Per Mertesacker wants to return to Germany

Is Big Per thinking about the exit door?

Whilst Arsenal’s incoming targets seem to have stagnated, our concerns with outgoing players seem to keep on rising!

We have had the concern of Hector Bellerin possibly being tapped up by Barcelona in the last few days and the issues surrounding Alexis’ and Ozil’s futures, which are still not entirely certain to remain at Arsenal football club.
Now there is another possible player leaving the Emirates this summer, but I’m sure it wouldn’t cause quite the same stir as the other three mentioned.

Per Mertesacker has been linked with possibly taking over the Captain’s armband for next season. He has shown that he is vocal and that he can read the game well. The only issue is that he probably isn’t going to be a regular starter for the Gunners next season. His opportunities may be so limited in fact, that The BFG has possibly considered his future at the club.

In a report by the Metro, Mertesacker is quoted as saying: “It might be interesting for me to give something back to Hannover 96 because that was where it all began [for me.]”

Of course nowhere does he say that such a transfer is impending and that he is even considering leaving the Gunners ahead of next season. In fact many players openly discuss with the media that they have aspirations of returning to the club where it all began, for the latter stages of their careers.

However what will be highlighted is that for Mertesacker, you can only assume that his career is coming to a close. The defender may only be 31, which means he does certainly has years on his side to continue playing for a few more seasons. But what is concerning, is his physical capabilities, notably his pace.

Mertesacker had never been the quickest player, we all know that. He does read the game exceptionally well, and his experience allows him to not be entirely hindered by his lack of pace. However as Mertesacker inevitably loses even more pace to his game over the next few years, then the beautiful game is going to be too fast paced for Mertesacker to cope at all.

Therefore with that in mind, perhaps Per’s career could be coming to a close sooner than you think. Could Wenger be looking to sell the BFG on this summer if Hannover 96 come calling?


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  1. Thanks for your services since the day you joined however remember to take Flamini with you as you leave..

  2. No way, Wenger’s captain and one of his favorite players at the club.

    Mert is closer to being named the next Arsenal Manager than leaving the club this summer. I am willing to bet on that.

    1. Save your money mate! ? he hasn’t even retired yet and then he will need a couple of years, to get his badges!
      Unless, he already has them,from cutting out coupons from his cornflakes boxes? ? ?

  3. concern with not enough of the deadwood leaving i assume you mean…will be happy when mert walcott, gibbs and ramsey are out of emirates ..none at a level to improve our chances next season…plus campbell or ox i still have some hope that latter will come good which may be misplaced … should be able to get 50m plus for this lot which helps the kitty

  4. Mert may go back to Hannover or wherever BUT he will surely finish his contract before he does so, am very sure of that!

  5. It all Depends on Wenger’s signings, during this transfer window.

    If he signs two CB, then it’s a maybe!
    Two plus, chambers stays at the club = bye Mert!!
    If he sign’s one CB then Mertesacker isn’t going anywhere!

  6. As you pointed out in an other post, Wenger mentioned the game of football has changed to faster strikers and as a result to faster CD.

    If Wenger is consistent and willing to observe the weaknesses of his own team in this context, he should resplce both Mertesacker and Giroud, since both players a way too slow for the position.

    I liked Mert a lot and he brought stability and maturity when he first joined, but I think we should consider replacing him and I am not convinced Gabrial is the long term solution.

    Giroud’s lack of pace prevents us playing on the counter attack and using Ozil’s ability to see defense splitting passes because Giroud is too slow to latch on to them. This means we need a slow buildup which gives defenses the time to set up and forces us to pass the ball around rather aimlessly at times.

    Mert’s lack of pace prevents us from playing a high line and when we do anyway we get burned by teams able to expose his lack of pace.

    1. @Jansen..

      Spot on! Bro…
      Your point proves Vardy will be a good signing if we manage to sign him…we won’t have to change our playing style much to accomodate him!

  7. Higuain 60 million [release clause], Aubameyang 58 million, Jonathan Tah (plays and built like Jerome Boateng) or Koulibaly for 20 million, Xhaka 30 million, Rodriguez 19 million, Mkitharyan 20 million, Jamie Vardy 20 million Total: 230 million pounds. Did I hear you say I’m going nuts? Well if you had to pay 2,013 pounds for a season ticket, you would too! It costs roughly the same amount (2,044 pounds) to take in the classico and about seven other huge games all over Europe throughout the season (including flights and accomodation). To whom much is given much is expected.

  8. Speaking in an interview around 2009 as a 20-year-old playing for FC Pyunik in the Armenian Premier League, Mkhitaryan revealed his adoration for Arsene Wenger’s
    side, and in particular the French manager’s tactics.

    “My favourite team is Arsenal. I like their attacking play and fast style”, Mkhitaryan enthused. “Moreover, Arsene Wenger puts
    faith in young players while demanding results at the same time. I like that and want to play there one day.”

    Fastforward some 6/7yrs later after he’s matured and started banging in the goals, does his words still count?

  9. @fatboy…
    Now the question is, do you see Wenger signing TWO CBs, for the first team??????

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