Petit: ‘Invincibles’ were great but Liverpool now are amazing

Former Arsenal midfielder Emmanuel Petit has come out to claim that the current Liverpool team are better than the famous team of 2004 that went the whole season unbeaten

Petit was currently playing for rivals Chelsea at the time when his former side went onto Premier League glory in the 2003-04 campaign, but he insists that while that famous ‘invincibles’ side was impressive, the current Premier League leaders are better.

“I have huge respect for my old team-mates, but when I look at Liverpool, and what they have been doing for the past two years…” he said.

“People are looking at them now because last year they won a European trophy, but really they have been like this for the past two or three years.

“It’s amazing what they are doing – it is rare to see a team winning so many games and being so dominant against their opponents all the time.

“They were both great teams in history, but for me this Liverpool team have something special. It is hard to explain what I feel when I look at Liverpool, but I don’t remember thinking the same way when I was looking at the ‘Invincibles.’

“They have impressed me more than Arsenal’s ‘Invincibles.’ I am pretty sure Arsenal fans won’t be happy with that. But I have to be honest. When I look at this team, the motivation, the intensity, so many talented players. Something is different with them.”

You are right Emmanuel, we as fans will not be happy with such a statement, nor can I agree with him. Our team may not have fired ourselves to European glory but the manner in which we remained unbeaten is a feat that no other can claim, despite how close this Anfield side managed to get.

People have short memories, and the recent always feels more real, but the ‘Invincibles’ had to take on the challenge of Roman Abramovich’s brand new expensive team, as well as the ever-present Manchester United team consisting of Ryan Giggs, Rio Ferdinand, Roy Keane, Scholes and even Cristiano Ronaldo.

I refuse to accept it, but do any of you give any allowances for such thinking? Did our European failings reduce the feat of going the campaign unbeaten?


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  1. Football in those days were more competitive than now. Liverpool are good, been that for 3 years as he said, but The Invincibles earned that meritoriously. I will not trade anyone in The Invincible, except maybe, M. Salah, for any Liverpool player today. The Invincibles were even More mentally stronger for me, yeah!

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