Performance of the season from Arsenal sees them down the Saints

Arsenal have put in a top draw performance to put an impressive Southampton side to bed by a 3-1 scoreline.

The Gunners started the match energised and should have taken the lead inside the opening minute. Alex Lacazette was put in on goal to score in 49 seconds, only for the goalkeeper Alex McCarthy to close his legs onto the ball to get enough on the ball to put it wide. The hosts took the ball straight up the other end to earn a corner however, and managed to punish our mistake by scoring the opening soon after.

Arsenal were next to take advantage of a mistake when the Southampton defender turned down an easy pass back to his keeper in favour of playing out, and within three passes we managed to work the ball into the Emile Smith Rowe to play in Nicolas Pepe behind the defence to slot home. This was all inside the opening eight minutes of action.

While the was no more goals for 30 minutes, both sides were extremely composed and playing with quality, and just while the hosts were looking dominant, we moved to score another.

Lacazette put Saka in through on goal, and the young man used his pace to speed away from the defender before poking it past the goalkeeper before passing into the open net.

The second-half was almost the same as the first, but with less goals. The Saints were having much of the ball, but Arsenal just appeared more deadly in possession, and it was us who added to our tally eventually.

Bukayo Saka caused Southampton further issues with his pace and composure to create the second, getting in deep behind the defence before putting Lacazette in inside the six-yard box.

While I had hoped that Martinelli would start over Pepe, the team as a unit was actually a joy to watch, and the Ivory Coast man will definitely have put his name in contention for more minutes moving forwards after some tough months.

I hope there is more to come from this team, but I must say that I believe this is the best performance from this Arsenal team that I have seen all season.


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  1. It’s so depressing reading comments after lineup gets released.
    I was just shaking my head after reading every comment.
    Hardly any positive one about the coach and his lineups.
    Oh why did Pepe start? Why isn’t AMN playing? Why is lnt Martinelli playing? And that folks is why you and I are behind our keypads while he’s the coach.
    Some of y’all are just bang pessimists who never see anything good.
    Good lineup, great result..
    At least resting players on Saturday is justified and y’all can stop whining for another week now.
    Goodnight fellas

    1. I thought Pepe was going to start as RW, but Arteta and the coaches made a great decision by shifting him to the left and keeping Saka on the right. Really impressed with Saka tonight

      1. Exactly why I complained earlier too GAI. Pepe would have struggled on the right and we would have hindered saka’s brilliance if he’d started on the left

      2. You also need to give it a break with the RW LW players selection bro… You were also among those questioning the selection.
        Sometimes as fans all that’s needed from all of us is to just keep quiet, support the team and enjoy the game.
        Pepe on the LW isn’t all that bad, I won’t be surprised if he starts there on Saturday

    2. Totally agree with you Eddie, before every game it’s all negativity, so much moaning about the line up, then we win and all the moaners disappear, until the next game. Anyway, good win gunners and goodnight Eddie.

        1. I enjoy reading the comments and how they change before and after the game Eddie.
          Well done to everyone tonight and it’s such a shame that they didn’t put the same kind of fighting performance in during the cup game.

    3. Kudos Eddie …that’s fans for u….we complain now,celebrate next…

      I for one was really vocal bout saka playing RW cuz he easily scores and assists from there…seeing him playing there at kickoff, I knew victory wasn’t in doubt anymore..

      Arteta has found a winning formula and should stick to the spine as he has done today others can be rotated….

      Congrats to all gunners worldwide….8th position with 8 loses is mind blowing….
      Up we go till we topple our noisy neighbours

    4. @Eddie, it’s becoming boring here. I don’t kmow why some fans are so critical on MA. Whatever he does won’t please some fans.

      The negativity here b4 game starts is absurd. Arsenal fans……..hmmmm

    5. Yay Eddie good man.Iit will be a quiet night here tonight because a good number of contributors can’t do the usual and come online just to criticise MA

  2. Cedric was outstanding plus Saka and Holding! Great win now onto the big one on Saturday… COYG πŸ”΄βšͺ

      1. 100% Kstix I’ve been very impressed with Cedric he’s a workhorse and his crossing is excellent, I just hope Arteta sees what we do and starts Cedric at RB on Saturday if Kieran Tierney recovers.

        1. The biggest compliment that can be paid to Cedric Soares is that Kieran Tierney was not missed in this game. Two out of three excellent performances by Cedric. The pass to Saka for Lacazette’s goal was superb. So was the passing Xhaka to Lacazette to Saka for the second goal.

