Petr Cech gives Arsenal the belief to push on

Some naysayers could put forward the view that Arsenal lost two points in the draw at Stoke, but Petr Cech is the type of player whose glass is always half-full and he has persuaded the other Gunners that it is a point gained in our race for the title.

Let’s allow Theo Walcott to explain the big man’s effect on the team: “All the big teams that have come here have struggled, with Stoke getting positive results,” he said. “There were mixed emotions in the dressing room, but it is probably a fair result.

“We felt from the start we were up for the fight, physically. It’s a shame that we couldn’t get the result we desperately wanted but it is an improvement from previous performances here and we have got to be proud of that point.

“The mental strength in our dressing room is the strongest it has ever been. When you have the likes of Petr Cech coming in as well, he only enhances that.

“He has lifted everybody’s heads up, saying this is a very good point and that nobody tends to win here.

“We just have to look at him because he has been at the top level and won many things so if we have the belief that he has got, we can push on.”

Not only did Arsenal not lose at Stoke, like we did last season, Petr has kept the team in confident mood as we prepare to face his old side next weekend in yet another crucial fixture in the race for the title. With the expected return of Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez there is no reason for us not to take all three points, especially with Petr Cech holding things steady at the back.

Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. I agree there is a genuine
    belief among players
    management and fans
    that we can do it this season.
    The 2 draws at Stoke and Liverpool
    were evidence that the team is really hard to beat.
    Top of the table without Sanchez Coq and Santi
    let alone Rosicky and Wellbeck.
    With Elneny available now as well
    Arsenal has another level to go yet.
    The Chelsea game is another chance
    to continue our journey.
    I would take a draw actually as I reckon WH will beat City.

  2. No need for long talk! This was obviously the best signing this EPL season by a huge mile and you can take that to the bank. COYG!

  3. Off topic
    Daily Telegraph commenting on the idiotic chants by the Stoke fans aimed at Ramsey who’d broken his leg several yes ago.Shouldn’t that read that Shawcross broke his leg?

    1. and there alot of people are …..thinking our greatest hatred comes form the spuds………i tell u, half the world hates us (but do i care?….it makes us unified and stronger)……. It will be my greatest pleasure to see us Lift the EPL and add salt to their injuries

  4. Cech is a proven winner and world class.

    This is what you get when you buy proven world class players, there winning mentality even rubs off the other players. We started winning trophies the moment we signed Ozil, no coincidence there

    The difference between us and Bayern, Barca, R. Madrid and to some extent Man City is they have proven players all over the park and match winers. e.g. if Robben is injured or needs rest Bayern have Costa, Comman, Muller, Goetz who can all fill in minus dropping the level too much, if Bale is out of Madrid has Isco, James, Jese to fill the void. We need more match winners in our squad, without Sanchez’s goals, Ozil’s assists and OG’s goal the others don’t seem to step up when required. An addition of at least 2 more WC players preferably a ST and a winger and we are good to go. It might not be this window though. Auba and Grienzman could take us to the next level.

  5. we need all our players available to give us a PUSH……. Ranging from ALexis to Mertesacker………Not just Cech ….for **** sake!!!

  6. Tell me, why is Theo Walcott a starter in Arsenal/and is being paid 140k weekly? Why do we have Ox-Chamberlain in top club like Arsenal? aside running, what else does dis guy do well? And why is Arsene Wenger still d manager of Arsenal Fc? with his lack of motivation, poor game reading, and Monopoly of decisions? Am not happy with these. Liverpool game was already in our bag, Wenger only needed d right subs, (Gabriel, Chambers) cos they are tall n defenders. As soon as U saw Benteke, U shld have know they want to play aerial balls. Simple game reading. But he wants Ox to go to Euros, so he plays him even when he runs and plays like a schoolboy all game long. If We don’t win d EPL this season, give us another ten years! Shame!!!!!

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