Petr Cech set for momentous record against Chelsea

The new Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Cech had a very scary debut for the Gunners when he allowed West Ham to put two past him in the opening League game, but has since been unbeaten with clean sheets against Liverpool, Newcastle and now Stoke.

This has put him in the wonderful position of being able to break the record of clean sheets in the Premier League next week at Stamford Bridge. Cech is currently tying with David James on 169 each, but he could become the sole holder of the clean sheet record if he keeps his old team-mates out next Saturday lunchtime.

With such a high profile game next weekend it is very likely that we will see some rotation in midweek against Zagreb, especially with the glut of games coming up in the next month, so perhaps we will see Ospina get his first appearance of the season, but I really doubt that Wenger will make changes in defence. Our forwards and midfielders are having trouble putting the ball in the net but our recent wins have been built with the basis of a solid back line.

Petr has taken more control of our defence with every game, and I can see the Czech international racking up an extraordinary clean sheet record in the next few years. A record that will stand for a long long timeā€¦.


  1. Wenger thinks like no other,
    Normally the opposite to everyone else ?

    So I wouldn’t be surprised if cech is replaced by Ospina for the Chelsea game at Stamford Bridge,
    As it maybe to soon for Cech to face a hostile reaction from the home fans!

    As you know that will be the reaction he will receive!

    1. Cech won’t get a hostile reception from the Chavski fans. They respect him for what he achieved at the club.

      1. Yeah right!
        Even Henry got booed by the Arsenal home fans when he was playing for Barcelona ?

        This is football mate, loyalty goes out of the window when you are considered to be a traitor ?

        1. Uhm last time I checked King Henry was applauded by the gunners when he got subbed off in that game. Heck even Ronaldinho was cheered for, by Madrid fans at the Bernabeu, when Ac Milan played Madrid. Soo Cech ain’t getting booed!

  2. would be so nice if cech thats record at saturday if at all one of the eleven gets to score added to that record,it will be fun watching moanrinho humbled at the bridge.


    1. I want us (& Wenger) to sack him this Saturday. If we win, Chelsea will be in relegation zone and would have the worst goals difference. Guess what? Abram will not like looking at the table and one mouthy manager may be getting ready to leave London. Our boys will be motivated. Let’s give them support.

  3. I know this is off topic but Adebayor released by the Spuds with a year to go on his contract by mutual consent, meaning they had to pay him off. Can’t sign for another team as it’s passed the transfer window. Not achieved a lot since he left for City has he. Karma it’s a bitch!

  4. The fellas need to get ready to scrap it out and defend hard against Chelsea. The have been humbled and that is not going to sit well with them. We’re going into their house and it’s gonna get ugly…

      1. Agree to a certain extent but they’ve never been under this type of pressure before. I can see us winning by a couple of goals.

      2. You are right, damn and that annoys me because Chelski would rather lose to Mk Dons 5-0 before losing to Arsenal. I’m sure they’ll park 2 buses and play on the break

  5. No better time to beat Chelsea then now. But knowing Moro, he will try to settle for a draw and try to hi5 us by chance with a lucky goal.

  6. Chelsea’s recent woeful form will not be an advantage to Arsenal when we meet next weekend. It’s a derby and Mourinho still holds a psychological edge over us. I’m inclined to think Wenger will start Walcott, but I think it’ll be a mistake. I’ll drop Ramsey, and start with BOTH Giroud and Walcott. Ramsey’s energy will be vital as a sub should the game be decided by a single goal.

    _______Sanchez Ozil Walcott
    ________Inspector Cazorla
    _Monreal Boss Gabriel Spanish Whizkid

    1. Chelsea will be eager to win…they will pump forward ….will prefer a front line of Alexis and Walcott …..pace pace and paceeeeee……no bFG please..CoYGs

  7. Has anyone read the news about Mourinho telling Piers Morgan that his next destination could be either Arsenal or England because he wants to stay in London. Crazy stuff but I knew all along Jose had an thing for Arsenal. Like a boy chasing a girl he likes and his strategy to get he attention is to constantly talk shite about her. Lol

      1. Lol right! Talk about polar opposites. The must classless manager to lead the most classy team in the league…

  8. mertz must be on bench for gabriel – because (1)the defence will be very tight in such a way dat kos_gab pairing will be dat of terry_cahil paring (pairing which protect petr cech, in btw the two stick, for years).
    (2) mertez make too much error (in our defence) which cost us by conceding goals against good teams(top clubs like chelsea,barcelona,bayern,mancity,etc) with excellent attackers(who oftenly converts 75% of there chances) irrespective of how good or competent the keeper, we put in btw d stick, is .

    1. How so? Is it because of that 1 goal which everyone is saying was Henryesque? I’m pretty sure we already has proven players that can play in the same positions as he can. With that price tag he better receive the golden boot come May, teenager or not. You also do realize that Utd could have paid a fraction of that fee if they had gone in for him earlier in the transfer window but instead Monaco got their fair share of they’re newly acquired Addidas deal. Well played………. by Monaco

  9. @ olabans
    we must do these if we really want to compete in all competition most especially champ league.because of d club like barcelona and bayern which usually convert most of the opportunity or chance they get.

  10. @ olabans
    we must do these if we really want to compete in all competition most especially champ league.because of d club like barcelona and bayern which usually convert most of the opportunity or chance they get. let remember the absent of chielini in champ league final against barca(which giv barca early score and also prone buffon to many saves) and its presence against madrid in semi_f

  11. Would love a Newcastle win today as it would drop Chavski in relegation zone. Now that would be funny as fck!

  12. Watching the Sunderland Spurs match and I would be highly disappointed if we lose against this Spurs team this season, PERIOD!!! Same goes for Utd

  13. For heaven’s sake, let start talking about Chelsea after the Dinamo game. The Gunners should for now keep their total focus on Dinamo Zagreb and not Chelsea.

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