PERFECT time for Arsenal to exact REVENGE on Liverpool?

While most of the talk about Arsenal today will revolve around the Champions League competition, which the Gunners are still in while our next Premier League opponents Liverpool crashed out at the group stage despite am easy looking draw.

Brendan Rodgers and his beleaguered players are looking bereft of belief at the minute and will be hoping that another cup competition this week can help them get some of that back. But I think their Capital One cup quarter-final on Wednesday is more likely to help Arsenal.

They may have a tie against a lower league club, but it is an away tie and their opponents Bournemouth are probably as confident and in form as Liverpool are struggling at the minute. They put five past Cardiff at the weekend to move to the top of the Championship and will be buzzing and full of team spirit.

Rodgers meanwhile, has alluded to problems in the Anfield dressing room and has somehow got to raise them for a really tricky looking game. But even if they win, people will say they should have. The ideal situation for us is if the game goes to extra time and penalties and Liverpool still lose.

That they will be even more dispirited and lacking in confidence when the Gunners arrive on Sunday and they will be heavy legged as well. It could well be that the extra midweek games in Europe this season are a big reason for their struggles to perform and while we now have a week to prepare, they have another game they could do without.

Even if Liverpool beat Bournemouth, Arsenal fans should not have to worry about a repeat of our pasting at Anfield last season. Back then they were on a roll and bursting with confidence and they simply blew us away from the start. This time they will be more worried about stopping our attacking players.

I have a good feeling that Arsenal will be joining Man United in getting our revenge on the scousers. What do you think Gooners?

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    1. I really want us to exact the same bk for last season as tht game really hurt me to watch and it effectivally ended out title chances. I think that if pool lose to bournemouth thn us its goodnight for rodgers!!!

      1. I thought you all wanted Rodgers to take over from AW , Rodgers is so good he plans ,tactics and bull$hits . So why good bye ? Bring him to Arsenal to replace AW. See where Arsenal gets to.
        We don’t have real fans on this site. They are all plastic fans.

        1. I think your confusing me with fans who think rodgers is decent. I on the other hand think his been found to be average

    2. Last time we met, they didn’t need a perfect time to sweep us under the carpet, who do we need a perfect time to do same to em? ……..Forget about the timing and just trample on em

    3. That one Liverpool game is hyped by everyone but….. the reality is Arsenal actually got the better of Liverpool last season.

      Arsenal played Liverpool 3 times last season and won 2 of the 3. Let us not forget that inconvenient little fact.

  1. we cldnt have our revenge last season against man utd…

    let keep it low…do the basics and dont get hammered will do

  2. Couldn’t come at a better time, we get to rest and they are away to Bourmouth,
    Qthey have not had time to stop and recover from getting kicked out of the CL then geting thrashed by Man-U and now a cup game wendsday then us on their mined for Sunday’s game,

    We have to do well no excuse.

  3. Not quite the perfect time with so many injuries, not entirely sure what our team will look like. If Ox is injured, I fancy this:


  4. This off topic but I still feel we need a striker we can’t let this talent Pablo Dybala go to Man City, I’ve watched this kid many times this season and he’s a mixture of Aguero and Messi, currently he has 7 goals and 4 assists but i’m hearing rumours about Dortmund going in for him which will really disappoint me because i feel he can be a great striker for the future

  5. dream january for me would be a double bill of schar and howedes at c/h youth and experience and flexibility all season long, would definitely challenge per and even kos for c/h spots would help our back line immensely.
    and could only cost about £20 miilion all in would be a bargin, and maybe lucus silva and romulo for potential d/m as we wont be seeing the likes of gustavo heading our way in jan.

    potential £30 million spent all in lets hope all our players recover asap so we can push on for second half of the season and salvage what we can out of this season, maybe a surprise c/l semi along the way would be a bonus and f.a cup victory. a couple of big names in the summer and a definet push for next season title coygs

  6. oops also hope we smash liverpool as i work with alot of liverpool supporters something for me to crow about and to be the alpha male supporter at work lol

  7. This gooner is very “pumped up” to add insult to brendan rodgers and liverpool by beating them at anfield and getting 3 crucial points! Coyg!

  8. At the end of the day its still at anfield but because of our last 2 performances id be dissapointed with anything less thn a point. The way liverpool are playing thou and our attacking threat makes 3 points quite acheivable. COYG

  9. Please please Mr Wenger don’t go to Anfield a play gung ho like last year. A game plan of patients and strike when the opportunity arrise. Tell that headless chicken Gibbs to prioratise defending for a change and we might get a result. Also remind Wenger u can put on subs when needed and not 1min from the end.He has got to be the worst substituter of players in the Universe.
    I’ve had my say now go out and make me proud to be a gooner again.

  10. Let’s not underrate liverpool oo; please, let’s calm down, am not sure we wld hv been dis confident some weeks back when we were screaming. 4 wenger’s head; if we play our normal game; we shd win; remember newcstle were. Screaming 4 pardew’s head but. One gameturned it round 4 him; let’s hope its not our game dat turns it round. 4 liverpool bcos arsenal have a way of messing up whenwe are so confident; 4 2 seasons now man utd have been vulnerable and dere 2 b trashed but one stupid foolish mistake or useless tactics from wenger messes up d game; so let’s pray 4 d beat n hope our players come back early from injury

    1. Agree with you. Liverpool may be down with recent poor results, but we must not be encouraged by that as it could lead to complacency and being beaten by a sucker punch. The ManUtd game was proof when they beat us after their own run of poor results.

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