“Perhaps an Arsenal captain in the making.” Keown tips star man for future leadership role

Martin Keown was full of praise for Kieran Tierney after his fine display for Arsenal against West Brom last night.

The Scottish full-back has been one of Arsenal’s best players since he joined the club, and he was in terrific form again yesterday.

The Gunners beat West Brom 4-0 at the Hawthorns, and he capped off an impressive display with a goal.

Keown has been impressed by his attitude and determination to help the club succeed since he has been around, and he praised the former Celtic man on BT Sport.

He said that Tierney is the type of player Arsenal needed and he has the personality and the character that is made for success.

He then revealed that the left-back tackled so hard in training that they had to tell him to calm down, and tips him to become the captain of the club in the future if he keeps going this way.

He said on BT Sport, as quoted by the Sun: “Right from the beginning I could see there was a determination about him.

“He’s just the right type that you need… his personality, character.

“He’s a driving force and he’s a throwback.

“In training, they have to tell him to calm down because he’s tackling ferociously. I really like that attitude that he brings.

“He has got everything in his game, it’s about building around him. Perhaps an Arsenal captain in the making.”

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  1. He’s looked like a captain from day 1. Quality player (love how easily and frequently he rinses the opposite fullback to cross), always gives his all and tries to take responsibility when things aren’t going well. Always exercises controlled aggression and doesn’t lose his head even when in difficulty. He’s young but should definitely be next in line for captaincy.

  2. Oh dear Keown. Perhaps ? In the making? Nonsense old son ! Tell it like it IS instead. To more perceptive fans like me, it is clear that Tierney club captain RIGHT NOW, AS IN TODAY!
    He is head and shoulders the outstanding and obvious captain so why wait? Esp when the sham capatin we do have, Auba, is so plainly unsuited to the role and has the inspirational leadership qualities of a limp lettuce!
    Adams was club captain while in his teens and THAT did work out too badly, as I REMEMBER !
    I confidently predict that what I say WILL happen sooner than most think. I WOULD NOT WAIT ANOTHER DAY!!!

      1. I agree Jon, and you didn’t mention an important attribute; his consistency! Everyone has an off game, but Tierney is in form most games.

        Tierney should be captain b/c he has everything a captain needs, and I think he has the respect of the players too.

        Shouting and always talking isn’t a requirement; an arm around the shoulder or a death stare is worth a thousand words.

        1. jon and Durand I agree whole heartedly that Tierney has all the attributes to be a good captain, which Aubameyang does not. Tony Adams is an excellent precedent.
          Aubameyang will not be a good captain, while his backside points at the ground and should be relieved of the responsibility in order to concentrate on his own game.

  3. Great player as he is this season he’s not what I would call captain material,he seems a very quite lad and for me that does not work .
    I’m from the old school of thinking that a CB should always be captain as he sees everything that is in front of him .
    I could be wrong OfC

  4. He will literally become “the hottest captain”.

    Rest of the team thinking about jackets and thermals, Kieran “Huskey” Tierney “where is my anti tan sunscreen lotion?”.

  5. I tend to agree Dan.I think a more outgoing personality is probably a prerequisite of being a Captain but as Jon has highlighted , age should not be a barrier.In Holding and Tierney we now have two guys who are becoming increasingly vocal and showing good organizational skills which is helping to tighten the defence.Holding may never be a great player but he could be a good skipper.

    1. Grandad, were Holding a better player and thus a long term regular pick- which I do NOT see being the case – then he would have a claim to captaincy. But more than being showingly vocal, consistency of being picked, ie a top quality player and being plainly a committed player makes for a top captain. Being obviously vocal too is usually an asset but not by itself, the MOST crucial asset in captaincy, imo.

      Adams got far more player respect for his commitment and ability than just his ability to rollock fellow players when necessary. I also see a tough streak inTierney that will develop still further with responsibility and which is so dismally lacking in Auba. Auba is totally unsuitable to captain us and should be let off from something that is not helping him nor any other players either.

  6. Tierney is future Captain material, brave, leads by example and is vocal. Now Arteta is not messing him about at center back we are seeing the class most of us thought we had bought. Tierney would be first on the team sheet as well, which is what a Captain should be.

  7. He is our present & future. Captain potentially as Holding, Rowe, Willock, Niles, Martinelli, Nketiah all have this leadership in them.

    less than 3 years ago; Sir Alex said that team to beat i’would be Arsenal.

    He saw how ahead we were in academy, with Europe best youth, a uk top young gunz and mainly a football style taought to Saka & co since age of 6. All in England team at youth level is a clear sign of efficient succesful academy Taking players from youth teams to first club & national first tea

    Spurs emulated Arsenal bringing Kane, Ali that way, Reds as well with baxk wingers, samz for Chelsea following that Arsenal trend as Fox and modern football, many more ypung players brought up that way.

  8. I will be the first to admit that I was not overwhelmed by his signing at first. His style of play especially trying to over run EPL defenders did not work. He did not have the speed to bypass them because of his long strides.

    Now we have a completely new player who changed his style and looks comfortable defending and moving forward.

    That shows he is a thinker and a learner. Hopefully we are set at his position for a long time.

  9. Tierney is a beast. He can waste a few crosses and still bring a smile to my face with a peach perfect delivery! He has calmed himself down when rushing in the box these past few games and that has resulted in a lot more attacking actions. May he keep it up and may we shoot up the table! Up the Gunners!

  10. For the first time, since Patrick Viela I can say without hesitation that KT demonstrate character to be captain

  11. For the first time, since Patrick Viela I can say without hesitation that KT demonstrates character to be captain

  12. We are seemingly back on course, the display against WBA was reminiscent of Wenger’s era. If we continue with this fine run, who knows, we can as well be title contenders considering that we are only ten points from the league toppers. Up the gunners..

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