          1. Well said Ozziegunner and that was a beautiful pass from Xhaka he has really upped his game since the Burnley game.

  3. A tired Soton could still press hard, but luckily most Gunners were brilliant tonight. Leno was top-notch again tonight and Xhaka would’ve gotten two assists if Lacazette was able to move around Soton’s GK

    Nonetheless, a great shot by Pepe, a great assist from Lacazette for Saka and Soares’ great vision made an entertaining game

  4. Well played….great game from Saka, Holding, Cedric and especially Leno

    Another poor game from Bellerin, rarely has an impact on games. Valery, Southampton’s RB, looks like a quality player….i wouldn’t mind if he joined Arsenal.

    Hope Partey and ESR are ok, they are vital for us.


    1. the only poor player i watched in our side is Luiz. Bellerin had a good game, defensively he was ok and join attack too, what else do you want. you want forward pass from him, but he wasnt sure of doing that without getting cut, the more reason he opted for safe option

  5. Absolutely brilliant ,really enjoyable game .
    Big ups for Pepe ,Partey and Leno but once again that man Saka what a machine .
    Missed the first 5 mins which was a shame having read it on sky sport app .
    4 wins and a draw in the last 5 can’t ask for more ,and maybe Arteta got his priorities right with that FaCup squad even though I personally didn’t agree with it .

    1. Lacazette was excellent also. He could have scored at least 3 goals; goal keeper excellent save with legs and cross instead of pass to Laca by Saka.

      1. Yea but he should have buried that chance at the start Ozzie ,no excuse for not missing that form a seasoned pro.
        But he worked hard for the team that’s all we can ask

          1. I think Dan if you watch carefully he tried to play under the keeper, who had “made himself big” and saved with his legs. His stride and the ball were not in sync to go round the keeper.

  6. Revenge is sweet 😝
    Excellent result. Unbeaten in 6, scoring 16, conceding 2… up to 8th!
    Happy with everyone tonight, all did their bit. Loads of love for Saka – what a player!!
    Thank you, Arsenal, you made missing ‘Married at First Sight Australia’ worthwhile πŸ˜‰

    1. First dates on though sue πŸ˜‚
      Misses fav ,didn’t know there was a new series,looks like got 2 episodes to catch up tomorrow,BTW I don’t look forward to watching it πŸ€”πŸ˜‚

      1. I’m not as keen on it in Manchester, Dan, but I’ve still recorded it and will watch it after work tomorrow πŸ˜‚
        Hahaha, are you sure?? I bet you’re sat there waiting for it to come on before your Mrs!! 🀣

        1. Yea fist dates and gogglebox my Two dirty little secret watches πŸ˜‚.
          TBF most of my mates watch them both with their misses aswell, must be being 40 years old .
          But I will say most of our partners go to bed for 9pm then we get on the consoles for a few hours gaming πŸ˜‚
          Luckily a couple of us got hold of PS5 so happy days .

          1. I’m with you, Dan, they’re 2 of my faves also! TV gold!! πŸ˜„
            A few hours – sorted! Does look a lush console….

    2. Sue So you missed that great programme for a mere football match! Anyone would think you must be one of those diehard Arsenal fans. I heard they played tonight, so did they win?

    3. C’mon Sheila – sorry I mean Sue. How could you even contemplate such disloyalty? “Married at First Sight Australia” was amazing tonight – that cute ceremony when that possum married the kangaroo…
      Anyway, how was the game?

        1. I thought I was the only one getting tired of this Left Footed Right footed player agenda. Sometimes I wonder if he’s a Robot program to respond when certain phrases are used🀣🀣🀣

    1. Fingers crossed Sue. Really pray ESR and Partey are alright and gonna play against Utd. If I see willian and pepe on the team sheet together come the weekend, I’m gonna have a fit because we’re losing. Hope we have Tierney, Auba, Partey, ESR and saka available. The rest sort themselves out.

      1. I’ll be on my hands and knees praying as often as possible for the next 3 days, Kstix πŸ˜„ Will be devastated if they don’t make it.
        We looked so dangerous going forward tonight, would love to see more of the same against our mancunian ‘friends’ 😜

  7. Some fans actually predicted a Southampton win. Oh well, they are indeed our bogey team but delighted to get a win over time. We were efficient tonight.

    Arsenal are 4 points behind the champions, Liverpool. If you’d offered me that 6 games ago, I’d have bitten your arm off. Lol

    Lacazette work rate was phenomenon…

    Saka is class in the making…

    Special shout out to Cedric. Lb isn’t his favourite position but thought he played well and that cross field pass for the third goal was glorious.

    Good to see Pepe with a goal..

