Perhaps Arsenal’s new boys will prove us wrong?

Is this One Man a reason to believe current crop of new players are different from the rest?

Midway through the transfer window and we haven’t had any ‘big name’ signing that all Arsenal fans want to compete with our ever-strengthening rivals. With the Manchester clubs, Chelsea, Liverpool and even the Spuds getting business done, Mr.Wenger still seems to be looking for players of the future. But just maybe, this crop of players will affect the first team now for the better because of one man, Ben Wrigglesworth.

Most of us have forgotten Ben, but he was the man who helped to discover Riyad Mahrez and Kante at Leicester, who ended up being Champions. If we had bought these players before Leicester, every Arsenal fan would be ‘who the hell is he’, ‘wenger needs to go’, ‘we need world class players’, but they turned out pretty darned good.

After luring Ben from Leicester in February, maybe Asano, Holding are players he discovered, and who will be world class stars under Arsenal, after all he did find Mahrez and Kante. So lets not judge these poor blocks so early and give them a chance, they might prove us all wrong.

However, Wenger and Ben still need to find us a proven goal scorer, to give Arsenal some goals, as well as a centerback, and get rid of players such as Walcott, and Debuchy. But for now welcome Holding, and I hope this isn’t the last time we welcome someone to the Emirates this summer


– Anonymous


  1. As much as I am in favor of young talents, we still need to sign proven CF and CB.
    We never know who will be the next Mahrez or even Messi or CR7. We might find some gem in youth but as of now, we can’t wait to turn coal into Diamond. We need someone proven who can get us 25+ goals and CB who can play alongside boss.

    Hope Arsene is aware of this.

    1. No matter how good the signing will actually play.. One thing is sure. Arsenal have yet again showed ZERO ambition to take the club to the next level or at least compete with our rivals!!

      The thing is, the board and Wenger are probably laughing at us behind closed door because no matter how little they do/achieve the fans will continue to buy tickets and merchandises.

      Honestly I’m sick and tired of this clubs ambitionlessness…

  2. This is a very very optimistic assumption and while Ben wrigglesworth found Mahrez and Kante and they have indeed become champions, we have found in the past equally potentially talented youngsters (re previous article Wellington Silva) and Guess what??? we have offloaded almost all of them and there have been NO real world class players who have gone on to win anything.
    Dont get me wrong Im all for the young players of the future but frankly if we want results now or in the next two seasons we absolutly NEED to buy in the finished articles or we will continue to struggle for fourth spot particularly now our competition has manned up no end.
    We needed to loose Walcott, The Ox and Gibbs as well as adding a world class striker to the group, the reason I say loose the afore mentioned is because all three have failed to fullfill thier maximum potential and Walcott especially has become lazy and un motivated and will never (in my mind) be the player we all expected him to be.
    Like the fact that these players are comming for tomorrow but the fact is that tomorrow never ever comes and thats how I currently feel about an EPL trophy with the current squad.

    1. Even Gary Lineker laughed at us for signing the wrong scout, Ben didn’t find Mahrez or Kante ??

  3. AW out the yank out dead wood out some of the bourd members out new blood needed. Why won’t big players come to Arsenal but years gone by they did why can’t AW just say I want this player and leave it to them just like dean used to do. All the top teams sorry all the EPL teams have new players in and still coming in but we don’t. If it’s like this at the start of the season and AW says the same crap then we should all not go to tbe games

    1. Kroenke owns over two thirds of AFC, to say yank out is a waste of breath. Kroenke can do what he likes with arsenal as long as it is within the law.

      1. this is true John but concerted fan effort could put a lot of pressure on him. Thing is this is unlikely to happen. I could see fan pressure on Wenger lead to him walking away. He is not a man who seems to take criticism very well. Last season showed fans are starting to get more and more impatient with the lack of fresh blood and the lack of ambition it seems to signal. I fear if we don’t sign a replacement for Giroud, this years atmosphere at the club could be worse if results remain disappointing.

        Not sure fans are ready to rally behind the usual suspects (Giroud, Mert) and their injuries (most of the team), if results turn south.

        I for one am not dying to see the beginning of the new season even if we play Liverpool. It just seems hard to me to get excited about watching Walcott upfront and Ramsey or whom ever on the wing and Mert and whom ever at CD.

        I am dying for a new exciting attacking player breathing some hope and expectation into our season. The idea that Xhaka is the only new player to look forward to depresses me.

        We were quite boring last season often passing the ball around too slow and without much imagination, hardly bothering most defenses.

