Petit says Arsenal’s player is “one of the best in England”

Former Arsenal midfielder Emmanuel Petit has hailed William Saliba as one of the best defenders in the Premier League. Saliba has displayed excellent form since making his debut for Arsenal last season, solidifying his position as one of the top players in his role in England.

Saliba’s impressive performances have earned him a call-up to the France national team, highlighting his rapid development as a footballer. Mikel Arteta has shown significant trust in Saliba, regularly including him in the team as long as he maintains his high level of performance.

Emmanuel Petit has been impressed with Saliba’s contributions and expressed his admiration for the young defender in a recent discussion.

He said, as quoted by But Football Club:

“He’s one of the best in England at centre-back. He’s a stalwart. He has a lot of composure and personality on the pitch. He’s improved his communication, his reading of the game and his management of what’s behind him. He relied a bit on his strength and speed, but now, he’s adapted to the demands of English football.”

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Saliba has been one of the best in the Premier League since he debuted in the competition.

He is one player we expect to reach the highest level of the game and help us to win several trophies.

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  1. I’ll be very surprised in Real Madrid or the likes don’t come knocking for him in the next year or 2.

    I have no doubt that he’ll be in the top 3 center backs in Europe for the next decade if he stays injury free.

    1. He already IS the very best CB in the Prem. I have not see a more effective CB ANYWHERE in modern football, even Europe wide.
      For me , our first name BAR NONE, ON THE REGULAR TEAMSHEET.

  2. Whether I’m right or not, I always compare any current individual player with his direct comparison from the mighty Invincibles.

    To date, Saka and Martinelli would be part of the bench, but Saliba would, in my opinion, send Toure to sit with them.
    Just imagine Sol Campbell and Saliba playing together!!

    1. Saliba is streets ahead of Toure, the likeable, immensely popular, butin actual quality, no more than decent or quite good as a CB,and junior partner in the INVINCIBLES.


        1. Yes ken, i think he helped win City their first premier league and i think is one of the few African players to win the premier league with two different clubs, if not the ONLY one. Plus i think he won other leagues with other clubs but we wont go into that.

            1. I agree ken, i think Saliba would be in over Toure but that is no reflection on Toure, who was an excellent defender and very under rated but proved himself to be a top player. It says more about Saliba.

        2. What has his time at CITY got to do with his time here? None actually.!
          You said yourself that Toure would not get in the Invincibles start team here , were Saliba then available.
          Are you now changing your mind again, as you did on my “time wasting article”, referring to added minutes versus saving time within the ninety mins?

          You had it both ways just yesterday and I still dont know for sure , which of the two different opinions you finally gave is the one you really believe to be true, as your choice for curing time wasting.

          1. I’m not changing my mind, as I said Saliba would see Kolo as a substitute – Where’s my change of view, especially as it was me who mentioned it in the first place?!

            As for the time wasting, I clearly said that your suggestions would help, but not cure, said time wasting and it would still need extra time to be added.

            Your confusion stems from our differing opinion regarding the players “needing” recovery time.

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