Perfect news Arsenal fans before a summer of transfer madness

Transfer speculation works both ways, it can be exciting if the latest rumours have a top class talent coming to Arsenal and it can be distressing if the gossip is about our best players leaving.

That is what has happened over the last few days with rumours abound that Barcelona wants to sign Alexandre Lacazette and Real Madrid have their eyes on Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Well, according to Guillem Balague, known for his inside knowledge of the intricacies of Spanish football we can rest easy, neither player is going to La Liga this summer.

When asked if either player would be signing for one of the Spanish giants he responded on his YouTube channel


“Neither of them is seriously wanted by either club.

“They are both top players of course, but they aren’t chasing either of them.

“So Arsenal will have their top strikers for another season at least.”

Now, Balague does making some outlandish claims on occasions and anyone checking out his Twitter account will see how he is regularly mocked, however, when it comes to rumours and gossip I tend to find that he is fairly accurate. He does have sources within each club and I am inclined to believe him.

Both players are in line for new contracts with us and both appear to be very content at the Emirates, they have forged an excellent partnership and for me, what we are reading about them appears to be nothing more than the media stirring things up.

That said, if we fail to qualify for next seasons Champions League via the Europa League then things could very easily change, players are very ambitious and missing out on Europe’s elite competition could have an effect that we are unable to know right now.


  1. It’s such a precarious spot for me. Mid season I would’ve never thought to sell either of our strikers but now with the lack of funds and the need to fill/upgrade quite a few spots. I would be tempted to cash in BUT only if we are talking a 90m+ bid.

    If we don’t get Champions League then no sell.

  2. Is their no news of any club buying or taking that Liability Ozil on loan ?…..

    Arsenal must not be made a comfort zone for any useless players….
    he is an hindrance to our club moving forward,

    is time we freeze him out of the club just like what Zidane is doing to Gareth Bale…

    mind you guys, Bale is far more productive than that Fraud called Ozil…

    Is time we tell Ozil face to face to look for another club or otherwise we freeze him out of the first team
    Ozil is very comfortable taking in his massive weekly pay

  3. Sanchez might be in his worst form of his life,
    but Juventus and Inter are all vying to sign him up on a pay cut

    That tells you on how useful he can still be..
    He has the desire, the zeal and passion to still turn his career around…
    That is what all this big clubs vying to sign him up all see in him….

    Talking about Ozil, the reverse is the case…

    As worse as Sanchez is right now, is still far more useful and more marketable than that liability called Ozil

    What a shame

    1. Ok I hear you but tell me if you are potential buyer would you take him with the rubbish you just said about him and that has being said. You need to take a cue from United fans, even though their “rubbish” ex player on our book has out performed our best former player on theirs, they had never being this critical of him. Even Sanchez had performed far worse than Ozil in the last a season and half he still enjoys more good press than Ozil. So live Ozil alone and let the management deal with him as they see fit. This kind of bad press doesn’t help Arsenal and doesn’t help him.

  4. Some players at arsenal(ozil, iwobi) are hated bcoz of their origin rather than ability…. English players will never get the hate from the fans as those two

    1. What a ridiculous comment!
      Ozil gets slated for being lazy and Iwobi gets it for being crap.
      Get over it.

      1. Yeah. They are disliked for poor performances not their origin

        Most Arsenal fans will love a quality player who performs well regardless of origin

        We’ve had lots of African, Eastern European and Muslim players with no problems

        1. @Hyrax
          You are a manipulator. The opposite of what you say is true to an extent, Nigerians love Iwobi more so after he made the switch, Muslims are a large part of Ozil’s most vocal devotees. Of course others also like these players for football reasons, and there’ll be Nigerians and Muslims who also like them for football reasons, there is some truth in what I say. There is nothing to suggest that what you say is in anyway true, even racists will support Arsenal players not of their own race. The best manipulators, or worst depending on how you view it all, alway deflect, send it back the way it came, twist it, change it if necessary and make it about them, before you know it you are defending yourself all because you called someone out on their bullsh*t. You seem to me that you may be one such bullsh*tter.

      2. “Ozil gets slated for being lazy” And considering he so often clocks in more km’s covered than anyone else in our team that just shows you how flimsy that excuse is for all of that hate and abuse that this man gets.

        “Get over it.” Yes, how awful, an Arsenal fan defending our players. You tell him! If only he was more like you and constantly belittled our players instead!

        1. I’m an Ozil supporter and my comment was about the general comments about him. Get over it was to say stop pulling the racist card as no one disrespects anyone’s origins on here but some pull the racist card for their own ends. Now you get over it!

    2. Hyrax, You are accusing us of racism. If you care and dare to name me in public and accuse me of racism you will face a legal lawsuit so quickly that your feet do not touch the ground. You are clearly not mature nor intelligent, more is the pity for you and your future life.

    3. Some hate Iwobi because he chose Naija which I still don’t understand till now. The lad is Nigerian.

    1. That typified our fans. We like to ridicule and belittling our players. Imagine a lot of us drooling over Zaha who at 27 having best performance in his career, 10 goals and 5 assists is not far better than Iwob’s 4 goals and 6 assists. We should learn what we have.

    2. Iwobi is the future, crap is a 30 years old player on £350k a week and does absolutely nothing.

  5. I also do not remotely believe that either Spanish giant are remotely interested in our two strikers. So am not worried therefore.

  6. I’m reminded of how many pundits, fans, media, have all talked about these two players not being able to play together and us having to choose one of them over the other. Have we ever heard such rubbish come crashing down with a screech of the wheels, smaaaaash!!! in your face!!!!!

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