        Also gone are the times I was having high expectations for the likes of Wilshire, Ramsey, Walcott or Ox to reach new levels. Are any of these guys going to surprise us? Or are we going to have to put our rose tinted glasses on to see their progress to a new level?

        I think there is a reason many top clubs continue to bring in new players even when they win major trophies. It keeps fans excited about the new season and it keeps players on their toes fighting for their jobs.

  4. Wont Happen
    theres no regard for the fans coming from the board or from Wenger.
    They dont care and frankly they know we have no real power. There are plenty of fans like Josh 37 and NY gunner who are out there and ready to shell out thier cash to have a seat in the library just to say that they have a season ticket with no real care if we win or loose.
    In any other team this situation would have been remedied many moons ago but with AFC it just rolls on and on and on, can you imagine the bernabau fans putting up with these lies and nonsense??? or perhaps Real Madrid’s fans ? NO!!! it wouldnt be allowed to happen but with a awaiting list a million miles long even giving up season tickets en mass wont make a dent in the machinary.
    Wenger is just the puppet for a board who run the club as a business and soley that NOT as a competative club and all Wenger does is walk the middle line keeping the AKB’s happy and making and saving hoards of money for the board, IF its not that then he has lost his marbles and become old and out of date and and out of touch in which case he needs to go and make way for fresh idea’s and new blood. In either case the current situation will not be winning us any trophies next seeason or the season after that and so on and so forth. OR Arsene should come out and say “Im not allowed to spend the money” in wich case we can take our Ire away from him and direct it at the board BUT if he is the once who just wont spend the money then the board should fire him and have someone in his place who knows how the modern game really works.
    Once I thought Wenger could walk on water but now I just want to see the back of him and its the lack of activity in this transfer window that has really pushed me personally over the edge

    1. You are correct, this could not happen at real madrid. Real madrid are registered as a member-owned non-profit sports organisation. The members of Real Madrid are called socios, and the club is owned entirely by them. The socios, or the fans, control all aspects of the club (either directly or indirectly). They are the ones who vote for the President and Board of Directors of the club. As of the 2014 annual report, Real Madrid has around 91,000 members that paid on average €123 per year for member privileges.

      Arsenal is run by a majority shareholder businessman who runs it as a business.

      To convert arsenal to the RM model you could always get together with your mates, say about 100 thousand of them, get them each to contribute about 15 housand pounds and see if Kroenke and the other shareholders would sell to you.

      Failing that we just have to accept what kroenke is willing to give us, the only other option is to stop supporting arsenal, or at least stop buying tickets and merchandise. Dorry but that is just how it is

      1. Just to add that barcelona have a similar ownership structure as real madrid.

        There are a few typos in the above but I hope it makes sense.

  5. I have chucked in my season ticket this season….and trust me I have been going for many many many years.

    Had enough……it’s not only expensive but the atmosphere in the ground is gone. It’s either full of people that wouldn’t say boo to a goose and give out dirty looks if you chant, or its full of whiners, either arguing for or against AW. It’s pathetic and I am finally done with it.

    Arsenal owners couldn’t care less about the fans, they are a business plain and simple and always will be.

    It was a tough decision to throw it in, I am still a member so can get a ticket for any of the games if I want. But am going to try and wean myself off of it and avoid doing so when possible.

    So I am relaxed this season….it’s time to sit back and watch at home and say what the heck who cares if the team show no heart at least I haven’t got that tube journey home and the queue to the station to contend with.

    Here’s for a good season anyway regardless.

    1. @Twonk…..Hahahaha………..Lovely……… Some of us don’t have the Luxury of going to see the game…being in countries outside London…so the game is been watched on TV (not free tho…cable subscriptions, pub fees etc)

      as Long as we desire to see the game and cheer for teams in our own various ways, we are still regarded as fans….and its still our money on the Line for ARSENAL!

    2. Until we get our other major shareholder in place on the bourd we will keep doing this year after year. TBH we do have power stop going to the games unless things change big time. We can get them out easy and no player want this but he must go now finished and he has pissed his name away now

    3. Twonk
      That is sad but i understand your point. It seems to me that when the stadium debt was a millstone around our neck that fans accepted the high ticket prices and having to sell our best players on the basis that things will get better. In other words jam tomorrow.

      Whilst we still have stadium debt the repayments are considerably less than they were, and we are in a position to spend on transfers. It seems to me that kroenke took over, looked at the situation, fans happy with top four, with high ticket prices so thought, we will continue this policy. In other words, more of the same, no jam tomorrow.

