Perez is now settled at Arsenal – Should he replace Iwobi in the first team?

Nice one Lucas Perez By SK

Lucas Perez has finally laid to rest the speculation surrounding his future with Arsenal and this is surely good news for Arsenal fans worldwide! At this period where everything looks all gloomy at Arsenal, we can do with a piece of good news.

While speaking to an online sports site, Lucas Perez insisted he was happy at Arsenal and feels settled in the side despite reports linking the Spaniard with a summer exit. The attacker, who joined from Deportivo in the summer, has netted an impressive seven goals in all competitions despite his limited game time that has seen him start just twice in the Premier League and often finding himself on the bench, revealed there has been a transition since moving to England and now feels that he is well integrated into the side.

“It was still quite a change for me to get used to the English league when I moved here from Spain. Everyone needs some time to adjust. Players are all different, so some take longer to adapt than others. Now I feel really comfortable and I’ve fitted in well to the team – that’s particularly important for a player.” He said.

Lucas has featured more recently including the 2-0 FA Cup win over Sutton where he opened the scoring. With Alex Iwobi struggling a little recently for form, Liverpool away could be the perfect place for Perez to earn a rare league start.

Overall his signing can be deemed a success so far considering his impact when called upon. He hasn’t however been really tested in the big games, so we can’t really vouch for him to be a big game player but having him commit himself to Arsenal for at least another one or two seasons, is a very good idea.

However, committing himself to the Arsenal course is one thing, making use of him regularly and in the right position is another thing! This guy needs to play more often and starting a guy like Iwobi ahead of him, is an insult to his quality. Iwobi is not right to be a first team player in my opinion but he may have a better impact coming from the bench to contribute to the team.

So, now he has settled, do you think Perez would be a better option on the left-wing instead of Iwobi?



  1. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Iwobi has gone from Star Wars hero to Star Trek Klingon in One failed swoop… His even starting to look like one.?
    I suppose that’s what happens when you overplay a youngster with potential, his more than likely to burnout before peaking.

    As for Perez, Everyone and their dog has been screaming out for him to be given more game time, which just goes to show how desperate we are.??
    Talking of screams, whatever happened to that screaming woman from back in the Highbury day’s?
    You know the one, you could hear her from a mile away every-time our opponents were about to score… Or was that Tony Adams??

  2. Twig says:

    Yes, with Iwobi replacing Ozil.

    1. aluz says:

      Spot on Twig. Those who thumb you down are behaving like Wenger. They have no balls benching a player who is currently performing below par, just because of price tag and favouritism.

  3. goonerbri says:

    imho Iwobi is a great talent and will one day be a very good player. I feel for now he is not quite tactically and physically good enough for a long run in the side. An impact sub, yes and a cup player, yes. Perez looks a more accomplished player right now and should be given the nod ahead of Iwobi. I feel with a long run in the side we will see a much better Perez than we have already seen. Its not as if he has done anything wrong in any of his starts so far.
    Max Allegri???? Time to go to China Arsene, bring the man in!!!

  4. N4NICOLAS says:

    I wish Perez can play more games but I trust Wenger won’t use him, instead he would use Ramsey when he’s fit.. what a coach!!! Sanogo still at Arsenal says it all

  5. hecmanx says:

    How true are the alegri rumours that he has agreed to come to arsenal?

  6. pubgooner says:

    Pace, Pace and more Pace wins you games. Ask Lucas of Pool, he was terrified every time Vardy touched the ball. The direct running by Vardy at Lucas unhinged the Pool defence. The defender was left miles behind in last nights game. Vardy speed made Lucas look so poor. Now ahem who can do this from AFC, Sanchez cannot he is more of a dribbler, maybe Walcott or Welbeck. Give them strict instructions to have direct running at defender. Giroud is not going to work here! Any thoughts??

  7. tweety says:

    i prefer Lucas more than iwobi. firstly iwobi likes to keep the ball too much and he likes to dribble too much. hope that mr stubborn plays Lucas cause he is deadly in front of goal = gooner for ever

  8. Break-on-through says:

    For now yeah something needs to be done. Iwobi should not be a first team starter. We have a huge problem with Ozil too. We need to buy and sell.

  9. Arsenal_Girl says:

    I have been wanting Perez to start for months
    Did Wenger just get him for FA Cup?

  10. GoonAR says:

    Lucas deserves (and has deserved) to replace Iwobi. But no matter what happens, AW will most likely start Ramsey *yawn*

  11. Nebsy says:

    He won’t start. Ramsay is back, so Ox goes on the flank and Perez does what a number 9 does at Arsenal – sits on the bench.
    Never forget that Wenger is managing the club.

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