Peter’s In-Depth Player Ratings for Arsenal v Leicester City – Better than mine?

Mr Admin (me!) put up the Arsenal player ratings earlier and there were quite a few readers that took exception to a few of my decisions.

Luckily, I have received some different rating from a regular contributor that is not known for pulling his punches, so let us see if you agree with his rather more in-depth marks for the Leicester game.

I’m sure you will let him know what you think in the comments….

Arsenal v Leicester Player Ratings by Peter Doherty

Exciting times at the The Emirates…

Another sign of progress with the victory against Leicester and the atmosphere in the Emirates being electric is a huge bonus. Here are my player ratings for yesterday’s game

Aaron Ramsdale (5) Not one of Rambos better games. Stood up well for the Fofana chance but it was hit tamely at him. Had no reason to come charging out for the Saliba own goal and would have prevented it if he had stayed on the goal line. The angle for the Maddison goal favoured him and he would have expected to keep it out.

Ben White (6) Defensively sound and offered little for Leicester down their left side. Put in a good cross for Xhaka’s goal but offered very little penetration going forward otherwise.

Saliba (7) His positioning and reading of the game are instinctive and are footballing traits that cannot be coached. His speed of recovery again was evident and only got marked down for his own goal, which Ramsdale shares partial responsibility.

Gabriel (7) Commanding under the high ball and made several forays forward but ultimately doesn’t have the vision to produce a killer pass when the opportunity presents so tends to turns back. Gaps began to emerge between him and Zinchenko midway through the second half and Maddison was quick to exploit them

Zinchenko (8) Tireless running and pinpoint passing sum up his game. His technical ability for receiving and delivering passes is outstanding. Reads situations very swiftly and can therefore initiate significant attacking opportunities in the early part of team movements, a contribution that is frequently overlooked. Tired at the end and should have been replaced by Tierney earlier

Partey (7) A mixed bag which seems to be typical Partey. Offered substantial cover for the defense and snuffed out multiple Leicester attacks before they got going. His distribution ranged from sublime to woeful.

Xhaka (8) Has obviously been granted a freer role and the licence to roam forward. A role that he seems to be unexpectedly very good at. The timing of his runs were executed perfectly and he is a player growing in confidence, which is a strange thing to say about a 29 year old. As Zinchenko tired Xhaka was more exposed for the Leicester forward forays.

Odegaard (7) Odegaard is incredible at quiet efficiency. Quick touches that are barely perceptible and clever runs that causes consternation in the opposing defense do not get the plaudits like a beautiful assist or a fine finish, but are vital nevertheless.

Martinelli (9) What can you say about this kid? He’s unbelievable. When playing like this he must be a defenders worst nightmare. His capacity to win the ball and retain it under great pressure is phenomenal. Winning duels he has no right to, and keeping defenders at bay as he creates openings are becoming standard. His finish was a thing of beauty.

Saka (6) Not one of his most influential games but when you have frequently single handedly taken the fight to the opposition over two seasons then you can be forgiven. Its easy to forget that he still 20 years old such is the expectations heaped upon his shoulders. He’s only a wain. [ED. Irish word for kid]

Jesus (9) Increasingly resembling the true Second Coming. His appetite and hunger is so striking that it can overshadow his incredible skill level. He is constantly moving, making it damn near impossible to mark him, and his instinct and reaction time creates panic in defences. His vision and execution for the first goal was reminiscent of Henry.

Overall a great team performance with work to do to elevate it yet further. What is reassuring is that there is confidence that this set of players have several other gears to go through.



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  1. More realistic than PATS markings earlier. I’d give White more than six and Odegaard less than seven. Otherwise, not too much to challenge at all.

  2. I still don’t agree about White’s rating. It should’ve been higher than Saliba, because he was solid defensively and didn’t make any mistake

    As for Saka, I wasn’t disappointed with his performance, because our attack was concentrated on the left side. Partey’s passes were inconsistent, but he was the best deep-lying midfielder in the game due to his successful turns in tight spaces, first touches and dribbles

    Like some fans here, I’m also concerned about Ramsdale’s inability to block the shots from tight angles. He also failed to block Jota’s shot from similar angle last season, so hopefully Turner will give him a strong competition

    1. Probably the “6” rating for White he was solid defensively, but did nothing really offensively. Key passes? Crosses? Created anything?

      Just my guess but solid on defense, but forgettable on offense for as often as he got forward.

      Thought Martinelli was a 8, great game going at opponents, but can’t share a 9 when Jesus got 2 goals and 2 assists; maybe petty by me but just not equal.

