Petr Cech just wants Arsenal to beat Chelsea – and why he is a winner

Petr Cech is set to return for the first time to the scene of so many of his triumphs when he played for Chelsea, but right now all that history is forgotten and he just wants is to help win the game for Arsenal this time around. The Czech international has kept three clean sheets in a row for the Gunners, while Chelsea are suffering while conceding 12 goals so far – more than any other team in the Premier League.

This augurs well for next weekend and Petr is keen to keep his record going. Cech said: “I have never played at Stamford Bridge in the visiting team so it will be a new experience for me.

“I go to a familiar place but most important for me will be to win the game. That’s the way it goes.

“In a way it is nice that I spent so much time there. That I know every corner of the stadium and the space, so for me there will be no surprises.

“Obviously it will be new to play against Chelsea but when you start playing the game the only concern you have is ‘can I play my best game and can we win?’”

And we can! One thing in Petr’s favour is that he is used to being on the winning side at Stamford Bridge, and if both sides play to current form he can certainly do that again!

Cech is well aware that his Arsenal career did not get off to the best of starts, but he has given us a glimpse of his philosophy of picking yourself up and improving in the next match. “I think if you spill the milk or coffee in your kitchen you don’t just let it lay there, you wipe it off and clean it,” he said on “It is the same thing when you do something wrong, you just take the first opportunity to make this right and correct it.

“This is the only way. When you know the world well, you are prepared and if a bad game happens it is probably part of football and you need to understand that.

“I had a great pre-season, I was feeling well going into the game, excited to play my first home game. Then obviously the game did not go according to plan for everybody, particularly me.

“But we recovered from there and it was good to see the reaction of the team because it was a big blow as we had wanted to start on a winning note.”

And having that attitude is why he has won four Premier League trophies with Chelsea. Now it is time for him to win his fifth with Arsenal!

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  1. I should say I’m enjoying Cech’s interviews so far. They are always on point, no messing and always professional.

    At 33 he still sounds hungry for success and wants to prove a point. His a winner just for that in my books.

    There is nothing more that I love than a over Chelsea, only thing I would love even more is a win against Mou’s Chelsea at the bridge (of course we have only had a few of these wins in recent times). The team must go there believing they can win at all cost, whether we go down by a goal or goals first the team should not give up. Chances might be few in this one, we need to be clinical and our defense disciplined not to fall into the trap of Costa’s antics, Hazards diving, or just the name Pedro and give them chance to intimidate them. Massive game for the lads, more-so for our spine (Cech, Kos, Gabi or Mert, Coq, Santi, Ozil, OG or Theo)

    We can do it, 3 points to the Arsenal!!!

    1. If Costa’s being dirty, good! Give it back! Once you get a reputation in this league the ref’s side against you. It’s happened with Young, with Suarez and after a few incidents they had a lot of legitimate penalties not given. Costa’s stamping and cheating wouldn’t have gone unnoticed. If they see him writhing about like a crybaby they’ll think twice. It’s not going to be like the soap opera that is La Liga!
      Did you not get the memo?? Koscielny, Gabby and Coquelin give zero f@#k’s for that sort of thing!

      1. I hear you man. Though I don’t know whether its just me but ref’s usually blow against Arsenal and sometimes they don’t award us clear fouls or even penalties. I like the fact that Kos, Gabi and Coq play with no fear for reputations and there game is always on the edge, my only caution is it shouldn’t get to their heads. We know Chelsea usually play the Mou way (dirty) and they will do all they can to win against us, no need to fall in there trap. Lets play our game, beautiful fast flowing football with solid sharp and concentration till the last whistle.

  2. Spot on from a classy operator on and off the field,

    off topic wilshere out until atleast xmas lets just say the whole season What an absolute Joke he has become no sympathy for him at all, Get rid he’s useless!!!!

    1. I am equally frustrated about Jack’s continuous injuries as his such a joy to watch when his doing his thing, but I wouldn’t go as far as blaming the man. I’m sure its not his fault entirely and he does not get injured deliberately.

      He will come good someday, I don’t think he will go the Diaby way so the club should not be in a hurry to get rid of him. The root cause for his injuries should be identified however, if he requires extensive treatment like Theo’s let it as long as he can come back stronger and have a meaningful contribution to the team.

      1. @Mo1 @007

        This time Wilshere’s injury was a Gabriel tackle on the training ground, as you have seen the last 2 games he is a no nonsense defender, don’t know how you could even take that attitude with him for that.

  3. can any one give me d tactical analysis for arsenal to survive if chelsea park the bus to use counter attack strategy has he did last season`s first league against us?
    i ask dis question bcos all our four backs always attack due to our playing style.

    1. Here’s what we do… 80th minute or so, if it’s 0-0 Cech will yell ‘Panic Stations!!’
      Then.. Koscielny and Gabby run straight up the field, pull down their pants and give the entire Chelsea defence a fruit-bowl. While they’re all stunned Ozil will be burning down the right into what would be an open goal due to Begovic’s temporary immobility. But he thinks to himself ‘nah, f@#k that! I’m Mesut Ozil, this aint my style’ and executes a flawless rabona pass into the back of Fabregas’s head which then perfectly rebounds into the top corner…

      That’s not all, in the craziness of the celebrations Costa spits on Cazorla, Captain Santi doesn’t notice but Flamini does and comes crashing out from the bench, lunges at Costa from 2 metres away, and absolutely floors him breaking both his ankles in the process… Mutters something in French to him, takes his shirt off and then Tupac walks away from the scene of the crime.

    2. @olabans
      Chelshit wont park the bus unless they manage to score the 1st goal…They need 3 points more than us and its their home game…besides they no longer confident of their defense…But the trick would be to use Kos…When he gets forward no1 will mark him and he can score with his awesome long range shot..

      @josh37 – talk about an imaginative mind….seems like Muffs coaching you…

  4. Cech, help us to win and that mouthy man will be shameless at post match. Hear him in advance “we played better and could have won and my medics interrupted play when Costa was to get a penalty for us to equalize and then score the winning goal. Later, the referee gifted them that Sanchez goal for them to win 2-0”. That is Jose for you.

  5. am I the only one worried that there seems to be an overfocus on the Chelsea game and nothing on the Zagreb one?

    We should know by now that there are no Little teams in UCL, we have seen even the mighty Barceolna taken by surprise

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