Perfect Arsenal strike-target admits he will consider future in summer

Arsenal are in desperate need of a top class striker to lead the line, and Edinson Cavani has confirmed that he will be considering his future at the end of the season.

The PSG star has failed to overthrow first-choice Zlatan Ibrahimovic for a central role up front, and is believed to have grown frustrated at having been forced to play out wide.

You cannot blame the Uruguayan however, because hardly any players in the world can boast a goalscoring record of 105 goals in 117 League appearances which Zlatan has achieved.

Cavani was used to being the main goalscoring threat, bagging an impressive 78 Serie A goals during a three-year spell with Napoli, and will likely return to similar heights should he return to the middle next season.

His record for PSG is more than respectable despite being forced to play off Zlatan, securing a record better than a goal every two matches in each campaign since joining, and could be exactly what we are lacking up front.

Giroud, Walcott and Welbeck combined can only claim 20 Premier League goals, in their combined 60 appearances, with only the latter returning at least one goal for every two outings.

If Cavani does decide to leave the French champions, we need to pull out all the stops in order to secure his signature. Arsene Wenger has admitted to being a fan of the 29 year-old previously, but could he finally back that up with a bid?

The Frenchman claimed he did not sign a striker in January because nobody available was better than Danny Welbeck, but surely Cavani would satisfy that category (and then some)!

Unlike Zlatan, Cavani would not bring his ego into the dressing room, and could only help bring experience and level-headedness to our squad.

Would you still take a 34 year-old Ibrahimovich over Edinson? Or would you just take anyone who would come?


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  1. Perfect Arsenal strilke target? L()Lzes

    They have been Targets for ages…… Hopefully we’d get em in their goLden years when all turns grey!

    CoyG! L()L

  2. If wenger is staying then I will prefer Zlatan because he’s the best Emergency fix for wenger to win the league leave. But if Wenger is leaving then I will prefer a long term solution, someone like Harry Kane, just saying.

  3. With Zlatan most definitely leaving PSG next season its highly unlikely he will be allowed to leave too,too much rebuilding upfront yo do for them I suppose….having said that there is a rumour swirling around Neymar might be angling for a move to PSG in which case Cavani will definitely reassess his options and might be up for new challenges

  4. Both of them are short term, and both are wanting an extortionary amount of money. For what we need, I think Zlatan is the better one. First off, we need someone to hit the ground running, I cannot think of another player who would just walz in and own the place like a Zlatan would. As well as his goals you get his jaw dropping moments of magic, up front we haven’t had that on a somewhat regular basis for a long time. His outspoken character, we are missing this badly. I think Zlatan is the go to guy.

    I wouldn’t say no to a Cavani though, especially if he’s on the end of all our chances which went begging this season. I’m a little sick of this rumour though.

  5. I would prefer Zlatan he would come and make and instant impact..Its a shame we didn’t get Cavani a few seasons ago I think he would have grew into the team…

    I still want Morata tho he is a good age with the right attitude

  6. We don’t need a striker.
    Wellbeck Walcott Iwobi
    Sanchez Ramsey Ox
    Adelaide Campbell
    Akpom + Giroud are enough.

  7. If this crazy man passed on griezzman higuain and dybala what on earth makes you think he will sign ibra or cavani.
    We can only hope walcott welbeck and iwobi improve their scoring techniques.
    This summer I expect only a midfielder and at least a defender

    1. griezman when he was at sociedad an they wanted to buy vela.
      that was our shot at getting him.

      wenger must of bid surely.
      just antoine wanted to play for better team.
      its fair enough

  8. Arsenal should sell Walcott, Chamberlain and Wilshere, and lump £50 bid for Benzema.

    Iwobi & Campbell have really impressed, Welbeck is a good player and would like him to stay and Giroud is a good striker to keep.

    Next season starting xi


    Bellerin Kos ?Gabriel? Monreal
    Sanchez Cazorla Campbell

  9. i personally would break the Bank and UK transfer record and go for Robert Lawandowski and pay the guy GBP 200’000+ with add on’s then the EPL is in our pocket with quarter finals of CL too,

    i feel our D/M issues are sorted or its good enough now, sell one or two players and what with some senior players leaving we will have more then enough to finance RW

    i like Zlatan but he is demanding two year contract and half a million a week in wages,

      1. lewandowski is wanted by best teams in world football
        an playing for one of the best.

        why downgrade to arsenal?
        no amount of money would justify throwing your career away

        1. he is on Euros 160’000pw until 2019 we can double his salary and with him we will become one of the best in Europe

          the type of goals RL scores is perfect match for arsenal he can be a big success and so can Arsenal

  10. zlatan is too egotistical for wengers taste.
    fears of dressing room disruption.

    cavani wenger wanted but now at this age wenger wont commit such money

  11. Fellow gunners, with all due respect to your fine proposals of strikers, I feel we are going overboard with certain suggestions.

    Why on earth would either Benzema or Lewa want to leave Bayern or RMadrid for Arsenal. I mean London is great but these are in top 5 of the best clubs around and the players and clubs are happy with there contract. Even Cavani is a long shot especially when he can earn 300 a week at either, Man U, Chelsea or Man City.

    The best we can look at are strikers, good strikers at lesser clubs than Arsenal, especially those which are not in the CL spots. The only way Arsenal can poach players from RM, Barca, Bayern, City, PSG is if the player is unsettled and the club is willing to sale as in the case of Ozil, Sanchez and Cech

    1. Who would of thought Ozil would Join Arsenal, as Arsen said…

      “you will be supersized who is knocking on Arsenals door to join”

      why not RL we all know top striker will do well in Arsenal because of chances created

      1. and why are we slating our club?

        we are a top club but just not wiling to spend, and spend money that we have siting in the bank unlike any other club in Europe

          1. Slating the club and been realistic are two different things Tas, whether I say Arsenal are a sh!tty club I’m still part of that Sh!t because I support and love them.

            You have answered part of your concerns when you mentioned we have money but wont spend, what makes you think things will change now. And yes lets believe what the Mirror says.

            Lewi cant go to Pool minus CL, he is more likely to end up at RM, fellow Pep or go to PSG before considering our offer.

            1. we are on the same page 007 but Moneypenny is missing i know 🙂

              i’m just frustrated that this guy is perfect for us and my post started with ” I personally would” meaning if i had a saying

  12. i don,t think Cavani will leave psg because once Zlatan leaves he will become their main striker!!

  13. I would take neither Cavani nor Ibra. For me the most likely (but still unlikely) candidate would be Lukaku, who is PL proven and relatively young.

    I think a real top class strikers like Lewondowski would be out of our reach.

    Perhaps we could think about Vardy? Can he do it for more than one season and at a bigger club? It’s a risk but perhaps a risk worth taking? Mahrez would also add value and is perhaps the better player of the two but Vardy is a real striker and that is perhaps a bigger need?

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