      Agree with everything else, Ramsdale too far out for the OG and should have done more with Maddison’s goal as shot could only go near post.

      1. I assumed White was told to stay behind. We just had Magalhaes and Saliba in the back, because Zinchenko and Xhaka played mostly in midfield area

        I also think Martinelli’s rating should’ve been lower than Jesus, because Jesus was more productive

  3. My first ever post although I have read articles on this site for the last two years. Ramsdale in my opinion should be cut some slack. His communication with Saliba will get better with time, and also a goalkeeper will not achieve a clean sheet in every game. Mistakes happen, and I believe he will learn and improve. We obtained maximum points, so onward and upward.

    1. Kulu, Sensible post! Please don’t make it your only one.

      We need plenty more fans who have something of their OWN , as you have done, to write!

  4. A few general observations. Glad to see the back of the boring style of artetaball. There’s a lot more pace, energy and intensity in our attacking game. Thank you, Jesus.

    There were a few loose forward passes yesterday – especially from midfield – but this should get better over time. Saka needs the help of an overlapping full back on the right side; Ben White could add this to his game.

    After two games…we’re still top of the league!

  5. Agree with these markings – just goes to show how two people watching the same game, see things differently Pat.

    Third game in a row that I have seen the same commitment that I asked for – great performance!!!

    Just a mention on the crowd – magnificent, with a special mention to the “Clock End” who are fast becoming a rival to the noisy neighbours at the other end!!!

    Plus the band that gets the crowd going, well done to them as well.

    Love the Arteta chant, the crowd are certainly behind him and his players.

    1. Yes Ken, that would be the Ashburton Army in the Clockend. A group of young lads who have the backing of the club to create an atmosphere in their block. They started it last season and it’s growing.

  6. I’d increase White and Saliba by 1 each, other than that, spot on.

    Interestingly tho, none of this takes into account the cohesion we have as a team.

    We are demonstrably ‘more than the sum of our parts’ ATM, and that seems to count for a lot

    Overall team performance – 9/10. Makes a huge difference.

  7. Fair ratings. That said, Ramsdale is beginning to worry me with his increasingly frequent poor performances.

  8. Your ratings are an accurate reflection of what actually took place on the field of play.Your observations concerning the gaps which arose second half in our left defensive area were eventually recognised by Arteta with the introduction of Tierney who immediately added solidity to that area.With regard to your comments on Ben White, I am sure you will recognise how we switched between a back four and a back three throughout the game, which meant that White’s main priority was to defend alongside Saliba and Gabriel .To that extent the three of them did well imo.My views on Ramsdale are well known as I see him as a weak link.With regard to Saka, by playing him as an inverted right winger, he has become more and more predictable, much !one Pepe.His natural position is on the left flank and I would hope Arteta would give his talented front three more scope to interchange freely as circumstances permit.Martinelli seems to me to be entirely comfortable on the right of left as is the elusive Jesus.I hope Arteta gives them the freedom they need to become even more effective.

    1. Grandad, Agree on interchanging! I consider the whole concept of playing inverted wingers or inverted wing backs a tad overrated. There is much to be said for keeping real width and playing wingers, who can go past the full back, as wide as possible.

      I know we have no tall forwards to head the high crosses in, so that may be in MA s thinking.

      I see SOME use in invertedness at times but just think it has become TOO much of an obsession, at the cost of losing a wingers natural best foot to cross and, like Barcelona when at their best, keeping REAL width at all times.

      On Ramsdale, I simply disagree with you though and see his many strengths far outweighing his occasional errors. Errors which ALL keepers make at times and I DO NOT AGREE that , overall, Ramsdale has made many key errors.

  9. We’ll have to agree to disagree on the subject of Ramsdale Jon, and I do hope he goes on to prove that my concerns are unfounded.The Maddison goal was the fourth near post concession I have witnessed since Ramsdale arrived at Arsenal.I fully accept that every keeper drops a clanger from time to time and that he has many excellent attributes for a stopper.However, based on his recent record, he clearly has a major problem with low shots at his near post and for the good of the team I assume Ramsdale and our coaching staff will be working hard to eradicate this weakness which could prove costly in certain matches.

  10. There’s more to Ramsdale than meets the eye. Karen Carney (ex player and now journalist & pundit) wrote about him in today’s Guardian, saying that his communication with his defenders is amazing in that he passes information, knowledge & detail continuously as if he were coach. She’s watched him a few times and says this is part of his game. I can see how he was one of the players considered for the captains position.

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