      It seems to me that whilst previously it was a case of pain now but gain tomorrow. Now it seems like being ripped off, paying top whack but not getting top quality.

  6. Maybe but not this season other than in the League Cup maybe
    It would be crazy to sign these players for this coming season

    If Asano and Holding are part of the “3 players” Wenger was talking about signing we are in trouble. I am hoping the 3 players does not include youth players and we at least get a good CB and good forward but with Mktharyan, ibrahimovic, Batshuayi, Janssen, Nolito, Hulk, all signed up and Higuain looking like going to Juventus, its not looking good for us.

    I am keeping my hopes up for Lacazette, Draxler, Mahrez or even Turan, Icardi or Morata at this point. I am beginning to get desperate for something

      1. That reason doesn’t make sense, when it’s his club who want to sell him, As they need to balance their books.
        Icardi and his wife/agent are happy with life in Italy and they don’t wish to move.

        1. Inter have recently been bought by a cash rich chinese business, All they have to do is work out how to get round the FFP rules, rename the stadium and a few sponsorship deals and inter are rolling in money.

          We need to forget icardi, as I keep saying on here, “cash rich new chinese owners sell top goalscorer”, does not sound correct.

        2. yes I agree they don’t want to move, they want to extract a better deal from inter by threatning to go to another club. She has claimed that 4 teams are interested in him. There is a report that inter is going to offer him a new contract which is what they want.

  7. holding won’t help us win the league, asano won’t either. I welcome them both, but these are signings that aren’t immediate. We need immediate. We’ve been “building” squads for over a decade with little real results.

  8. The three players we’ve signed are the three Arsene was speaking about
    Ive qouted it many times on here, Wenger said that he was settling with Giroud leading the line this comming season and thats what he means, what he also means is that he’s not seriously looking for a new striker.
    He has convinced himself that he is going to discover the new Henry in either sanogo or Akpom or whoever….maybe even Asano but what he fails to see past is that everybody else has overtaken his methods and left him behind. its sad but its time he went.
    we wont see any further signings this summer and we were NEVER going to.
    He tried for Vardy as he saw him as cheap in comparison to the likes of Morata and Higuain and when Vardy realised he’d play second fiddle to Giroud compared to being the main man at Leicester he turned us down and rightly so, why would he want to play second stripe to a guy who scored much less than he did?.
    after that Wenger has looked at the bargain basement option.
    Still Nver mind the 70 million we had to spend will carry over to next season, and the season after that and after that ect
    consider this when you realise how much EXTRA we will be bringing in this comming season with the BT deal
    all that lovely money going somewhere other than into top notch transfers
    disgusting and morally wrong.
    and Thats that!!!!

  9. Deluded article,hope its not wenger that wrote this because this sounds just like Wenger. We have done that experiment for years and with Wenger at the helm of affairs it didn’t work. Last season he said “judge me at the end of the season” and what did we get? NOTHING

  10. it seems as if wenger will not be signing anyone else the sad thing is every 30 minutes I’m surfing the net hoping that there will be some good news ???

    1. Why are you torturing yourself … Mr Payne ? ?
      Oh… Hahaha ? …. Payne by name, Pain by nature, i guess ?

      1. haha haha hahaha that’s just the life of a gooner I know you also feel that pain when you go through all these transfer rumours then two days later somehow wenger has changed his mind too much information has been leaked ???

  11. It’s never in the tradition of the Arsenal hierarchies to allow the club to go into bankruptcy or into any serious financial difficulties for signing a player or players at astronomical fees to enable them win the title which even by signing them, the signings may not guarantee us winning the title. And such will result into dabbling into a serious failed gamble.

    Didn’t Man Utd signed audaciously last season, and had those signings they did give the title to them? I think what gives or can give the title to a club is team building with adequate players in the squad who can be trusted to deliver the goods.

    Arsenal nearly won the Barclays Premier League title least season as they placed 2nd in the table. I think what Arsenal team needs now is to be fine tuned. And that’s what the Boss has embark upon to better position Arsenal at winning the title in this coming season. The signings of Granit Xhaka, Takuma Asano and likely that of Roberts Holding will be more than adequate for the Boss to fine tune his 1st team squad in readiness of capturing the desired title next season.

    1. Sorry to disagree, but we did not nearly win the PL last season. We were effectively out of the race on 2 march and finished 10 points behind the leaders.

      Nearly winning is challenging till at least the last two games and there being a couple of points in it.

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