    Welldone Team.

    Happy fan..

    OH YEAH!!!

    1. I predicted a Southampton win at the predictions table lol. Just going for that reverse jinx factor, might have worked today…
      COYG!! Onwards we go…

  8. Great team performance but big praise to Cedric, especially after all the criticism he got when he was signed, despite never being given the chance to play.

  9. Take a bow Cedric Soares. He’s my motm simply for the way he rebounded after a poor performance at RB on the weekend. Great mental fortitude.

    Loved Pepe’s game as long as I ignore his stuck in the mud defending on Southampton’s goal. He certainly looked more comfortable on the left.

    And fan of the match to Eddie for calling out the pathetic b.s. in the last thread!

  10. Great Win! Gutted I missed the first 30 minutes. Great performances from everyone bar Luiz maybe, who had one pennywise moment or two near the end with Adams. Still great effort and application shown to get the revenge. And if we continue to perform like this we might get high in the table.
    Also the writer made a mistake, as Granit Xhaka played in Pepe and not Emile. Though I would have loved him to get something from the game…
    Onwards and Upwards!
    P.S.- Pepe as a Left forward did work well today. He might be good as a LW, Left forward or an all out attacking left wingback in a back three, I think…

    1. πŸ‘πŸ‘ spot on sid.

      Arteta must have observed this too….

      What I like is that gradually he is getting their best positions sorted out..
      Willian next I guess

      1. Yeah I hope MA is constantly making new game plans and reinforcing them in training and this is just another of his new tweaks that might work well. As for Willian, he seems really grumpy now so I dont know. He was decent maybe in the cup game, he can hold the ball in tight spaces sometimes well, it is his penetrative prowess he seems to have lost. Maybe an extended period as a CAM might work, keeping my fingers crossed.

  11. Great win and performance, arteta made a good selection today and pepe played well maybe next match auba shouldn’t start immediately but come i the second half?

    OT: Wilshere scored a beautiful goal for bournemouth, happy for him and hope it goes well this time

  12. Cedric has always been better than Bellerin. Simple.

    Today, Luiz was uncharacteristically sloppy and got away with it.

    Although it’s generally a happy day, but one must admit that our ability to win back the ball (mostly tackling) is still very very poor and on another day we would be punished big time.

  13. After tonight SAKA is moving into a new and greater class than almost any other of our players. He is our most valuable player by an increasing distance.

    I say this despite a string of good to excellent perfs from almost all other players tonight.



    1. So so true Jon….

      I have this feeling that we are this close to a golden generation of stars…looking at balogun, martinelli saka ESR azeez and others in our youth teams…
      I hope they all develop together into a top team of supertalented homegrowns in a couple of years….

    2. my prayer is for him to stay healthy, what a great potential he got. Martinelli is another one, i hope he manage to stay off physio room

    3. Jon
      He is truely special and he is truely ours
      young Sean today was on here berating MA as man who doesn’t have a clue how to manage a football team
      MA has had his ups and downs but isnt doing to badly at the moment is he…
      As for saka…if he doesnt win young player of the year this season then the whole thing is rigged…
      Onwards and upwards my fellow gooners

    4. Here here Jon. He’s noticably better match by match. And 2 months ago he was a skinny shrimp. He’s filling out fast. One similarity I have noticed between Martinelli and ESR: even if they dont have a great game – their influence is still huge. their running, closing down and enthusiasm not only helps pressing, it galvanizes the whole team to work harder. Their constant movement, tactical and spatial awareness moves defenders and opens up space for others. All of this happens without them playing well or even touching the ball.

    1. Agreed Grandad ,as much as everyone as been calling for Tierney to be made captain(personally should always be a CB ) out of all the younger defenders it would be holding or Gabriel ,if he gets his spot back .
      The last few games holding as reminded me of our great centre backs from years back , not pacy but reading of the game and commanding top notch .

    2. Came on to post exactly this. If there is a curse of new contract blues, nobody told Holding! Most improved player of the season so far!

      1. It has taken Holding a while to regain his confidence and get back to his pre injury form. That was a severe injury he suffered. Hopefully his future is good, given his age and growing maturity.

  14. It’s been a long time since I was calling for Cedric. That guy is so underrated. I’d put him in front of Bellerin all day long is Tierney’s fit.
    Saka is on the path to be goat
    Lacazette shouldn’t miss that
    Leno, Xhaka , Partey and Holding very solid
    Luiz so shaky at times I cannot trust him
    The team have found balance finally. Let’s hope for a good result against manure

    1. Give some credit to the goal keeper.
      How didn’t Lacazette get a penalty when pulled down in the box?

  15. I hope those guys that said we’re gonna lose today after that defeat on saturday can now cover their heads in shame, some fake plastic fans😏you know yourself

  16. Luiz almost gave me a hypertension.
    I hope ESR is fit for Saturday. Don’t want to see William replace him.
    Big shout out to Cedric, Leno ,laca and our startboy Saka.

