Perfect player for Arsenal that could do both Ramsey and Ozil jobs

Arsenal needs a lot of positions sorting out this summer, for starters, we need to find a replacement for Aaron Ramsey and secondly, we certainly need a player that can do a better job than what Mesut Ozil has been doing.

Now imagine if we could get a player that could do both jobs, that knows the Arsenal way and culture, that has experience playing in the Champions League and has scored goals in one of Europe’s top domestic leagues.

Now, that would be a nice player to have right? well, what if he was also just a teenager that costs nothing and has a very low wage in comparison to almost every single player that we have been linked with, if not every single player.

A player like that, with all those attributes, is certainly someone we must do everything in our power to add to our squad.

Well, we already have a player like that on our books and that is young Reiss Nelson.

The 19-year-old was on loan last season with Hoffenheim who finished ninth in the Bundesliga, he scored seven goals from just 19 league appearances and played in five Champions League matches.

He possesses lightning pace, something that both Aaron Ramsey and Mesut Ozil especially lack, he does not wander around when he loses the ball but battles to get it back and he is very versatile, he can effectively play on the wing or through the centre.

This is a young player with Champions League experience, that has played in a top European league, that has a nose for goal and from what I can see is just as good, if not better, than most of the players we are being targeted with, he costs nothing and his wages are low, what else could we ask for?

For me, it is a no brainer, Reiss Nelson should be promoted to the first team and be considered a first team starter.



  1. Don’t know about doing both jobs of Ramsey and Ozil, since he does not wander around aimlessly and lazily like Ozil or constantly try silly flicks and impossible balls like Ramsey. He is a real talent though and must CERTAINLY start in our team next season and become a regular. AS YOU SAY, he actually CARES and tries his hardest. Most unusual for a player there when Wenger still (mis)managed! We must give our number of promising younger player a proper chance from now on. Not just a few minutes run out in lesser games but a proper run in the team. IMO, Nelson is already better than both Ozil and Ramsey and SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN OUR TEAM THIS SEASON JUST GONE.

    1. Agree. Nelson would have really helped us last season.
      Bellerin had more assists than Ozil lol
      Wish the Chinese or anyone would buy Ozil but it’s hard to walk away from £350,000 per week lol

    2. Really?Could not get in the team at Hoffenhiem but would have been a regular starter at Arsenal?And as for being better than Ozil and Ramsey tell me why you state this.Have you ever seen him play?Did you ever bother to watch the youth teams when you stopped going to games all those seasons ago?And you have seen the player in these youth games have you?And what about his games in Germany?Fobyou tune in religiously every week to watch the player sitting on the bench?Thats when he is in the squad of course as he has been suspended by the club for a period for his attitude.But you still watched him every week did you?
      Nah-Thought not.Bit at least you were able to dig out Ozil again.
      So let’s have some answers from you.How many times have you actually seen Nelson play?You day he’s better than Ramsey and Ozil so why and how do you reach this decision?Give is FACTS.You don’t do stats as you continually tell everyone.Si it must be because you have watched him so often.Or have you?
      I know what I think.Just another rant at a player but the Topic headline was all about Nelson.
      And how many times have you pointed out to posters about keeping replies on topic?
      You used to be an interesting post to read but now I find most of what you write boring.Try actually going to watch a game or two next season.Im sure some kind soul will give you seats free of charge again.And you actually might get to see Reiss Nelson play a game.

      1. Sir Phil I think people thinking Reissue Nelson is the player we should turn to highlight the decay running through this team and the manger. I don’t know what is happening anymore.

        1. Pat, what do cattle eating troughs (ie “mangers”) have to do with anything please? I am just interested as you use this term a lot.

          1. Sorry ozziegunner I have lost all strength to argue or explain anything about the team and the manger, we are crap and I will leave everything on that until I see I changes.

      2. True to form , when any one of the 85% on this sites poll who knows the truth about Ozil and want him gone this summer, and says how lazy and unproductive he is(IS, though once was NOT, BTW!), YOU RUSH TO THE DEFENCE OF YOUR COASTING AND FAR TOO COMFY HERO. When, if ever, will those blindfold scales fall from your eyes Phil? And for a man of your intelligence, which I freely acclaim you as being, your puerile and immature dig at me about not attending and getting free seats, is way beneath your intellect and unworthy of you. It is a well known syndrome that some folk see what they want to see at times, whether or NOT that thing, previously present, is still there at all to see.

