Peter’s Arsenal Player Ratings for Bournemouth win – Saliba or Odegaard MOTM?

Bournemouth v Arsenal Player Ratings by Peter Doherty

As we Gooners are aware it is the hope that kills you, but it is proving increasingly difficult not to start dreaming. Each game is still approached with the customary trepidation, but the performances are starting to create expectation as they are increasingly convincing. Here are ratings for yesterday’s superb outing.

Ramsdale (6) Had very little to do all game and in lesser keepers that can sometimes be when their lack of concentration is exposed. He was commanding at set pieces and made a few choices saves. However, his penchant for an occasional erratic moment is still prevalent.

White (7) Looking increasingly comfortable at right back and offered more in terms of overlaps and attacking options. Although his forward forays were largely ignored, predominantly by Saka, they still present an uncomfortable conundrum for defences.

Saliba (9) What a goal! A nonchalant swing of the left boot and it curls into the top corner. Stats say that he completed every one of his 73 passes. Yet neither of these are as impressive as his reading of the game as he sees the unfolding attack with impressive clarity and stops it. Probably deserves a 10 for inspiring the best chant of the season thus far!

Gabriel (8) Commanding in the air where Bournemouth had obviously intended to attack with their big forward line. Given a license to roam forward more because of Saliba’s speed and recovery capacity and it might prove a potent weapon as the season goes on.

Zinchenko (8) Another master class in distribution and technical excellence. His ball control and swift passing offer a reassuring out ball for the defence. A defining signing and gets a bonus point for his reaction to Saliba’s goal.

Xhaka (8) A player reborn. The responsibility that he carried solely on the left side of midfield was burdensome and sharing that because of Zinchenko’s hybrid positioning has granted him capacity for an expression of his skillset. Even got his own chant.

Partey (8) The rock on which this is built. Worryingly so as we need him injury free as he is irreplaceable. Intercepted and distributed efficiently and cut out the errant passes from the previous weeks.

Odegaard (9) Two goals and a sublime through ball for Jesus’s offside goal might warrant the mark alone, but again it’s the largely unrecognized work that he contributes that impresses most. The frequency that a simple Odegaard pass changes the structure of play is worthy of recognition and if Carlsberg did Energizer Bunnies…… A brilliant football brain.

Saka (6) Still not sparked into his previous heights but is also frequently double marked and fouled which offers the space for Jesus and Martinelli to thrive. He misses Tomiyasu.

Martinelli (7) Once again fearless and relentless. His unpredictability unnerves defenders and creates havoc. Attempted a few wild shots when teammates were in better positions though.

Jesus (8) The panic causing dribble prior to the first goal was enough to warrant the admission fee alone. He is clearly enjoying himself and Arteta’s faith in him.

Again, it is important to recognize that this team are the sum of its parts. Each elevated rating is due to the relationship they have with their teammates, and they are improving each other, and that is what is so exciting about this team. It could be said that it was ‘only’ Bournemouth, but it’s important to remember that last season’s opener was ‘only’ Brentford. There are no ‘onlys’ in the Premier League. Allow your standard to drop and you will take a hiding.

Now everyone together to the tune of Tequila….

Peter Doherty

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  1. Never look at ratings as it is subjective and based on people’s own opinions
    What I will say is , yesterday’s performance was damn good and we looked like a real team
    We had pace , power, composure, and maturity in our play
    We are growing stronger as a team game by game
    Test will come when we lose and how we handle it

    1. There’s nothing wrong with ratings as long as they are explained which Peter has done very well. We don’t have to agree with them but it’s still interesting to see other people’s opinions and ratings

      1. Who says he as done it well
        Ramsdal 6
        Xhaka 8
        As I said subjective

        Winning is all that counts and as teams we rise together or fall together
        Sometimes players rates are read to much in to it

    2. Who was Man Of The Match?

      Forget all those stupid ratings!!!!

      Just ask those Arsenal fans who attended the Game and serenaded William Saliba to their modified version of the old 1950’s Champs record “TEQUILA”.

      I was so into it, I got out my old 45 copy of the record and let it wash over me!!!

      If you want to know how we are doing, just listen to the fans who actually attend the matches!!!