    You made my night.

  17. Thanks also to Theo. Southampton fans must be thinking Theo still plays for Arsenal.
    So glad we got rid of him…

  18. Would it be out of place to say Bukayo Saka deserves to be named the EPL Young Player of the Year if the season ended today? I need the statistics about his goals and number of assists in this current league campaign. Can someone provide that please? Thanks.

    1. Remember that award counts for any player that is a whopping 23 at the beginning of the season. So a player like Maddison would qualify. So does Rashford. They really need to make it at least a 21 & Under award.

    2. He will be come end of season , his rivals are foden and mount….

      He would outscore them , and get more assist than them as well…πŸ˜‰

    1. Jah son is at an awards ceremony right now , collecting his “Pessimist of all time” award. He is tbh just a silly, immature boy and we all know that. With all that pessimism he must have a terrible life!

    1. No need to thank, and I still think Saka may have a shot honestly. The form he’s been in really has been that good. But I’d say as things stand Rashford is leading the race.

  19. Great result and a pretty good all round performance. Partey definitely stiffened the midfield and he actually gave Pepe a bit of a chance playing him in his more natural position on the left. I though Saka was fantastic, Holding was not far behind and Soares after his horror show on Saturday was brilliant in his wrong position. I do hope we have Tierney back to start though against utd, to balance it up, with hopefully Auba available to be at least in the squad and ESR is fit.

    1. Isn’t Auba almost becoming an irrelevance now? After all, we’ve played a lot of our best football without him. i never thought I would say this, but who do we drop that doesnt fill their position better than him?

  20. I agree with you, instrooments. Martinelli was having a great season like Saka is currently enjoying before his injury setback. Saka’s performances is reminiscent of Cesc Fabregas when he burst into the scenes at Arsenal, winning us games and influencing our style of play. Let’s hope he stays injury-free and fulfill the undoubtedly huge potential he carries.

  21. Holding’s 100th appearance tonight πŸ‘

    I hope Auba will be ok.. doesn’t sound good whatever has happened… i’m missing him ❀

  22. Pepe looks good on the left wing and so does Cedric. Today performance was the best by performance. I was mad on Laca missing the first golden opportunity but his hard work is really immense! Let’s keep pushing Arsenal and will see where we end up in 4-8 weeks! if we beat ManUTD, then these players will have big confidence.

    1. Pepe looks good on the left wing and so does Cedric. Today performance was the best by far. I was mad on Laca missing the first golden opportunity but his hard work is really immense! Let’s keep pushing Arsenal and will see where we end up in 4-8 weeks! if we beat ManUTD, then these players will have big confidence.

      sorry for the typo earlier πŸ™‚

  23. Great display. We do have two superb young players who make a big difference. Bukayo Saka and ESR. When young Martinelli gets match fit, we are going to be ‘dangereuse’. If Martin Odegaard can join the party we will have a young dynamic side. Hallelujah! It will be great when the Chelsea Pensioners are replaced with young legs. Looking forwards to seeing Odegaard.

  24. Shame we only have 90 posters after a win compared to 200 when we lose .
    Give Arteta his dues he’s turned this around after Xmas ,which he needed to do else he would have been long gone if he hadn’t ,shame some fans will only post when times are bad .

    1. I will add that was great entertainment from as well tonight ,i have not enjoyed a game since the FA Cup final .

  25. Arteta in his post match interview said that he had five players unavailable for the match on Saturday, limiting his selections. Aubameyang and Tierney were still unavailable.

  26. Unfortunately could only watch the first half. An exciting see sawing forty five minutes. Was thinking,perhaps there is life for Pepe at Arsenal, but only as an out and out striker rather than winger.

  27. This is the kind of performance I will take every day, I don’t care if the result is win, draw or lose though winning will make me feel better. And that instantaneous pass from Xhaka to Laca of Saka goal is what I ask of him every matches. Soares, please more of those well executed cross field passes. Thanks for the performance and showing desire that I ask for.

  28. Where are all the haters ? Good performance by the lads. They seem to have adapted to the press hard for 20min and drop deep for 10min to recover tactic of arteta.

    ESR shows why we need a hardworking creator even when he is having an average game his presence and runs distracts defenders. Same goes for laca

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