        Ironic really, since you and I were possibly the very first fans on here to see through the total loss of his wonderful managership WENGER ONCE HAD. Irony supreme! Finally, the topic was about Nelson and comparing him to RAMSEY AND OZIL , WHICH IS PRECISELY WHAT I DID IN MY POST. I reckon you now find my posts boring merely because we disagree so much on Ozil. My intellect has not changed, so as you once rated my posts it is clearly only PIQUE which has altered your view.

        1. My point is on what basis do you pretend to know how good Nelson is?I asked if you had seen him? No answer.So how are you able to compare him to both Ozil and Ramsey if you have never seen him?
          It was a very simple question yet you have gone round the houses and backwards and still not given an answer.
          Of you have never seen him play how can you pass a judgement as you have and expect to be taken seriously?
          As I said-A very simple question
          I look forward to your answer
          Just so you know-I have probably seen him play at least 30-40 times for the various youth teams over the years and rate him very very highly.

          1. And you have no doubt, as I have too, seen Ozil far many more times than Nelson. YET you still rate him. Finally I do not answer to you as to how many games I see. I have seen a lot more of NELSON THAN YOU IMAGINE AND AS YOU SAY YOURSELF, WHICH I AGREE, YOU RATE HIM VERY VERY HIGHLY. I JUST DO Not rate the bone idle, uninterested Ozil at all. Not these days, though I once did, quite some time ago. Life changes and the more observant of us acknowledge that fact.

  2. Reiss nelson is actually very talent but still doesn’t apply himself well enough.
    There’s a reason he got drop even after scoring all those goals at the start of the season .

  3. He’s a very exciting player. He must stay here next season
    He works harder and is faster
    Also Guendouzi did very well for 19 years of age last season

    I’m interested in seeing Smith-Rowe too.

    But we still need to sign an experienced winger though

  4. we have absolutely nothing to lose in giving our young gunners (RN… SR… Ballard…) a go next season. you are guaranteed they will give their all for the team and make a name for themselves with the club. UE must give them the chance… let’s hope we’ll have an all new exciting young side to challenge the rest for top 4… COYG!

  5. He’s a winger, he doesn’t spot fantastic passes like Ozil, that’s not his talent, he’s fast and a good finisher. Emery is shit. He mismanaged the team and individual players all season. It’s pure luck we’re in 5th, we were extremely lucky during our 22-game unbeaten run. Next season we’ll be found out and finish more like 10th. Give all out top youth prospects a chance, I say, but play them in the positions they are suited for.

    1. For god’s sake give Emery a chance he had to work with what he inherited was not bad with the tools he had. Let him have is own team then judge him

  6. Agree with the Article…

    Reiss Nelson must and should be a starter next season… He’s prove his worth in an Arsenal shirt and do same to his Loaned club…

    It a no brainer loaning him out again or keeping him on the bench. There is not too much difference between him and Sancho, Nelson has eyes for goals, Sancho is a bit more Tricky and a provider

  7. If we can get rid of Mustafi, Xhaka, Elneny, Mkhitaryan, Ozil, Lichtsteiner, and Suarez, and we lose Ramsey and Welbeck, why wouldn’t we keep Reiss Nelson and gradually try to bring him to his full capabilities. It would be mad not to. It would make sense to gradually introduce Joe Willock, Emile Smith Rowe, Eddie Nketiah and Reiss Nelson this year. Otherwise we will have players with the loyalty quotient of players like Ozil, who are claiming way over a million a month under false pretences and have no motivation.

  8. Fans should brace themselves up for disappointment again because Emery won’t play our youth players. The reason Guen played that much was because he bought him. How many times during last season opportunity presented itself for our younger players due to injuries and suspension that he would played experience players out of position. We have Osei Tutu who should be played at rb but he persisted with playing AMN and Mustafi in their. Nketiah couldn’t perform worse than Ozil, Miki, and Guen he played on the wings. When Pep took over mancity, the core of his attacking unit are players of 20-23 years old- Sane, Sterling, Jesus, De bruyne etc. We should look for emerging talents who don’t cost much and blend them with those we already have and give them 2-3 years to develop together just like Ajax is doing. It’s not like we have a chance to win epl next season and season after.

    1. Mobella, i agree with your overall strategy; however how can you justify the claim that “Emery won’t play our youth players”. The fact that Freddie Ljundberg has been moved to assistant coach, leaving Per Mertesacher to oversee the academy, seems to indicate that this will not be the case in his second season. Also at all other clubs where he has coached/managed Emery has promoted youth.

  9. Seems to me he is more of a winger, so the comparisons to Özil and Ramsey are a bit off.
    He may be fast and talented, but from what I have seen, he seems to have too much of the “Wenger phlegmatic” attitude.

    We not only need skill in out team, we certainly also need players with the right mentality.

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