Persistent Arsenal wore down a very strong Watford side

Watford proved to be a tough nut to crack in a very open and fast-moving game. Although it was a deadlock at half-time, Arsenal could easily have been winning if Walcott had been more accurate with his head and Aaron Ramsey hadn’t missed two clearcut chances. But the Gunners finally got on top in the second half as the Watford team couldn’t keep up with the blistering pace of the Arsenal attack.

That man Sanchez was in the right place as usual after Ozil was tackled in the box to put us in front, and Olivier Giroud followed up after he had replaced a lacklustre Theo Walcott, and at last Ramsey got his first League goal at the 30th attempt this season! Hopefully the floodgates will now open for the Welshman.

Arsene Wenger thought that Watford made it hard for us in the first half: “To beat Watford you have to be completely committed to the game.” Le Prof said after the game. “We faced a Watford team that was well organised and knew exactly what they wanted to do. They were very physical in the challenge and very strong in the challenges and very direct. These three things together, it took us a while to get on top of that.

“In the second half, the fatigue coming in, Watford came in less in the challenges and we got the ball quicker in transition and were much more dangerous. When we scored the first goal, I like the fact we continued to attack and got a convincing win.”

Alexis Sanchez got on the scoresheet for the 6th game in a row, but Wenger admitted that he thought about giving the Chilean a rest. “I did.” he said. “Yesterday in the training session he looked quite sharp and the medical people told me he has no problem at all, then I thought I would test if he is ready and if he was not ready I would take him out. But sometimes it is easier to start the game and take the players off than when you go into the game a little bit tired, because you go with the game. So I decided to go for that.

“I believe every player hates not playing but as well you have periods as a player. When a player is on a scoring moment then sometimes the flow can be disturbed. That is why I leave him in.”

Alexis is definitely on a scoring run and he did not look tired at all. But the best thing is that his pace and confidence seems to be rubbing off on the other players too as we are taking teams apart much more easily at the moment. Arsenal needed that win after all our top rivals won earlier in the day, and we have moved back up to second place.

Onwards and Upwards!

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    1. Only in capital one cup. How often is CR7 rested or want to be rested? There’re similarities in their strength, determination and durability. But CR7 is even more injury prone. Sanchez, play on. This was a buy.

  1. Sanchez look exhausted when he came out what are you talking about?

    And how do you people still claim wenger is not tactically flexible, he AGAIN changed our team to a 3 man midfield and switched ozil and Ramsey in the second half.

  2. Yes we did.But as much as I am trying to remain optimistic for the Bayern game,seeing the way we gave away the ball cheaply too many times yesterday and the number of times Mertesacker was easily beaten for pace, we are in big trouble. Lewandowski is no Ighalo mind you

  3. Ok I get that 3 points is what matters and happy we took them but what a misleading title the idea that watford finally gave in to arsenals attrition is idiotic … For an hour they were the one that probably had the more chances but in all honesty 2 2 would have been a fair scoreline … They were outdone in end by the class acts we have and they lack … Sanchez and ozil … And by one of most promising young players in Europe .. I see we are interested in griezman 6 months too late … Sick of having a right winger praised for being a human Duracell battery want a right winger who threatens defences constantly down the right wing and can cross and cut in … And why the f@@@ is mertesakher playing a decent attack would have capitalized on his basic defensive errors and game could have been over on the hour mark … And is Walcott even in the top twenty goal scorers in the premiership so far this year? If we lost Sanchez and ozil and then played bornmouth would we score 5?

    1. We have convincingly won 3 consecutive epl matches against teams that are difficult to beat, yet here you are complaining. Can’t we just be happy that our team is finalling getting the character to crack well organized and determined defenses.

      And as for the team selection and tactics, why complain when the current tactics are winning us some games?

    2. Dear God I hate these sort of comments!!
      Looking over at City… Of course, if they lose to Tottenham that doesn’t count.. But oooo snap! Putting 5 past a newly promoted team! Watch out league! Who cares? It’s 3 pts whether it’s one goal or five…
      Mertesacker, Theo.. Blah, Blah, Blah…

      1. But Mertesacker is too slow, he only made 8/8 clearances, we only had a clean sheet, we want a 6:0 result every game with 80% posession, and no chances for the opposing team…

        People here are crazy, i tell you. Crazy.

  4. Alexis for____Golden boot, PFA player
    Ozil for_____ top assists, best play maker
    Cech for____Golden globe
    Bellerin for__ best R.B
    Boss for_____CB
    Le coq for____best DM
    Arsenal for____TITLE.
    And I am not joking.

    1. Bellerin for best rb , pfa young player of the year , uefa golden boy award , and Euro 2016 young player of the tournament

  5. we constantly gave out the ball, even in dangerous areas .

    Our counter attack is very slow. Lethargic transition. Probably bcos rams have wings.

    I can see lewandowski smiling

    Always keep this in memory

    The Bavarians are snarling at us

    Ready to rip us into shreds.

    1. Oh, people like you were saying exactly the same thing before Man U game. Why don’t you do all of us a favor and start cheering for someone else? You clearly don’t support Arsenal.

  6. Did you catch that serial title winner Sheep Shearer on MOTD.
    Arsenal always fall away in the 2nd half of the season.
    Does he actually check any facts before he opens his mouth?
    The Gunners are the best performing EPL team in 2015 – which includes the 2nd half of the 2014/15 season!!

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