  2. Ramsfale – 6
    White – 7
    Saliba – 8.5
    Gabriel – 7
    Zinchenko – 7
    Xhaka – 7
    Party – 6
    Odegaard 8.5
    Martinelli – 8
    Saka – 6
    Jesus – 8

  3. I loved Saliba’s tackle by the touch line the way he ran over tonight he was gonna give a foul away but he got the ball. Great player we have

  4. Saliba for me
    Closely followed by white Odegaard and white .
    Everyone will have their own different view but that was mine .
    Everyone played their part exceptionally well ,so big ups to the manager and all involved .
    Now on to the next 👍

  5. Very good assessment of the player’s performances Peter.As I have said on numerous occasions on JA, to make Saka more effective ,he needs to be switched to the left wing.

  6. I think Gabriel was best of our defenders this game, Zincenko what a signing along with Jesus. The Ukrainian gives us that needed calmness and playmaker type play on left hand side that’s we see left side now being our ball playing side. Saka has not been bad as many people think it’s just white does not offer what Zincenko offers on left hence the imbalance. I think Tommy is better suited to play in White’s position but then as they say don’t fix what is not broken. Exciting time for Arsenal fans.

    1. Yeah Odegarrd for me also, again the amount of closing down he does Is amazing for a creative type player. And when doesn’t have a influential game, he works so hard and what more can you ask for as fans 👏👏

      To be honest that all done well and saka always looked for the ball👏👍

  7. Does anyone know why comments were closed on the previous article? The comments made for really interesting reading

  8. I know fans are still in awe of Saliba presence but that doesn’t mean we should undermine reason just to praise him, yesterday game was game for attackers, our defence had nothing doing so the man of the match is Ode by far. Good link between attack and defence, good game all round.

    I don’t know why Martinelli get more ratings than Saka with his over enthusiasm, Saka maturity is far beyond Martinelli, Martinelli was forcing himself to get a goal but Saka is playing for the team-class, I saw 2-3, episodes, where I think instead of shooting to the orbit a simple pass to the nearest teammate would have been more productive

    1. Because Saka has been invisible and delivering a level below his typical self.

      Is he distracted by contract talks?
      Still adjust to White at RB?
      Another reason?

      Point being Saka is definitely talented and needs to step it up. Arteta even mentioned Saka being more “ruthless” this year.

      Not bashing Saka, his lower ratings are a reflection of him currently not producing on the level Martinelli is. It will improve, but Saka clearly needs to step it up.

      1. I think people are being unfair to Saka. He does not have a player at the level of Zincheko on his side and is frequently double teamed. Even though BW has done a creditable job he is not on the same kind of level when the team is attacking.

    2. Just shut up! Last season and other previous seasons Saka was better than Martinelli, but so far this season Saka has been a shadow of himself, I’m not undermining his ability and work rate but Martinelli has performed better so far this season. Saka will definitely come good but honor to whom it’s due.

      1. “Just shut up “
        Just think what you just posted Angelo ,telling a fellow Arsenal fan that ,plenty of other fans have said the same thing .
        If you don’t agree just say that , no need to make yourself look like a complete Tw5t by
        Telling someone to Shut Up.

  9. I agree with Odegaard as MOTM, but Jesus forced Bournemouth to open up using his crazy skills. Had Jesus not created our first goal so early in the game, Bournemouth might’ve been more difficult to break in the second half

    The match tempo was beautifully controlled by our playmakers, such as Magalhaes, White, Zinchenko, Partey and Xhaka. If Jesus stays fit throughout the season, I think we can finish 3rd and win EL

    1. My point exactly, there were lots of attack minded players on the pitch who imo played better than Saliba, that is not undermining Saliba goal and contribution, he deserves same ratings as Zinchenko despite his brilliant goal

      1. Yeah. Zinchenko was great as a tempo dictator and a midfield general, whereas Saliba played like an invisible wall

    2. That’s how I see it. It’s easy to play well when you’re winning 5-0 against demoralised opponents, it’s the players who get you into that situation who are the real stars. Jesus does that time and again.

      His first touch is excellent, his dribbling and vision too. After pulling the ball out of the sky, directing it towards where he was turning all in one touch, he beats 4 players, then has the vision to play Martinelli in.

      When City beat us 5-0 at the start of last season, the first goal was all him even though someone else ends up nodding it in from the 6-yard box after his pinpoint cross.

      Pep must be wondering if he’s made a mistake – and Haaland will have to be bloody brilliant to convince him.

      The other thing about that first goal is that it wrecks the argument that Laca was in some way hampered by having to drop deep to get the ball. That 1st goal, Jesus was near the centre circle and he was closely marked when he got the ball (which was a rather weird hoof up in the air which left him with a lot of work to do to control it – he wasn’t even favourite just to win the ball).

