of how bad things have become for him and Mertesacker has had his say on the issue.

The German midfielder was teammates with Mertesacker at Arsenal, Werder Bremen and the German national team, so the defender knows how good he is as a player.

The Arsenal academy manager suggests that as Ozil got married and started a family, that his focus has probably changed.

But he insisted that the midfielder looks happy playing the game for the Gunners. 

“A lot has changed away from the field,” Mertesacker said via Mirror Football.
“He got married, has a family. Perhaps his focus has changed. Nevertheless, he is still happy and happy to play football.

“He’s the only player I’ve played with for three teams – Bremen, Arsenal and also at the DFB. So I’m very sorry that he’s currently in a situation where he’s not really used.”

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  1. So. Mertesacker is sorry Ozil is not being used(or so he says!)

    I am sorry that Ozil was ever used for a single game in his whole time here, as I REGARD HIM AS THE SINGLE MOST HARMFUL PLAYER THAT EVER WORE OUR SHIRT, since I started attending back in 1958.



    1. If he were English you would never say what you are saying. You disrespect of not only Ozil, but also Wenger has not gone unnoticed here.

      If Ozil were white and English, you would fawning all over him and attacking Arteta for not using him. The Germans are now acknowledging how they treated Ozil was wrong.

      Disgusting English and German behavior here. But, is that surprising?

    2. MA is not playing the genius ozil for one reason,his reason is so childish,he claims ozil is not assisting at the back as if pea is doing so and no one is talking about pea’s poor performance and to be honest he doesn’t deserve the captain role.i think this MA guy is a big problem here

  2. If Ozil is honest and has a conscience let him true re-examine himself and his work attitude both in training and
    on the pitch
    This will help him solve this problem that Arteta is facing with him.

    1. Absolute bollocks! I’m no Ozil fan, but this nonsense agenda to keep posting drivel about his work attitude is way overblown. Let’s be honest, what has William brought to the team thus far? I watched him on Saturday and he was strolling on the pitch most of the time (as he’s done in most matches since he joined), but nobody talks a lot about that. In many instances when Ozil played, his distance covered was more than most Arsenal players.

      It’s simple, the Manager does not see Ozil as being part of his plans and I completely respect that. It really doesn’t matter to me why, it’s his decision. But Ozil is definitely not the worst player in the current squad.

      1. Maxis

        totally agree with you .. i dont thinks its Ozil or MA is the issue .. its just direction from the Top … and everyone have to follow.

        Remove the bugger and we are back… trust me.. he is our main issue.

      2. I agree with what you just said.

        People tend to forget that this is a team, and when 85% of the players in the team perform, then everyone shines…

        But when we not performing then fingers are pointed and players are being singled out for not performing at their best.

        Alex Lacazette and PEA were in red hot form a few seasons back, both scoring in most matches while our defense was conceding goals, yet we were winning most matches.

        Then Lacazette hit a dry spell last season… guess what was said, “He is the worst player and he should leave”.

        Pepe is a sensational player and a genuine threat at set pieces, but he hasn’t been Super because as a team we still building something solid for the coming seasons.

        When we become strong as a team then any player can come into the team and easily settle in because of that solid foundation.

        1. you think Arsenal is the only one? not only the to 5, clubs like everton, aston vilas, wolves….also äre trying to build solid. teams. who sill then be bland affer say 3-4 years for not making it to top 4? PEA, Saka, Partey?

          beleive me PEA will be at the same situation as ozil is today in a couple of years, just cashing money and we blame him exactley the way we do to ozil

      3. In case you haven’t noticed, Willian is being used wrong. The poor guy has been doing tackling work since he arrived at Arsenal. What a shame for an attacker

  3. Arteta needs to change the line up. 4-3-3
    Gabriel and Saliba with Tierney and Amn on either side. Partey Ceballos and Willian in the midfield with Saka, PEA and Pepe up front.
    We are too defensive and boring right now. All that being said, Leno does not inspire confidence at the back. I watched emi’s distribution agains Leicester and it was way better than Leno’s.

    1. William need to be drill,he need to play like he does when he was in Chelsea if not it make no sense hiring him.

      1. That means he must be used as an attacker not doing defence work or play as a false 9…
        Whatever that means

  4. “The Arsenal academy manager suggests that as Ozil got married and started a family, that his focus has probably changed.”

    So what did Mertesacker say exactly that was damning? Suggest and probably are not words coming from an insider in the know. Also why did he add this phrase: ” he insisted that the midfielder looks happy playing the game for the Gunners” . Read into it what you want but things do not add up.

    1. Per doesn’t sound like a professional. How can he be sorry for Ozil when he’s not playing? That’s collective decision from Management, including Per

  5. The Per have said it all what else do you want him to say nobody have ever let the cat out of the bag like he does, very simple ever since ozil start a family life his focus have changed. He should go and reaccess his life and make amendment towards his carrier.

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