      1. What Jesus has been doing for the team is incredible. I thought he was just going to be a tireless high presser with some goals, but he’s been playing extremely well as our focal point

        Haaland is a beast and superior in the air, but Jesus has the advantage of his low center of gravity and street-football-like skills. Guardiola must’ve wanted to keep Jesus, but Jesus needs more playing time to be Brazil’s main CF in World Cup

        1. I was expecting the same tbh – I’m pleasantly surprised too.

          The wc was almost certainly part of Jesus changing clubs, but the arrival of Haaland would have been another issue for him.

          He was so good when he joined City that they were considering selling Aguero – until Jesus broke his foot. He would’ve expected to be No 1 again after Aguero left, but they played many games without a striker and then… they go and buy Haaland who will start ahead of him.

          With all that going on I’m not surprised he left. He’ll want to prove Pep wrong and he’s making a good case so far – fantastic buy for Arsenal.

        2. Yes exactly. City had too many good players. Even if pep would have probably preferred keeping him. That is what happened to us when we sold Giroud bc we had Laca. And look at Giroud, he helped Chelsea wins way more things and still banging goals to that day. And same when we sold Lassana Diarra too. Or more recently Martinez (even if this is forgotten since ramsdale). Glad this time we are on the right side.

      2. 100% with you about JESUS! Isn’t every Gooner too!.

        On LACA, its easy , by comparison with JESUS , to see how realLy poor he was. No speed, little dynamism, hardly any goals and now, mercifully, no Arsenal career either . THAT is to be celebrated now, say I!


        1. Isn it crazy to think that we paid more transfer fee for Lava than Jesus,even with inflation and the fact it was in 2018. Also they are on the same wages (190 vs 182) A really smart move but let’s see if it continues (we all hope).

    1. Unbelievable😲…and some people are making fuzz about we playing small team like it that easy

  10. Maybe Dan will start forgert the 5th place last year as the past .come on the process..🤣

  11. Chelsea are poor and like I said a bit back they will struggle this season like they did last year. They were lucky scrapping late 1-0 results at home. Tuchel could be first big name managerial casualty.

    Let us take it one game at a time. Won’t be an easy game at home to Fulham

    1. One criticism that PSG fans had about Tuchel.when everything goes well no problems but as soon as the going gets tough ,he starts losing it a bit and tinkering with the team,blaming everyone and everything except himself.

      1. Yeah same at Dortmund. Gary Neville nailed it the other day he’s improved the defenders but nothing with the attaching players he’s got

  12. *OT
    Balogun finds the back of the net once again to earn a point for Reims…Keep up the good work Young Gun. 👍🏾

  13. It says a lot that probably 4 or 5 players could have been voted MOTM,without anyone really complaining.

  14. Fulham and Brighton are suddenly not looking like part of an “easy start” to the Arsenal season.

    Brighton have been a good side for a while now, capable of beating anyone – as we found out the hard way last season.

    Against Chelsea, I think Leeds were missing both main FBs and striker.

    1. Chelsea have been poor for a long time and always scrap lucky results.

      Never any easy games in the EPL

  15. Thank you Leeds utd for making the weekend more judicious for me….. Thanks Mendy for that, world best keeper my foot….. At least Ramsdale has not make that kind of stupid and silly make…..

            1. That the problem with man city its difficult to maintain the intensity needed to hang with them. Newcastle have nothing in the tank now and only hanging on due to pope heroics.

  16. No way are Liverpool and city getting 90pts+ this season
    They have come back to the chasing pack, but the level is much higher throughout the prem this season. All clubs have
    Tons of money to buy players from anywhere, just comes down to scouting network to get the gems or bring through youth Players.

    Got to say is there a more direct player than st maxmin ? Cause absolute mayhem despite he’s end product…..

  17. But there is possibility that City might replicate the our invincible season this time around..
    They look difficult to beat

  18. By the way, am I the only one who tthought Xhaka was average.. What exactly did he do to justify an 8. BBC Football rated him our poorest player just ahead of Ramsdale.

  19. Odegaard is very crucial to the team not only for his goals and is runs but his capacity to break up play and create situations which the opposition does not see. Saliba is someone excellent along with Jesus and the addition of Zinchenko has given Arsenal another seasoned player who reads the game ever so well. All in all, a fantastic start to the season and if we have 5 wins by the end of the month, top 4 is for the taking. My only worry is the bench, Arteta must give them more minutes or start them in easier games. For example, the Bournemouth game was the best situation to start either Nketiah or ESR in place of Saka and give more minutes to viera. But I am sure they will be getting more playing time in the coming games to keep them fit and ready when they are really required big time, come Europe.

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